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  1. Just had the black screen again. Seems to be a pattern when I am adjusting input and output blocks. In particular making some adjustments and then moving the cursor right from an output block to go to an input block. Doink. Hung and factory reset time. This is the second time this happened. USB was connected at the time. Hope this info helps!
  2. Thanks. I just found it and voted it up.
  3. I had the black screen version. Had to reset to factory to recover.
  4. Another Issue with MIDI implementation When using MIDI events to trigger FS activation. Regardless of the data value in the CC message, the only thing it will do is toggle the switch. I am building automated patches that change the preset and set specific footswtiches on for the appropriate tone and this won't work. When the CCs for the FS fire, the result depends on what the previous state of the switch was, it just toggles. I would think if I send a CC with 127 it would force it on, and with a data of 0 it would force it off. This just seems like obvious behavior.
  5. MIDI Channel issue Regardless of what channel I set the MIDI to on the Helix it responds to commands on every channel. It seems to be always in OMNI mode. Firmware: 1.02.2
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