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  1. Hi, There is a bug in the editor. It happens when you are assigning MIDI events to controllers. I always assign my output blocks to 1/4" and set Level to CC100 and Pan to CC101. When I highlight the output block in the editor and go to Controller Assign, all the values in the parameter screen change to their appropriate values on the sliders when I toggle between the Level and Pan with the exception of the MIDI CC number. The editor shows it as CC101 regardless of which of the two are active. This should change to the correct CC number for that parameter.
  2. Or assign it to a non-latching foot switch and you can warble on demand.
  3. They are excellent! Thanks!
  4. Can you post the new link? Thanks!
  5. Nice! Thank you. I would have never found that!
  6. Hi, Not a bug per se, but just an awkward editor UI issue. I was setting up a two amp patch with one panned hard right and the other hard left. I wanted to add just a TOUCH of delay to the right to simulate double tracking. I wanted to get 50ms of delay. That is almost impossible to fine touch that kind of value. Down there the slider resolution is way too coarse and the arrows bump it up and down by 80ms. I ended up going to the knobs on the Helix to tune it in. Can we get a direct entry option for fine tuning? Click on the control and type a number? Thanks!
  7. This seems to be the behavior everywhere when you try to assign CCs to multiple parameters. I just tried to assign CC106 to mix and CC107 to decay in a reverb block and as I toggled from parameter to the other the CC stayed whatever it was last instead of what it assigned for that parameter.
  8. I found a bug in the MIDI implementation of the editor (exists in 1.11) All of my patches use the 1/4" only output block. Every patch has the Level parameter assigned to CC100 and the Pan parameter assigned to CC101 so I can control fading and overall volume from my MIDI controller. When I bring the patches up in the editor, go to Controller Assign and toggle between the two parameters, they both think they are assigned to CC101. The other parameters (Min, max) are accurate, just not the CC#.
  9. I absolutely agree!! Call Apple and tell them they need to fix that pile of crap. Let us know how you make out..... They are giving the Helix a VERY bad reputation.
  10. Thanks for the promo Rad! Here is the link to my video that shows how well it works:
  11. I have the Helix and this controller plugged into the PC and I use a piece of software that routes the MIDI from one device to the other http://www.midiox.com/
  12. Fair point! I keep forgetting about you rack mount guys!
  13. The Helix is designed to be a floor unit. Those teeny knobs would be worthless all the way down on the floor. I use this up on an iPad holder attached to my music or mic stand: https://global.novationmusic.com/launch/launch-control# $99 at Musician's friend. Completely programmable. I also use it to control amp parameters in my Helix patches. Really handy.
  14. I think that's like saying I just spent $750,000 for a Ferrari and I don't want to be bothered learning all about how to use this manual shifter thing. I just want to drive. Just my opinion. If it's not for you, OK. Just don't dump it on Line6 because you don't want to learn how to use your new tool.
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