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  1. I used to play on tubes with POD500/X with four cable mothod, but I have to sell my Diezel due a back injury. You have a lot of options: 1) You are using the heads pre and power amp, effects are running from Helix iva 4CM. Your Cabinet is MICed up. 2) You are using your head and helix 50/50. Distortions are going trough the tube amp and cabinet (MICed up) and the clean sounds are running from helix (to FOH). (J. Browne from Monuments is using this setup). 3) Every guitar sound is processed by Helix, the FOH gets the wet signal from your output, you may still use your tube amps power amp block and your cabinet to have stage volume. (Misha is running a setup like this at the moment). 4) Everything is running from Helix to FOH and to a FRFR. For me, this solution works the best. No need for heavy cabinets, I just take my RCF full range speaker and I'm done :D There are a lot of ways to connect your helix to FOH and to amps, you have lots of I/O and find which works the best for you :) Good luck!
  2. I would also love to have the option to keep my amps settings when switching between amps.
  3. 90hz/15khz works fine for me on distorted sounds. Let the bass and cymbals do it's job :)
  4. My whislist: 1) New reverbs (Big sky is the limit : ) 2) Better control over the delays and reverbs EQ 3) EQ visualisation! This is a must have, at least in Helix Edit! Please! 4) Diezel VH4 amp 5) New compressors for even longer sustains Thank you line6, you rock!
  5. With noise gate you attenuate the signal, eliminating background noise. EQing eight strings guitars are a bit different, than six strings, because you have to shape your tone in to your music you're playing. IMO, the sound of the eight strings can be dull and not articulated and this is why you have to EQ it :)
  6. Yep, with OH IR and my Ibanez M80M it sounds really well! I had to put at least 3 eq's to get rid of the hiss, but I am really satisfied with it :)
  7. Converting from a brand isn’t an easy choice, but do you have the balls to downgrade your gear? For many years my rig was based on a Diezel amp, Mesa 412 cabinet, Strymon Big Sky and a POD500X used via four cable method. After a serious back injury I decided to sell my heavy, 95kg rig and swich for a rack unit, which is easyer to handle and it is also much more versitale. I went with the Axe FX II + FCB 1010 and it was awesome, than came the struggle. I was not new to programming presets so I jumped right into it. After almost one year my patches were still not finished and I felt like I am unable to dial my old tone back. Sure, this wasn’t axe fx’s fault, but I felt like the too many options are holding me back. I was used to "PODs logicâ€, now the axe gave me too much choices. I have played few gigs with it and it just not sounded how I wanted to. I decided to sell my Axe unit and go back to my roots with Helix. I invested the extra money to a new guitar and a full range RCF speaker. Before the purchase I have read hundreds of reviews, watched all videos on youtube, and here are my toughts on the topic. #1: Organic tone, really?! Axe users argue that Fractal have much more organic tone than the helix, specially with the high gain amps (which is true in most of the cases). But let me ask you, do you really need an “organic†tone for your distorted sounds? Because I found out that I don’t. So I don’t care that Helix "isn’t that good enough". #2: Usability is everything Line6 step up in this topic to another level with Helix. With Behringer’s FCB 1010 I had to program everything on the foot controller with (complicated) midi messaging, had a small screen, i could not use the tuner because it is not communicating via MIDI, asigning an exp pedal to a stomp was a pain in the lollipop. I don’t have to explain how Helix fits my needs in this point. #3 Editing SW I wasn’t really satisfied with axe edit, it was pretty slow IMO. HX edit offers me better speed with better UX. The routing was much more advanced in the Axe, I miss that from Helix. Please do not get me wrong. I am not bashing Fractal. I think that they have made a great product. It just not worked out for me. Thanks to Helixes simplicity I’m on fire again and dialing in new sounds. With a better guitar and better FR speaker my tone has improoved a lot and I can’t wait to play live again. If you're interested, check us out here: Track#6 (cleans via POD500X & Big Sky), Track#1 (all guitars recorded via POD500). Cheers!
  8. Got the same setup :) Let me just ask you one more question, what is the value of the RETURN signal in your PODs FX block? Zero is default i think.
  9. What do you think about the opinions, that the POD is cuts and weakens the signal? Have you noticed anything like this? I'm having a littem hum with 4CM, so hope a cable change to Klotz will eliminate that.
  10. I used a Vox AD100VT, which is a hybrid 100W combo loaded with 2x12. You can find a used one for maybe 200 USD. It's not the high end, but was good to practice loud.
  11. Hey folks! Thanks for your answers. I've got my midi cable today so now i had the chance to test your advices. @Hollis, I checked your videos maybe weeks ago, they were very helpfull. I found out that the Diezel have a learning mode, something similar like your EVH III does. The solution was unbelievably simple: I connected the Diezel with the POD (via 7/5 midi cable), after that I did not have to set anything on the POD. I still don't know how's that possible, but I just clicked, for example 1st Banks A preset, set the channel on the amp to crunch, pressed the AMPs STORE button twice and that was it. Clicked the 1st banks B preset, set the amp to clean, pressed store twice and that's it. There was no need to set anything on my POD. Now I'm up to control my POD via Logic or Ableton via midi, so another day, another challange :) Anyway, I'm very thankfull for your advices and time. Cheers! Alex
  12. Isn't there really noone who has the knowledge about midi programming? Please help me. Thank you for your time.
  13. I'm using POD 500 with Logic Pro X through USB. Never had a problem with connectivity or sound transfer. You can easily set the inputs (POD) and outputs (system output) in Logic's preferences, piece of cake. Althrough, I'm satisfied with the quality of the sound, but in the future I'll try the recording through XLR and external soundcard which possibly can change (in a positive way) the character of the sound. Cheers, Alex
  14. Dear forum members, I'm new to midi programming, so I'd love to ask you a couple of questions. I just purchased a Diezel D-moll amp. I'm connecting my POD via the 4 cable method. Also the amp has a MIDI input, so theoretically the channel controlling is possible, but I have no clue how to set up my POD, please advise. The programming of the Diezel is piece of cake, please see page 16. The amp will remember the incoming midi signal. How do I set up my POD presets to send a midi signal? I read the manual, so I know that I can assign specific midi messages to footswitches, but I don't want to press a footswitch twice, i want to switch with a single step. For example, I'd love to have a clean tone on the 1st banks A preset, a crunch tone on the 3rd banks A preset, and a distortion on the 3rd banks A preset. "A" preset is controlled everywhere by FS5. How do I make FS5 work on different banks? What kind of midi signal should I send out from my POD device to change the amps channel when switching presets. Thank you very much for your answers! Cheers! Alex
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