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  1. I like the idea of placing the EQ before the Amp block. Frederik Thordendal used to put the hi-low pass filters before the amp block :)
  2. I switched from Diezel + POD500X + Recto 412 to Axe II. and I was very disappointed, I wasn't able to get my tone back, there was just too many things to tweak. It was a great unit, but not for me. I was used to line6 logic and interface when editing effects, with axe edit it just wasn't working for me. At that time I had connection timouts every 15 minutes, it was very frustrating, support wasn't able to help me and fellow users who had the same problem. I got sick of FAS, so I turned to Helix, and it works like a charm.
  3. All you have to do is a frequency split (like 500hz or so), add the two cabs, than find the perfect balance.
  4. RCF 310 ART is also an affordable great sounding FRFR option which I'm happy to use with my 8 string guitars.
  5. Agree, BE100 stole the whole metal show :)
  6. Welcome to the forums! Your sound also depends on your instrument and monitoring system, what is your setup? What kind of tone are you willing to achieve. If you're having a valve amp background, you might want to rethink how'll you rebuild your patches. Until today, your sound was generated in one specific amp with one specific cabinet model, loaded with one specific speaker type. Now you have few hundred options + impulse responses so it's very confusing at the first time, also to mention that your tone will only sound great if plugged into a fullrange speaker. New gear, new logic. I had a Diezel D-moll with Mesa 4x12 OS cab and I still don't feel like Helix is unresponsive or bad sounding, but setting my tone, took several weeks and months. Check out these talented musicians how they use Helix, do your research, than start building your patches again :)
  7. I don't find stock cabs unusable, but OH's great, 3Sigma Audio as well (i'm using their Zilla pack for my metal patches). Also, you'll need a good FRFR speaker, or all of your patches will sound bad :)
  8. Yep, there are lots of bad Helix sounds online, but again, if you know what you're after only your imagination is the limit. Check Jason Sadites videos and reviews, he should get an endorsment from L6 for the effort and quality he put in to the explanation. Sonic Drive Studios is another great example. If you want to play safe, try out Helix Native, I believe it's free for 14 days. Try to find some good tones @ customtone, if you'll like it, get the LT ;)
  9. Show us your patch/sound and we'll do the best to recreate it with helix :)
  10. Multidelays were awesome! I miss them too, but axe is missing some great L6 verbs too, I missed the particular verb so much I bought an M5 :D
  11. I did not have the UNO patch in my FCB and I had no issues programming the scenes or values to the pedal. Sure, it was pain in the lollipop but still it was possible with a bit of googling. My negative experience with the Axe + FCB combo comes from the great lag between switching presets. I just hated it. I believe that with the native fractal foot controller the presets are switching smoothly, but hey, that another 1K quid. Also, the never ending programming just killed my apetite for writing music. My experience with axe was very good for deeper understanding the paramters and values of different effects block so with helix, I'm definitely profiting from it, but I would not go back. My tones are better than ever.
  12. I switched from AXE FX II + FCB 1010 to Helix LT and that was the best decision I've made in the past years (more info in this topic). Axe sounds great, if you know what you want. Same with the Helix, sound great if you know how to dial in tones. For me, Fractals overcomplicated tone shaping process and the too many options was a big downside which killed my creativity. There might be less options in Helix, but I don't feel like it's a compromise.
  13. I own a pair of JBL305L's at home, and they are fine for home use, practicing, creating patches, etc. Or you can invest 300 bucks to an FRFR (for example RCF) and you'll have a decent sounding monitor at home which you can use live as well.
  14. Logic can send program change messages. Here's an older video how to set it up.
  15. funkyou86

    Helix LT

    Unfortunately not yet, but you can find a suggestion for that on ideascale.
  16. yep, really hard to guess unless we see your top secret patch.
  17. Can you share your patch please so we can check?
  18. Here are my founds: 1) I made my metal preset (for 8 string guitar) sound better with frequency split block and using a bass cabinet for low frequencies. 2) If you don't like the hiss on higher frequencies, do not cut it, only lower the 10-15khz range by some db-s. 3) Snapshots can contain different (amp & effect) value settings as well. 4) Never max out the mix of your reverbs. 5) Think about your signal path, how your effects are going to affect the next one and so on. Half a year ago I switched from Axe II and I am happier than before with my sound.
  19. No need for helix 2, just add "tone match" or "amp match" feature to Helix FW 3.0 :)
  20. I'm having the JBL's as well. They're awesome, specially for the price point, but compared them to my RCF FRFR, they tend to color, especially the higher frequencies.
  21. funkyou86

    Power Cab 112

    but... does it djent? :D :D :D :D :D :D
  22. I honestly disagree with you. Here are few more examples: You can find many more on YT. If you like reverbs but have no knowledge of how the works, BigSky may worth it's price, but if you're into dialing sounds, BigSky does not worth it.
  23. Big Sky is out of the box, you don't even have to know how those verbs are built up. Bit different with the helix, you have to understand the sound you're trying to replicate. There are lot of great examples on customtone, here's mine: Here's few more: Try out parallel chains, separate the wet and dry sounds. On the wet side, try to use some modulations (like chorus, univibe, flanger) and delays with the reverbs. I sold my big sky a year and a half ago. I was missing it pretty much, but when FW2.50 got released, it absolutely satisfied my needs, long live Line6! EDIT: Also, great resource from Jason Sadites:
  24. Hey folks! Please vote if you'd like to have Zilla, EVH, Diezel 4x12 and 2x12 cab profiles in the upcoming updates :)!/924256-23508 Also for much more advanced reverb/delay settings: Cheers!
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