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  1. Just in case anyone on United States goes through the pain of having a broken display for their POD HD500X, I found a store with the part. I can't get it yet because I live in Bolivia (and no one gives a lollipop about us) so I have to do a lot of lollipop to order stuff from United States... I'm glad I can still use my POD without any issues because the "black spots" on the screen get lost when the POD is turned on for like 15 minutes. Anyway, here's the number and part# of the lcd display of the POD HD500X Part# 50-02-0156 (LCD SCREEN, HD500X POD) $34.00 each + shipping If you would like to place an order, please have the part number ready and give our sales team a call at 800-356-5844 (please ask for sales) Full Compass Systems 9770 Silicon Prairie Pkwy Madison, WI 53593-8442 P: 608-831-7330 F: 608-831-6330 E: hionis@fullcompass.com
  2. Yeah, I bought it here but music shops owners go to other countries to bring music gear... That's why there aren't any service centers here. I e-mailed some service centers from neighbor countries asking if I can send my POD to them to get them fixed and well... They can't, so my only choice is to repair it myself... I just need the screen and I'm ready to go.
  3. Hello, I broke my POD HD500X's display and I'm searching for a new display. I found a website called fullcompass.com and they sell lots of parts for Line 6 products but I couldn't find the LCD display for the POD HD500X. Is there a place where I can buy it? I don't live in USA and there's no Line 6 service center in my country. I want to buy a new screen online and then replace it myself, please help me... I'm going craxy with the broken screen. It's not a big crack but still... It bothers me. It kinda goes away though, when the pod is on for like 10 minutes, when I turn it off it goes back to this. Thanks in advance, please excuse my english.
  4. Hello everyone. I had to travel to another city for a gig, I took my POD HD500X with me and unfortunately it fell to the ground. The corner hit the ground and the screen is broken, it's driving me crazy. Do you know what kind of lcd screen the POD HD500X uses and where can I buy it? (preferably online) Thank you in advance. Ps. Excuse my english.
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