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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone and thanks for the demo Dutchguitarist. I'll definitely give it a try. I'm also interested in the JC120. I've heard demos on it and it sounds really good.
  2. Hey everyone. I use my pod hd500 for both my electric guitar and my acoustic. With my acoustic I don't use an amp model but an eq and a few effects, essentially as a di box. Has anyone here tried the new acoustic amp? I'm thinking of getting the pack and wondered if anyone had a/b'ed no amp verses the acoustic amp. Thanks
  3. Pianoguyy, I was thinking more of making a plugged in acoustic guitar sound more like an acoustic guitar through a microphone. I wasn't thinking of it like a synth, but then again, I was just throwing an idea out there without knowing how it would be done.
  4. Oh well. I guess I'm late to the party.
  5. Hey everyone. I've had an idea. I use my POD HD500 as a DI box for my acoustic guitar. I don't run an amp model but use an eq and a few effects. I wonder if there would be any market for Line 6 to make a pod for acoustic guitars where they model classic acoustic guitars (d-18, d-28, etc) and then take the signal from your piezo and add these characteristics to the signal. Then the guitar would sound more like a miced guitar through the sound system with less of the piezo quack. Anyone else think this would be a good product?
  6. Mine is under warranty so it only cost me shipping. If you live close to a service center you wouldn't even have to pay shipping if it is under warranty. I hope yours is fixed by the reset though.
  7. If you try and and also try reinstalling the firmware and it still doesn't want to work, you will need to send it to Line6 for repair. Mine did this and would not be fixed from the left arrow hold down or a total reinstall. They had to replace the main "brain" of the unit.
  8. I have an update. I sent it in to Line 6 for repair. It's on its way back to me and I should be jammin by Friday. They said the main PCBA board needed replaced, so I guess flashing the memory would not fix that. If your's will not quit flashing the logo after flashing the memory, I would recommend sending it if if it is under warranty. Thanks everyone for your help.
  9. If you are only plugged into one of the 1/4 inch outputs it will be mono which will have both vocals and guitar in the amp. I wonder if you could plug a cable into the 1/4 inch right jack and not plug the other end into anything? Also, if you put any kind of mono effect after the mixer it will make your signal mono. I hope that helps.
  10. I tried flashing the memory again, but this time I kept it on a factory preset instead of one of my own. Last time, my last preset came up when I turned it on after flashing it. It was gone when I changed to a different preset, but to just make sure that was not the problem, I tried it again. Hope it works this time.
  11. I'm not using a variax. I use just the 1/4 inch or xlr.
  12. Happened again today. Any other idea? And again, thanks for both of your help so far.
  13. I think I may have kept the patches the first time I installed the flash update. I might have had patches from the old firmware.
  14. Ok. This time I installed the flash and didn't keep any presets (I did keep them before). My own patches were not very complicated and I was still working on them. I've only had this a little over a month. Thanks for the help. I will try it over the next few days and see if the problem keeps happening.
  15. I've done both the global reset (holding the left nav button) and reinstalled the flash update. I did have the usb plugged in at the time (not to a computer though). I don't know if that would have something to do with it.
  16. Every once in a while (maybe once a day to every two days) my pod will cycle the logo in the lcd screen at startup. I've contacted Line 6 and could possibly send it in to them to be fixed. I could also return it for a refund to Zzounds, but they don't have any more and would only be able to give me my money back or exchange for another product. I would have to pay for shipping to Line 6 and they would pay shipping for return. Has anyone else had this problem? It's not huge since turning it off and on will cure it. Will it stay that way, or is this a sign of a Pod about to die? If it is not a huge problem, I could save myself the headache of a repair if it keeps up and just keep it. I have tried both a global reset and reinstalling the flash update.
  17. Have you set up the expression pedal per the instructions in the pilot's guide?
  18. Line 6 is offering some sort of test-drive on these speakers. http://line6.com/testdrive/
  19. Sorry, I must not have been clear. If I put an effect before the amplifier in the signal chain I understand that it is simulating plugging my guitar into an effect and then plugging the effect into an amplifier. If I move that effect to after the amp in the Pod's signal chain (either in path A or B or after the mixer), is that simulating putting an effect in the simulated amp's effects loop? I'm not asking about the effects loop on the Pod or a looper. Thanks again for responding.
  20. Hi everyone, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to the HD 500. Does the "post" position mean that it is modeling effects in the effects loop of the modeled amp or effects put on the signal between the microphone and mixer in a studio setup? To put it another way, is "post" post pre-amp or post amplifier? Thanks.
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