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  1. Another surprised Fernandes user here also, I picked up a used one for the sustainer in it and I'm blown away by the quality and tones it gets. I have guitars that cost 10 times what this one did and it holds its own against them!
  2. I feel your pain on this topic, for me the biggest change in getting the tone I was looking for was using parallel IR blocks and setting the low cut and high cut on them. I play it through a Firehawk1500 and the amp sound is there for me. I can download another preset that sounds good on YouTube and through my setup it is terrible to me. Best advice I can give is decide on how you will play most of the time and concentrate on making that sound the way you want it to. Global EQ and the Low/Hi cut adjustments are a good place to look at. Don't give up, it's there and waiting for you to find what works for you!
  3. Thanks! This was the exact problem I had after updating to 1.12, have never had another issue since day 1 firmware. I found the preset causing the issue and did as you suggested, working great again!
  4. Thanks! I will try that first, really strange that it was the same switch as yours. Maybe it's just my luck!
  5. To the original OP of this post, did you get your problem resolved or did you send it back? Looks like I've got the same problem with the same switch. Only works about 50% of the time, I can use the bypass button once the effect is highlighted but the footswitch is getting worse over time it appears. All others are working great.
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