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  1. Thanks for clarifying! I misinterpreted you words, but now I begin to understand. There are now in the 2.3 Helix: HD and HX effects. The HD are Legacy effects. The 77 effects from older devices are also HD effects and will be placed in the new Legacy folder in 2.5. The HD effects from 2.3 will also be placed there. I thought you meant by “two models of the same device†: legacy in Helix vs legacy not in Helix, but you meant HX models vs HD models.
  2. ok, you’re right, I will leave the fuzz I make out of it.
  3. So in 2.5 there will be no direct import from reverbs of the M-series? But Silverhead speaks about 2 different models of the same thing.
  4. @jaybee77 - really thanks for your replies! :) That list in the pdf file of HX FX manual (page 16 and further) is interesting! But it feeds a bit my initial question about a possible problem of duplicate names.......All the Legacy reverbs in the HX FX manual list do have the same name on first glance as the ones that are in Helix 2.3 Line 6 moves these to the new Legacy folder and add the original legacy reverbs, all the names of the reverbs are duplicate :) or am I missing something? Do the “real†legacy reverbs (from the M-series or whatever) have different names than Hall, etc? PS. Interesting to see how much time and energy I spend on uninteresting and soon solved issues. Haha :)
  5. Only the reverbs in Helix 2.3 are legacy by origin? Could be, could not be, I don’t know. About your list: I think I spot something: the Roland Space Echo is already in Helix 2.3, it is called Cosmos Echo. .....There you have it: thats not a reverb :) BUT: it indeed does have a different name. BUT, I get a bit confused now, cause Cosmos Echo is probably not considered as legacy origin...or is it? Whatever......we will know it when 2.5 arrives, its not that important.
  6. As I understand it in 2.5 the legacy effects that already exist in the Helix will be moved to the Legacy folder, and the legacy effects (that don’t exist yet in the Helix) will also be added to the Legacy folder. But then, in 2.5 you will have in the Legacy folder.....duplicate names....? Probably not, they probably will be recognizable. Just thinking aloud.
  7. Our posts crossed a bit, I’ve added some words. The PF FW 2.3 presets are definetely worth looking into!!
  8. When you unzip the Big Pack you clearly see a folder which contains Pink Floyd presets made with FW 2.3 - it is in the name of the folder.There will be more 2.3 presets comming I read in his reply of a comment of his YouTube Pink Floyd FW 2.3 presets demo. Probably, if I understand it correctly, in a separate pack in February, and he plans to include the next firmware (2.5?) with the new reverbs. Personally I love the FW 2.3 Pink Floyd presets, great stuff. I am a happy Megapack owner. Hope the comming pack is free for Megapack owners. :)
  9. Thank you!! Yes, this solves my problem. I just did the reboot with footswitches 7+8 pressed down, and there they are. Weird I definitely didn’t saw them when I did the upgrade a few days ago. Problem solved. Thanks!
  10. @jbuhajla Well, I didn’t want to make my initial question too long, but I’ve been there. Two days ago I upgraded to 2.30 and I was aware of the issue and I have searched for new presets directly after the upgrade (so I didn’t restore my backup immediately). I couldn’t find any new presets!!!......I only saw my presets and preset listnames in the screen of my LT......So I then restored my backup (according to the procedure). I just want what I request in my initial post. A debate about what I (or Line 6 - see below(1) )might have done wrong isn’t going to help me cause I am not really willing to downgrade and upgrade again, and probably come to the same conclusion that I can’t find new presets. My presetlist 1 and 2 are Freman presetlists, my presetlist 8 is factory 1. I could try to not restore presetlist 1 and 2 but in the device itself they are called (before restoring, just after upgrading) Freman 1 and 2, it would be a miracle that the name of the list is different then the content (in my opinion). I feel a bit grumpy about the whole issue cause I have spend a lot of time on it during and after upgrading, I was aware about a possible overwriting during restoring, but I only saw the names of my presetlists just after upgrading, etc, etc, etc. (1) Not really a great manual from Line 6 which implies overwriting their own factory presets....somebody else mentioned this already somewhere...but even though I was aware of that it still didn’t result in finding the presets, and the ‘not restoring Factory 1 and 2 workaround’ doesn’t work for me. said....a debate about all this stuff isn’t really helping me :) I just want the presets :)
  11. Line 6, Could you please make available a download with the new factory presets of Firmware 2.30 (if there are any new presets)?
  12. Perhaps turning off wifi (or lan, or bluetooth) might help. Or....does the signal path perhaps needs the noise gate in the chain. Is it gone when you put the volume button to zero on the device itself (the Helix)?
  13. Not really. I don't know the m13. But about the 3 footswitches, I don't see the problem. Make 3 presets.
  14. I think I hear a low rate phaser effect (at the start of the song). Hearable at the longer tones. It is that meow sound at the end of a longer tone.
  15. As I understand it sfx70 (the auhor of this thread) wants the state of blocks in snapshots to have three options instead of two : bypassed, active, neutral. The option neutral meaning: the snapshot does nothing, the block stays active or bypassed, so it is actually not part of the snapshot. He wants snapshots to exclude blocks, which is contradicting to the concept. It would perhaps make things too complex for the majority of users to build that in.
  16. You say "2 Taps extra needed" but you should have set delay and wah to on (not bypassed) in the snapshot 'solo' when you build it. Another thing: crucial seems to me that you set Snapshot Edits to 'discard' (in Global Settings > Preferences). That way a snapshot stays in its original state. So you don't have to do the 2 extra taps, cause now the snapshot won't remember the changes you have made.
  17. I don't completely understand the problem. Why not make 4 snapshots or 4 presets?? You can activate them by one tap on a FS. And use snap/stomp or preset/stomp mode to have access to these snaps or presets AND some stomps. That is flexible. Thought you asked if it was possible to have the stomps do nothing while switching snaps, no that is not possible. But you can just make snaps or presets and put them under footswitches and still have a row of footswitches left for the stomps, so where is the inflexibility?
  18. I understand. No problem. Indeed there are several cheat-sheet threads now. Wasn't aware of this myself, and didn't knew that mileskb found the same link (in his thread) that I found.
  19. Could be a CPU issue of the iPad. Flying Higgis for instance feels like a low footprint app to me, while Bias FX feels like a high CPU user to me, so....perhaps do the usual CPU issue stuff when using Postive Grid apps: close any not used app, turn off wifi and bluetooth, use perhaps a cleanup app to cleanup unused background RAM processes, or do other things you know of to reduce CPU usage in the iPad. Another idea: could it be a sample rate mismatch? Not my expertise, it is only an idea (which I didn't explore but it might be of help).
  20. Are you sure? I don't see it. I also don't see the Plasti Chorus (Modulation). Could it be that the dropbox link (on top of this page) is directing us to an out of date list, and that you yourself use an up to date list?Picture of the amps in the list just before the bass amps: Or, you use the list....but that isn't the list Mileskb is talking about...:) Misunderstanding....its so conclusion is that the dropbox list isn't up to date. Found a third list (needs some copy/paste etc to make it printable), this one seems pretty accurate/up to date:
  21. Hmmm.....I think snapshots not only change parameters but also the state of a block (active or bypassed), depending on how the block in a snapshot is programmed (active or bypassed). Of course you can control the state of stomps manually with a footswitch, but when you go to a snapshot with an active delay, the delay will be set to active, there is no way around that. state of a block cannot be set to 'completely independent' of a snaphot.
  22. Not sure if this list (the dropbox list) is up to date (for instance, I don't see the Plasti Chorus)
  23. A detail. Recently I backed my IR's up, and I noticed that the empty slots aren't backed up (which is logical). So when restoring them into the unit one has to be aware of that. So one has to restore back into the unit only groups of IRs with no gaps in the numbering. Or am I mistaken? (my laptop and Helix are not active at the moment, and I don't have the time now to test my logic).
  24. you must press OPTION, and while holding it down click on a parameter value. Then the brackets appear, indicating that that value now can be set different for every snapshot
  25. Which makes me think: does the recent firmware version have a bad influence on the quality of the sound and behaviour of older presets in the Megapack (who were developed with older firmware)? I am considering buying the Megapack. To put it differently: older presets were made/developed with older firmware, now if I use older presets with new firmware will they sound (and behave) better/worse/the same/different (then intended) ? What is the effect of the new firmware on older presets? Perhaps this is easier to ask then to answer. :)
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