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  1. Guess I'll save my Amplifi rig for recording and practicing, I just picked up a H&K Grandmeister 36 for live applications. I can't have 3 second switch times. Thankfully, I can use my iOS devices for both amps, too :-) Bulding my arsenal back up yet again!
  2. I have live questions as well, as the channel switching is very laggy, making a live performace impossible at this point. I don't expect to have my iPad hooked up to the amp at all live, I will load all my presets and save to hardware well before all that. And no stage I'm gonna be on will ever warrant a wireless set up so I'm not really worried about that. It's just the severe lag, inconsistency, and inaccuracy of channel switching on the FBV MKII that has me worried I'm gonna have to buy a gigging amp and just use this for practicing and recording. Also, anyone expecting to use this amp alone without mic'ing it through the PA is insane. Yes it gets loud, but you still gotta mix it in the PA if you want real presence. Recording with the Amplifi has been a dream, whether I'm mic'ing the cab or going direct in, it sounds great either way. Recorded an entire album already with this amp, have no complaints. But man, a live application is getting me a bit nervous.
  3. Has anyone successfully gigged with an Amplifi and the FBV shortboard MkII? I just recorded an entire album with it and we tried to practice live and the delay in channel switching renders the whole setup useless, sometimes it's immediate, sometimes it feels like a good 2 seconds before it switches over. No way I can pull this off live if that's the case. I need INSTANT switching. I noticed if I hold a switch down for 1-2 seconds, then release, it'll switch right on the release and it's spot on, but any longer than that, it won't switch at all. However, I have enough counts in my head as is, and I'm not trying to count my footswitch timing as well. Does unpairing the IOS device actually fix this issue as stated above?
  4. I had the same problem and had to replace the amp to get it to work, so there are definitely some faulty units out there...
  5. As soon as I am proficient with my copy of ProTools MP9, I'm gonna be upgrading, but right now, there's tons of stuff in here that I have no clue about. However, I am coming up with some awesome tunes using the built in drum samples, a synth emulater on my iPad, and down to 2 mics on the Amplifi. Blowing people away with this set up!
  6. Exchanged the amp today, brought new one home, powered it up, connected via my iPad 2 and the bluetooth as well as the amp portion connected immediately upon launching the app. Update: powered everything down, started from scratch, 2 for 2, immediate connection...this is so much nicer! Bonus: Now I have a brand new iPad Mini Air 32GB :)
  7. No worries, wasn't directing my frustrations at you. Yeah, I can't even highlight it when it says None.
  8. Not with this one....my local guitarcenter has 4 in stock now and they're replacing mine tomorrow. 2 IOS devices (one brand new out of the box today) with the exact same problem. It's not like I don't know how to use this stuff, it's insulting at a point. I can figure most stuff out, but not this...it's just not working :(
  9. Yep, it shows up there but all else is grayed out. Just bought a brand new iPad Air. Brought it home, unboxed it, set it up, installed the Amplifi Remote App....same exact thing is happening. My amp is faulty...updating my support ticket. Brand new IOS device, out of the box. Bluetooth connects immediately, but no amp connect, it just says NONE under Amplifi. This has to be a bad amp.....taking it back to the store tomorrow.
  10. I love the constant "It's not an HD, it's not a DT" statements, I don't even know WTH that means. All I know is that everyone who has heard it says it sounds amazing. Two professional studios are already looking to have these as standard equipment. I guess if it doesn't have the acronym you want, then it's not good enough... Back to point, would love an Android app, but not necessary. Luckily I have more money than Lanceg13 too... :P
  11. In the iPad's Bluetooth settings, the IOS has no trouble seeing the Amplifi and immediately connects (and says CONNECTED) as soon as it sees it. Then I launch the app and nothing happens. All I see is NONE. I close the app, re-open it, still the same. NONE. No sync attempt, no connected, no nothing, it just sits here as if there is no connection whatsoever. However, like I said, I can still stream music from my library to the amp...so it's just the Guitar AMP part of it. Heading out for a new iPad now...
  12. I'm not switching or minimizing apps. I turn the amp on. I press the bluetooth button. I bluetooth connect on my iPad. The light turns solid blue. The amp features are grayed out. There is a NONE under Amplifi, yet I can still play music through it. The only app running or not running is the Amplifi Remote App. Re-opening the app after the double tap and swipe up to close doesn't fix it either. The bluetooth light on the amp remains solid, but the app does not sync with the amp until I do this more than a dozen times, everything remains grayed out as my hair gets grayer too. I just want to play... If it does the same thing with a brand new iPad (we'll know later this afternoon), I'm sending this thing back for a replacement since it seems no one else is having this problem.
  13. Not sure if I'm articulating the issue well enough. The bluetooth connects just fine and music can be played through the amp all day long. It's the actual remote AMP sync, tone editor, etc are all grayed out even while I can still stream music. The remote amp control features is what's not working for me until I powercycle everything 25 times. Latest IOS, iPad 2 (Retina), and I've factory reset the Amplifi already, with latest flash as well. No Change. I'm buying a new iPad today just to test a second IOS device.
  14. I just got a response from support to try a factory reset on the amp itself. Did so and I connected immediately...still testing....need to power everything down and see what happens. Update: good news - shut down the app (swipe up), turned off IOS bluetooth. Turned it back on. Bluetooth immediately re-connected, started the app and amp is already synced up and all is good... Nevermind...powered everything down and turned everything back on as if I had just got home from work and the Amplifi bluetooth immediately connects but it still says NONE in the app under Amplifi. There's no amp sync going on here... Update: Powered everything down AGAIN and it worked this time... Intermittent problems are always the worst ones to troubleshoot....
  15. Yes. Unfortunately, not the fix since I've done all the above and more and still can't get the app to sync with the Amplifi. Simply shutting down the app via doubletapping home and swiping up does not do the trick upon re-launching. It still says NONE and there's no sync attempt (Amplifi bluetooth light is solid blue). From my testing so far, it seems that shutting down my IOS bluetooth altogether, powering down the amp, then restarting everything from scratch SOMEtimes works...it's completely random to me at this point. Sometimes it works flawlessly...immediate connection when turning on the amp....other times, takes me 30 minutes to re-connect. Again, this is with me powercycling all devices involved and establishing all new connections between the 2 devices. Just sits there saying "None" until the one magical moment when I see "Syncing" in the app and I go "YAY, I can play now!".
  16. Let's just hope they fix some major issues first...such as the flaky bluetooth connection to the actual amp. I'm tired of turning off my iPads bluetooth, powercycling the amp, reconnecting, disconnecting, launching and re-launching the app 30 times before it finally syncs up. This is turning into a huge pain for me.
  17. I'm using 3 mics, a Senn MD421 II, a CAD TSM411, and a Senn e835. One on the woofer, one lower left, and one about a foot away at the upper right. I tried the DI, and while it sounds good and is convenient, it doesn't capture the natural ambience and other intricacies that a quality mic can provide.
  18. Sounds great. The Ambient Delays default setting is excellent, I've been jamming with that setting and coming up with great stuff.
  19. I'm with you, the search feature is essentially broken. I'm certain the app will be updated as well as other missing features, but these things take time. If you think about it, Battlefied 4 is still broken and that game has been out for almost 6 months....multi-miliion dollar company can't fix a freaking computer game....I certainly hope Line 6 is getting everything in order to support this product. Yes, it's a $60 game vs. a $500 amp, but these are the times we live in, eh?
  20. I've had 1.00.5 since day one and I still have massive bluetooth connection issues.
  21. 3 mics. One offcenter middle of the 12", one lower left, and one about a foot away near the upper right top section. The amp is angled upwards on a stand. I'm getting really rich clean and overdriven tones into Protools. I need to tweak placements more, though, so far I just go with one sound and play for hours forgetting to move anything around...
  22. I use iTunes and have zero problems with mp3/4 audio files. They sound great played through any of my decent to high end systems. Everything else in my library is ripped as lossless or WAV and are 1000kbps +. Can I tell the difference between the 2 when blasting them out of my $1000 Denon? Nope. For me, the future is in storage, and how to store thousands of uncompressed audio files without needing offsite server farms. If I took my current 10,000 song library, which is seriously next to nothing these days, and wanted them all as uncompressed WAVs or whathaveyou, I'd be buying dozens of TB drives, and then backing them up? Forget about it. I'm going with convenience and 'good enough for rock'n'roll'. As far as the Amplifi goes, there's nothing lacking here at this price point and no one is pretending it's something it isn't. Not sure what is up with the passive product bashing. Anyways, I've mic'd it and gone line out and the results are impressive to say the least, making the value here truly astounding. I've already laid multiple tracks down at 2 different studios and everyone loves this thing.
  23. Same here. It hasn't been out in the public all that much yet and the main guitar shop near me where the entire region shops JUST got the amp in store last Sunday and only had ONE in stock... Gonna take some time for everything to ramp up....
  24. Yep, sometimes it works on the first try, turn on and it syncs right up. Other times I have to turn off bluetooth, pair, connect, disconnect, reconnect, disconnect, reconnect, and it finally syncs up. Like you guys said, the audio portion works fine, it's the amp itself that won't connect, so the editor, tuner, and level are all grayed out and it says None underneath Amplifi. Amp Flash 1.00.5 iPad 2 (retina) with IOS 7.0.4 Now, I was just connected and everything was fine, but I had to go to another app real quick - I exited Amplifi by hitting the Home button, and I lost sync with the amp upon going back into it. The bluetooth light is still solid on the amp right now, but it says NONE under Amplifi. Attempt to reconnect: bluetooth light is flashing fast, iPad connects, but the light goes to a slower flash and nothing happens. When I actually get it to connect, it goes from a fast flash to solid...then I do see quick SYNCING under Amplifi, but then it goes to NONE again. Closed the app, as in full shutdown (double home button and swipe up), re-open, and now I'm connected....I don't get it. Bluetooth is not new technology.... Frustrating as hell, really.
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