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  1. Agreed, this amp has breathed new life into my playing - I'm back with my band in the last 3 weeks, we've already written 7 song ideas, things are coming along quite nicely. I haven't played this much in almost 10 years...actually excited to come home and write with this thing....haven't even tweaked the tones that much, however the Avenged Sevenfold tone is a little outrageous....chose a couple amps and their baseline sound is spot on. I've been micing it so far, but I just got a stereo connection, about to try the headphone out jack as I type this...
  2. I used to gig with a Flextone II XL (which I believe was only 100w SS in a 2x12 combo) and had no problems at very loud rock/metal volumes, competing against an 8x10 Ampeg cab and the loudest DW kit on earth. Stage level was more than enough for me and everything else was mixed into the mains. Anyways, you made it clear what your opinion is so let's just move on. This isn't a product bashing site and it's odd that you're posting here when you're hating on the thing so much...plenty of people are going to love this amp and it's exactly what they need.
  3. As long as they add the ability to use more BANKS and then allow the footswitch to go up and down between them, this will be a great little amp to gig and practice with and have dozens of great sounds. BUT, if all you're looking for is a good clean channel, a rhythm channel, and lead channel, then this amp is a bit overkill. It's definitely geared more towards tech heads who to want to tinker with it all day long. I already had an iPad so it was an easy decision.
  4. I can't even get a connection most of the time. Bluetoo connects, Airplay connects, but the Amp editor and all the other stuff remains grayed out until I disconnect and reconnect about a dozen times....
  5. If I needed to blast my 100w TSL and 4x12 1960 Lead to keep up with a band, then I'm looking at permanent hearing loss, and then a new band. I hardly ever got that thing past volume level 5, and usually only between 3 and 4, even during live performances, and it was mic'd up as well so it didn't need to be. The whole idea (for me, at least) is to go smaller these days, I don't think massive rigs with mountains of 4x12s are needed anymore unless you're playing an arena. Mic up a polished tone from your nice small amp, and drive it elsewhere. In my opinion, a SS 150w amp is more than loud enough on its own, and if not, then you're doing it wrong. Respectfully, J
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