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  1. thanks for your response. I dont have my DT in standby and I am not using LVM. so yeh the amp doesnt work at all if its in standby does it?
  2. did any of this work? I am trying to direct out to an audio interface (RME fireface UCX) and i just get no output at all - does anyone know what I might be doing wrong. I am directing the output into the microphone input on my interface with a microphone cable.
  3. Hi there Apologies for this very simple, but I am just starting out with this stuff!! I have a guitar, a windows laptop, a POD HD500X. I would like to record a solo over a backing track that I have on mp3 and I have no idea which software I need to do this. I have worked out how to USB the guitar signal from my POD into the laptop so that works, but I dont know how to do the actual recording and layering of any tracks, etc. I tried some software called Stagelight, but it just stopped working so does anyone know anything else I can try? I am a massive beginner so simplicity is key for me!! Many Thanks to anyone who can help. Phil
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