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  1. About 6 months ago a friend asked if I could re-tube and bias the new tubes in his DT50 amp, once he bought the tubes. He said that the amp was making a crackling sound and he had not had the tubes replace since he had bought the amp 3 or 4 years ago (I believe that was the timeframe). I said I could do that for him even though I'm not an amp repair tech but I do have an Electronics Technology degree and had done the same on my Carvin amp last year. He finally got around last week to bringing me the amp and new tubes but now said there was no sound at all coming out. Hopefully replacing the tubes would do the trick, he had both the power tubes and preamp tubes. So I replaced all 4 of the tubes last night but still no sound, sort of. Here is what I have observed. All of the new tubes 'light' up except for 1 of the preamp tubes (V4??). The preamp tube furthest from the guitar input, farthest to the right looking from the front of the amp, does not light up at all or even get warm. I warmed the amp up for about 30 minutes and I rotated through all of the switch settings (Class A / AB, Pentode/ Triode, the 4 amp switch settings, above Pentode/Triode ), still the tube does not light up. I can get a very small amount of sound to come out if I turn up all of the knob settings to 10, including the channel volume and Master volume. I cleaned all of the tube sockets before putting the new tubes in place. I ohmed the offending preamp tube socket pins, front to back, and I'm getting continuity. I also checked the 2 on board fuses and they are good as well as the power fuse on the back of the amp for grins, it's good as well. The output transformer is cool to the touch, not sure if it gets warm or not. Any thoughts as to what might be going on? Any help is appreciated Thanks
  2. dfranks

    Gr55 hook up

    So I'm using the setup in the video, just used it this past Sunday at church and really like it. But I am not connecting the midi out of the Helix to the midi in on the GR55. What's the purpose of this? Is this something I should be doing as well??
  3. I know this is an older post but I just wanted to put this out there as I was having the same issue with my Helix. When I would open the Updater it would not see my Helix. I am running Windows 7 (still) and version 2.211 on my Helix. All is was is that I had my HX edit application still open. I closed it out and fired up the Updater, logged in and it now will see my Helix. Hope this helps anyone who was having this same issue.
  4. I totally agree that there should be the ability to actually hear the patch before downloading it, even just a 5 - 10 second audio clip would be very helpful. A rating system would be helpful as well.
  5. I just received a confirmation email for the order and it is indeed the 50-04-0079-2.
  6. Just got off the phone with Full Compass. You were right, the were able to order the exact part I needed and I should have it within 2 weeks. Thanks so much!
  7. Thanks so much for the reply. Yes, i have already checked there and I find 3 of the jack plate assemblies, 1 for a JTV59, 1 for a JTV69 and 1 for a Variax Bass but nothing for a JTV-89. The one for either the 59 or 69 look like they might work but I can't seem to find any confirmation if that is true or not.
  8. I had an unfortunate accident this past Sunday while playing at church. My strap came off and the guitar crashed. At 1st I thought everything was ok but when tearing down I realize the VDI cable wouldn't release from the jack. Later I began taking it apart and now see that the jack plate is damaged beyond repair. So does anyone know where I can find a replacement? I've been scouring the internet but not having much luck. Does anyone know if this part is interchangeable with another model perhaps? I've seen a jack plate for a JTV-59 and the 69 and they look like they might match up in size. Does anyone have either one of these and let me know what the dimension are (length x width) ? Mine (the 89) is 3.25" x 1.25" Thanks for any help you have!
  9. Have you tried going into the Customtone section and doing a search for 'Cure'. I did a search under the HD500 section and found several. I don't know if the HD500 patches are directly compatible with the HD500x but they may help you find the sound you are looking for. Have fun!
  10. I thought it should be... thanks everyone. Merry Christmas!
  11. I'm running my HD500 to my computer using a USB connection. I am listening to my HD500 and music from my computer through headphones via the Phone Output on the HD500. Shouldn't I be hearing the music from my computer in stereo? Seems like I'm not hearing everything, missing parts compared to when I am listening to the music through headphones connected directly to the computer. Thanks -
  12. I bought one as well. I just happen to see it on Sweetwater's website over the July 4th holiday and the $699 immediately caught my attention. I didn't care for the body style at the time but for the price I could learn to live with it. I was going up to Guitar Center to pickup my strings, strings of the month club, and had to ask them if they would match the price. As I expected they wouldn't meet the price, the manager said it was below their cost. No problem, GC has taken good care of me before so no ill will towards them at all. In fact, I think getting a 2 year warranty from Sweetwater was the better way to go anyway. It arrive 13 days later which I didn't think was bad at all considering I ordered it on the July 4th holiday. The guitar is sweet! Fit and finish are perfect, neck is very fast and the setup is great. I will say that I was a little disappointed that it came with only a gig bag. I knew before I bought it that this was the case and if I had paid full price I would have been very disappointed but again great price, acceptable concessions made. And I'm even starting to like the body style.
  13. Wow, not what I expected. Thanks for the reply!
  14. I think I already know the answer to this question but thought I would throw it out here anyway. I am a seasoned guitar player and I am using the HD500. I recently began learning to play the mandolin and seem to be progressing a lot faster than I thought that I would. So I began thinking about running my mando through the HD500 as well. I haven't locked in on which pickup I will be using but leaning towards a K&K Twin internal pickup which consists of 2 transducers to a single endpin jack and it has no built in preamp. So my question is will I still need a preamp before running it into the HD500? I am assuming that I will but thought I would see if anyone else has already done this with a mando, acoustic guitar, etc.
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