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  1. Hello, The application on Android phone or Apple version is no usable like this and need really to be improve like the version 1 for PC/MAC. It is simply no possible to find, select and edit your presets to modify them easily with your phone. I'm not happy about that Also the V2 of the PC version is not working , we need to use previous version.... Please Line 6 Team, Improve the SPIDER REMOTE softwares. Br, Laurent
  2. Hello, I also have this issue. I use an old version to be able to use the Spider remote on my SPIDER V240 head. I think that application can be really improved. I have also and HD500 with DT25 amp and the software for HD500 is really better in term of configuration for exemple I cannot use my external volume pedal like with HD500. Also I cannot activate both effect with same button. I can understand that this product is less luxurious than HD500 but possibility are there..... I hope that Line 6 Will upgrade this SPIDER REMOTE software very quickly!!!!!! Please Line 6 support help us. Laurent
  3. Yeah for sûre you nées to mare a spécial câble wit jacks on zone si de ans midi to thé other si de respecting fs4 footswitch connections.
  4. Hi, I found the solution !!!! Use the NUX PMS-2 . http://www.nuxefx.com/show-9-243-1.html It's a small midi switcher which change channel via true midi request.
  5. Hello, I am also interested about an answer . i need also to change channel on IRT with my HD500. How to do? Do I need something between HD500 and IRT? Thank you
  6. I don't really catch if you take this proposal seriously or if you don'care but I really think that simple things are good in some cases. The goal of multi effect is not only to simulate something but also help and add possibilities to the associate amp. Regarding devellopment, it is not a big task to adress request via midi to DT amp and store them into preset. I think all the job already done for all marvellous simulation is really huge comparing this. Br, Laurent
  7. Hi all, Very good experience tschinko. For my point of view, I have experienced several things and prefer to use Full Amps + Cab + mic sim using combo power + output 1M. Nevertheless , the top should to have possibility to select no amp + no cab sim but have the possibility to modify DT25 pre amp settings (+ Pentode / Triode - class A or A/B - position I / II/ III / IV modes) and change channel A to B using the HD500 with the effects. Regards, Laurent
  8. Thanks a lot Radatats, this documentation fells very good. :)
  9. Hello, Yes , could it be possible to have a list of settings to verify when we plug our HD500 to DT25. Input 1- imput 2 / guitar in Z setting / output mode/ pre amp or full amp / cab on or off / etc ..... Also perhaps when we use directly HD500 with PC or Direct out. I experienced that if I use my headphone I have to disconnect XLR Link6 cable...... A topic could be really good for all in order we obtain the same warm and beautifull sound coming from Guitar plugged into DT with Guitar - HD500 - DT. NOTA: For information, I use now an XLR AES/EBU cable for Link6 conexion and sound is better than with a standard XLR cable. I'm sure that the support from Line 6 expert is done as best as possible and I relly on their experience to give themus a cook book. Thanks for your reply.
  10. Hello, I'm not alone !!! I have the same feeling than Gazza! But ok I will test the proposition from Line 6 expert so to use Cab with Amp pre simu. I want to have the beautifull and warm sound from de DT I have when I plug directly my Strat to the amp. I have another Question. How work the pre amp section? Because I see a 12AX7 tube but I understand that it is HD500 pre amp wich is used ??? Could you explain me more? Does another 12AX7 could change something in my sound ? Thank a lot for your reply :) And good job guy this amp is a bestseller !!! Regards, Laurent From France
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