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  1. Hello, no, I could not, I did everything they told me and I could not, I have to send to fix it, I bought it in USA, but I'm living in Mexico, and not being valid warranty is a lot of money to repair it, I am very dissatisfied with Line 6. Hola, no, no pude, hice todo lo que me dijeron y no pude, tengo que mandar a solucionarlo, yo lo compre en USA, pero estoy viviendo en México, y al no ser valida la garantía es mucho dinero para poder repararlo, estoy muy insatisfecho con Line 6
  2. No me deja ni entrar a modo de actualización al precionar Page >, ya restaure de fabrica, cambie cables pero nada It does not even let me enter the update mode when pressing Page >, I already restored the factory, change cables but nothing
  3. Pareciera que se borraron los drives pero en el HX STOMP, no en la pc porque lo conecto y no detecta windows ni mac It seems that the drives were erased but in the HX STOMP, not in the pc because I connect it and it does not detect windows or mac
  4. It still does not work, windows does not recognize that I connect the pedal Sigue sin funcionar, windows no reconoce que conecto el pedal
  5. #HXSTOMP Hello, how are you? It happened that a few days ago I made a mistake because of the rush, I was going to update my Hx stomp, but first I updated the HX UPDATE ... I had the HX STOMP connected and since I disconnected it and instead of disconnecting the HX STOMP I disconnected the printer, now my PC does not detect my HX STOMP Does anyone know if there will be a solution? Or know how to solve
  6. Hello, how are you? I would like to know what I can do, I updated HX UPDATE AND HX EDIT, but I did not disconnect my HX STOMP and now my pc does not recognize it, it is not detected by windows or mac: '( What I can do ????
  7. Hola que tal, quisiera saber que puedo hacer, actualicé HX UPDATE, pero no desconecté mi HX STOMP y ahora mi pc no lo reconoce :'( que puedo hacer????
  8. A mi también me ha sucedido, justo hoy después de actualizar el Line 6 Updater
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