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  1. This is the first thing I tried to do when I got my Helix – I've got best results using a Jazz Rivet, (an amp I hate in reality) or a Deluxe with a Tonehammer Deluxe Ir and a Parametric EQ before the amp boosting mids at around 5-600hz and cutting highs and bass. I also use the Minotaur as a booster to thicken up the thin strings for a more modern Kurt Rosenwinkel/Mike Moreno tone. What we need is someone to put the time in and develop an accurate EQ curve or better still, for Line 6 to model an early 80s Polytone with speaker – I requested this on the forum and got 30 or so votes so it's obviously not a priority for them – people just seem to want more and more high gain amps.
  2. I'm struggling to create what I think is a pretty straightforward signal chain, can anyone help me please? It would be this: Guitar, three mono pedals, (Boost, comp, EQ, etc) into a stereo reverb that then spits the signal into stereo and feeds two ams planned hard left and right. This is a setup I use with my pedals and amps and it's also a setup used by a lot of the modern jazz guys like Jonathan Kreisberg and Mike Moreno. Also, I'm a bit confused by Wet-Dry-Wet explanation on the Sean Halley Helix vid. My understanding of WDW was that the signal was this: Left and right are wet signal only through two cabs hard left and right and the dry signal was fed to a central cab – correct me if I'm wrong but that that was the Bob Bradshaw method used by Mike Landau, Steve Lukather and maybe even Scott Henderson. Can this be achieved with the Helix or am I asking too much? Also while I'm here, I'd love it if someone could explain the thinking behind some of the preset patches as the vast majority seem to be unusable or just plain bad. Apart from that, I'm loving it. Boneyt
  3. Helix signal path

  4. I hope this post is on topic. I'm trying to replicate my actual setup: mono pedal chain feeding a stereo reverb that then splits to two amps. I can do this on the Helix with a parallel path and the merge mixer at the end lets me pan the amps but I'm not hearing them panned – I'm outputting stereo and getting the stereo verb but not the panned amps. Perhaps I'm being silly.
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