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  1. thank you very much!!!! it is working now!!!
  2. see the problem is that pod farm doesnt save the settings that i give it, if i choose the guitar link od the normal output or anything else and i apply, the next time i open the preferences, i find it blank and i have to choose, it just doesnt save the settings ...
  3. hi there, i am trying to play my guitar on the macbook pro using pod farm 2.5 and guitar link ucg102 to connect the guitar to the mac, the problem is when i open the stand-alone pod farm and i select the ucg as my input device and the the macbook speaker as output and i apply the setting, i hear nothing, there is no signal... nothing and when i come back to the preferences, i then find as in the second picture, that the selected settings from before are blank now! and i have to select again! where is the problem exactly? ps: pod farm as a plugin is working fantastically in garabeband and logic pro!
  4. yes exactly! what do i do now :unsure: :wacko:
  5. i tried that but still it didnt work, the problem is when i go back to the prefrences, pod farm hast forgotten the settings that i put in! that shouldnt be the case normally ...
  6. hi there, i recently bought a behringer guitar link ucg102 for my macbook pro as a guitar interface, it works fine with garageband but i want it to work with pod farm 2.56 platinum, if i go to the settings and then hardware and then choose the behringer as my input device under "use this device" and then click ok nothing happens .. i mean there is still no guitar sound and when i go back to the hardware settings i find that the settings "use this device" disappeared and i have to choose my device again ... can anyone help me? that would be nice! one thing aslo, does pod farm 2.5 support retina displays?
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