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I have been playing guitar for about 35 years. I played the local Toronto bar scene in the mid 80s with Wikka a heavy metal band, worked with National Velvet, and  than formed a band called Volume One. My influences are  Allan Holdsworth Jimi Hendrix Brad Gillis Vernon Reid George Lynch. I use a 27"late 2015 Imac, Behringer 404 interface, Rokit5 monitors and Logic. In the past I used Randall and Roland Jazz 120 amps with 2 Marshall 4*10. My guitar equipment, Helix LT, Pod HD, Boss GE-6, DS-2 CH-1, MXR Flanger, Ibanez RG350, RG340 w/ Seymour Ducan Invaders/ Hot rail neck. I use OwnHammer IRs and more now and in the future ML Sudio Lab.