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  1. Evan329

    Steve Stevens using HX FX

    People are wondering if there is any popular guitarist or even well know guitar players using Line6 Helix products
  2. Evan329

    Steve Stevens using HX FX

    I would assume he has access to some high end custom equipment we would love to have. The fact that he choses to use a Line 6 Helix product and use it any manner, says alot about the quality of the Helix products. Is that not good?
  3. Evan329

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Maybe Line 6 has a surprise coming and that is why it's taking so long.
  4. Evan329

    IR length discussion

    The interesting thing, is how I can make time to read these comments and still get paid while at work. Thanks again MLsoundLab
  5. Evan329

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Couldn't have stated it any better. Thank you, now back to Logic Pro X
  6. Evan329

    ML Sound Lab IRs OMG!!!

    These are IRs bring out the best in the Helix as far as I'm concern. I find the effects sound 100% better. I have to apologize for what I'm about to type, the Helix literally sounds like an AXE FX. In a mix the guitars sound more 3D and vibrant. At least give them a listen you might be pleasantly surprised.
  7. Evan329

    ML Sound Lab IRs OMG!!!

    What I can't understand, why are some people complaining about the choices they make ? If you regret your choice to purchase the product, look in the mirror and start complaining. I'm so glad this company exist and many other, we have a large selection of IRs to choose from.
  8. Before recording some new music I would like to incorporate the Rev amp models. Does anybody think will have access to update before May?
  9. Evan329

    im jones`n for this new 2:80 update

    Somebody else is freaking out about the REVV amp model.
  10. Evan329

    Any indication on the status of the spring 2019 update

    Before recording some new music I would like to incorporate the Rev amp models. Does anybody think will have access to update before May?
  11. Evan329

    ML Sound Lab IRs OMG!!!

    I thought I would just share what was found while searching YouTube. Their just IRs that happen to sound completely amazing for $35. After blowing around $1600 cdn on Helix spending another $35 is nothing to add to the experience of using the Helix. Studio Lab has money in their future. An unbelievable product.
  12. Evan329

    ML Sound Lab IRs OMG!!!

    There are 4 mic positions for each mic type. I have no idea what happens with the amp models. The thing is with just the IRs alone the parameters on the Amps and Effects in the Helix react more like a real amp or effect. Line 6 did an amazing job in the amp model department, it truly shows with these IRs, all I have to say is WOW. It is surprising how the Helix responds to these IRs. ML Sound Lab is no Joke. That is my opinion.
  13. Evan329

    ML Sound Lab IRs OMG!!!

    ML sound lab IRs been sold on the Fractal site marketplace https://shop.fractalaudio.com/ml-greatest-hits-ultrares-collection/ They have been doing things for more than a week ; )
  14. Evan329

    ML Sound Lab IRs OMG!!!

    Do a YouTube search they have a multiple cabinet for the AXE FX, they just started producing IRs for the Helix line up.
  15. Evan329

    ML Sound Lab IRs OMG!!!

    Checkout the YouTube video on how they make their IRs, there is huge difference, that was enough for me. The proof is in the end product, simply put Quality. I don't work for them, I figured I would share this with people.
  16. Evan329

    ML Sound Lab IRs OMG!!!

    Ya I'm pretty sure. Search YouTube. They have a link at the bottom of the video. I have been using Ownhammer for about a year. These suit me better. This has been in the Fractal community for awhile, I truly believe this is what separates the two camps.
  17. Evan329

    Problems Recording Helix On PC, Tips appreciated

    You can monitor your recordings with the behringer 404hd and mix line level with already recorded tracks. Beringer has other units. Checkout YouTube for reviews.
  18. Evan329

    Problems Recording Helix On PC, Tips appreciated

    If you purchase a Imac try to get one with a fusion drive. They combine 7200rpm mechanical Hard drive with SD drive that is used for common task. You could also just buy a an external SD connect through a thunderbolt port, which has insane data tranfer rate.
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      Me too, thanks :)

  20. Evan329

    Problems Recording Helix On PC, Tips appreciated

    I have use PC most of my life and decided to pull the trigger and purchase an Imac and it has been the best musical decision other than practicing. Everything works no stress with lots of time to make music. If you can purchase a refurbished older mac problems solved. I went through the same things as you a few years ago it's frustrating. This is just another option for the long run.
  21. Evan329


    The line 6 Helix is an amazing tool, I bought one from Long and Mcquade and will not be returning it God willing. Thanks Line 6 for developing the Helix.
  22. Evan329


    One thing you should consider is the guitar pickups. I have two guitars, one sounds very harsh and crappy and the other on the same preset sounds completely warm and freaking amazing. If you use a guitar with a bright thin sound it can be hard to dial in a nice tone. Try the Helix with different guitars. If I had tried the Helix with bright thin sounding guitar I probably would have formed a negative opinion about the Helix. The pickups are the first thing in the chain. In no way is the Helix crap and if you don't like it buy something else and get some guitar playing back into your life.