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  1. @codamedia thanks! In command center it is assignable as midi cc, I may give that a shot . . .
  2. Hi all, LT user here. Is there a way to use the Tuner footswitch (footswitch 12?) like any other footswitch to control block parameters. I need to have a switch as close as possible to the expression pedal.
  3. I'd like to see a "hide looper" button on the six button looper. So say I have my looper set on footswitch 11, I'm playing, I hit #11 and it opens up, cool. But then when I want to get back to stomp mode, I always have to think, oh yeah, hit the mode button. It would be much more intuitive if I could just hide the looper from within the looper. There are two empty boxes in the looper display -- just put a "hide looper" button in the one of those. I hit that button, the looper goes background again and there are my stomps I don't think you'd have to change the name.
  4. Hi all, I am unable to get my helix usb to work into my ipad mini OS12. I have guitar > Helix LT w/headphones > Camera adapter > Loopy HD and no luck. Loopy records through the ipad mic but not the Helix signal. I also have an old irig that runs into the headphone jack of the Ipad and that works. I figure it's a setting somewhere but so far nothing. Mic is on in Ipad settings. HELP! thanks
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