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  1. Your work and contributions are greatly appreciated! I find the visual examples you provided to be greatly beneficial with regards to setting the global eq optimally! Keep up the great work and look forward to future posts!
  2. Amen to that! My initial expectatons of the new model packs were that there would be some matching cabs included but regardless I am very happy with many of the new amp models and hopefull that the firmware update will pave the way for future realeases of new cabs and mics!
  3. I agree with your assessment of the Panama. IMO it has more punch, feel, and clarity than any other models in the unit that I've compared it to. I also find that I need to dial down the channel volume significantly to put it at a comparable level to other amps with the same mic and cab configuration - I find this to be true with all of the new models for whatever reason. The downside for me is that it doesn't seem play nicely with distortion effects in front of it - they seem to make it buzzy sounding. Guess I need to tweak a bunch more to get t nice creamy lead tone from it. For crunchy and articulate rhythm it is spot on IMO.
  4. While A/B ing my go to amps against the new Metal Pack editions I had to cut the channel volumes on most of the new models considerably to match the volume level of the original ones for a proper comparison. This is using the same cab/mic combos for both. I have not noticed the gain increase in the stock amps that you have noted but will keep my ears open for that. Could be my ears playing tricks on me, but I notice a decrease in harshness with certain mics that I experience when running a straight rig with no effects - could possibly be attributed to the global EQ as well. I do agree that the most new models sound great and have begun the task of swapping amps in my patches and adjusting volume levels accordingly with favorable results.
  5. You should give them a call for assistance: Call Line 6 Technical Support If your issue involves using a computer, to help us better assist you, please complete your support profile. The support team for US customers can be reached at 818-575-3600 (option 2), Mon-Fri 8am - 5 pm PST. Our busiest hours are from 11am to 2 pm. The EU support team can be reached at +49 (0) 41013033XXX, Mon-Thurs 9am – 5pm GMT and Fri 9am – 4pm CET.
  6. startle69

    Firmware 2.6

    I just tried that combo and and it does work well with both the 57 on and off axis. I prefer the off axis as it gives a mellower tone but that's the tone I prefer in general. It does sound very similiar to the default 4 x 12 Uber (57 on axis) but is a tad bit louder to my ears.
  7. startle69

    Firmware 2.6

    Thank you for the information. I guess I'm more of a checking the box for batteries cabs not included type of person. With that being said, I would have purchased the pack regardless to experience and explore the tonal possibilities of the new models. I do applaud the efforts that Line 6 has made in updating the sofware to accomodate the addition of new amps, cabs, and hopefully effects on a selective basis. I feel they are definitely going in the right direction with this. I am very impressed thus far with the tones I'm getting from the new amps. My only disappointment is that including matching cabs would open up a lot more tonal possibilites both with the new and existing amp models - and I was initially expecting that.
  8. startle69

    Firmware 2.6

    Thank you for the clarification. Can you please name or provide links to the Model Packs that do have the cabinet inclusions explicitly stated so I can check those out? Thanks!
  9. startle69

    Firmware 2.6

    I installed the Metal Pack on the HD500x and scrolling through the new offerings I really loved what I heard from most of them. 5150, Variac'ed Plexi, and Insane are standouts for me right now but I've yet to really dive in so don't take this as my gospel. The new models also seem to be a bit louder in default settings than most of the stock options as well. So now I go to dial them in and realize that they do not come with matching cabinets? I guess I assumed they would based on the fact that all the other models have a matching cabinet. The 5150 (called the PV Panama) defaults the 4x12 Uber and sounds great - very authentic IMO. I know that someone asked about this earlier. I'm still scratching my head though regarding the absence of matching cabs for the new models... Am I missing something here?
  10. startle69

    Firmware 2.6

    20 HZ - 20 KHZ Lo Cut - increments of 1 HZ Low - increments of 10 HZ Mid - increments of .1 KHZ High - increments of .1 KHZ High Cut - increments of .1 KHZ
  11. startle69

    Firmware 2.6

    The bands are Low Cut, Low, Mid, High, High Cut. The frequency for each band is adjustable. The Gain for each band is adjustable with the exception of the two Cuts.
  12. startle69

    Firmware 2.6

    All updates completed and everything went smoothly. My patches sound as good as ever so that's a good sign! In Setup page 11 is Global EQ and page 12 is Model packs. Global EQ you can select a band (Low Cut, Low, Mid, High, High Cut) and the Frequency for each band. Seems very cool! Time to turn some knobs and check it out.
  13. Great job on that Peter! That's a truly amazing composition and the playing and tone is phenominal! I look forward to checking out the remaining patches! Rock on brother!
  14. Great post amsdenj and glad to hear that you are sticking with the POD! I am so psyched for this update - the Bogner, Peavey, and JCM models in particular. It's refreshing to see that Line 6 is still actively working on supporting this great unit and working to please and expand it's customer base. Guess I'll need to put in for a few vacation days once this is released... It would be great to see a new more intuitive eq released in the future but this update will definitely check off a lot of items on my wish list.
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