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  1. Can helix get this type of tone?? unique amp tone
  2. Thanx for that info. I expect the same is here on these forums and thegearpage forum and others with regard to line 6/fractal/boss ect giving some of the posters free gear ir somehow being affiliated with the company whether diectly working for them or indirectly as beta testers or given free gear.That would make a huge difference as even if they werent thrilled with the item they would likely say so just to stay in that loop and get free gear and perks. Its sad but its true. Not only in guitar gear but across the board. So i understand this last posters points and they make sence. Also know this post will get the "known "" posters here to deny and likely not admit if its true or if they work for line 6 in any capacity or are affiliated in any way. Some are upfront about that and to them thanx for being upfront. Now this is across companies and not just line 6 I speak of. I am sure boss and fractal and fender and others have their "plants" and hidden agenda posters too. Hec its even on youtube in many diff topics there are shills and fakes and cointel posters skewing everything. I think by the manner of replies by these people you can tell over time . Anyhow thanx for that last post. I remember when b.c. rich was hot stuff back in those days- I had a mockingbird but it was just too heavy for me but a decent guitar.
  3. yes simple music and catchy and simple tone
  4. Piano guy thanx.....this is a very simple Of course noone does the whammy wah like dt in mpdeling units so i can see how he needs that seperate.
  5. thanx phill i missed that one. I wish the helix effects were good enough to lose the big sky/big theory though. And why not just the hx effects if he isnt using the models of amps?? What i was looking for is a player on these rig setups that just has the helix FOR EVERYTHING. That would be interesting to see is all i am saying. Right into the FOH.
  6. many of these bands dont have that from what i see on premierguitar rig rundown-many are smaller acts
  7. I get emails from premierguitar with rig rundowns all the time of some famous and many not so famous players and it seems they all use tube amps and pedal boards over and over. I have not seen even 1 that just has a helix there on the floor and thats it! why not/??
  8. thanx.i watched it and its a basic marshall tone i guess.
  9. one of the better live performances and i see no pedal boards onstage. Can a helix get these tones? post clips if you think so...I dont know either way but it would be great to just use a helix live and sound like this.
  10. Any update is a welcome update at this point!
  11. lol.."pretty much"? Never assume anything as you make an lollipop out of u. IT IS A TURNOFF TO LINE 6 FOR ME AND MAKES ME EVEN LESS INCLINED TO BUY A HELIX: TO SEE ALL THESE CHILDISH RESPONSES.
  12. that head looks sweet. I only wish the head and 2-12 combos were stereo- can you imagine!!! like the old vettas were.
  13. well i still have my sv mk2 2-12 combo and love it. I too was bummed when they abandoned the valve line because its killer to me.That tube section really sealed the deal with the modeling.I too was hoping for a helix brain in a real tube 2-12 stereo combo amp to show up but to line 6 its just not cost effective. Too bad. Also i bet they had a falling out with bogner.
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