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  1. well im guessing the regular forum users will know by now i am a self admitted Cra! guitar player (amd bad speller among other things) infact now i think about it i cant think off the top of me head anything i am good at, im rubbish at sport etc, back in my childhood days in the late 70's i was even ultra crap at BMX when it first came to our council estate (always coming off and hurting myself) well just on a bike i was a total disaster, even got knocked over by a car ! my own fault though as i was on the wrong side of the road going around a blind bend, ended up having a head on with a car that was just then driving away from there home, (in my defence i was racing my next door neighbour on my raleigh chopper, stuck in 3rd gear, toggle chain had snapped so those in the know will know what i mean) still all was good as when i got out of hospital my parents paid for the the damage to the car. anyway now im trying to learn how to play the guitar (surly i cant hurt myself using a guitar ? so this has to be a safe hobby for me) i have noticed some times if i try and practice everyday i kind of get stuck in playing the same old rhythm and its almost like im stuck in a infinate loop lol but if i leave my guitar a couple maybe a few days then start playing around with it i get better and play different .. this is not the first time i have noticed this .. i was just wondering how it was for you ? or other people out there teaching them selfs to play for fun not pro, i have friends show me cords and i teach myself there after ...
  2. one very good reason to update to windows 10 is just for the UEFI bios exploits found with windows 8 and UEFI Bios which im hoping window 10 addresses. have a little read here to understand the risks http://www.decryptedtech.com/news/hacking-the-uefi-bios-through-the-windows-8-api
  3. gunpointmetal i dont think the start menu for windows 10 is really anything like start menu in windows 7, the only difference i have seen is when you clilck the start menu you get a box pop up with start menu screen in windows 8 format although not switched to a full screen for start menu, but i could be wrong as i am not beta testing, i have seen screen shots though. windows 10 specs for those who dont know are listed here on microsofts website i want windows 10 for the better security features more than anything else, one of the more key issues that worried me with windows 8/8.1 thats been resolved in windows 10 is to do with the UEFI Bios security features. UEFI Secure Boot with 3rd party UEFI CA removed from the UEFI database UEFI BIOS configured to prevent unauthorised user from disabling Device Guard hardware security features http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/windows-10-specifications
  4. its free to windows 7/8/8.1 users but the offer ends after 1 year of release date, those who decide not to take the free upgrade with in the first year of release would then have to pay for windows 10 windows 8.1 is a brill OS windows 10 improves on the idea of windows vista based tech... i think or something along those lines ..
  5. good news cheers for the info OP, i to am takng the windows 10 upgrade path, i bought windows 8 when microsoft was doing the £20 upgrade offer and upgraded 3 of my PC's from windows 7 then they got the free upgrade to windows 8.1 and now will get the free upgrade to windows 10 nice for the price, my fourth PC i bought windows 8.1 pro OEM on the new computer build so i will upgrade that to windows 10 pro for free as well, i was one of the few who quite liked windows 8 when it was first released and now so used to windows 8.1 i dont like windows 7 anymore .. kinda feels\looks dated not sure how to explain it but i deffo like windows 8.1 a lot more than windows 7.. looking forward to windows 10 even more so for free.
  6. im in it for the fun, not to think i am the next joe joe satriani or jimi hendrix lol as long as im having fun with what im doing thats what matters, its not like i have a paying audience to please :P some people dont or cant seem to understand why people dont think the same way as they do .. example not everyone wants to be a pro musician, but they always seems to be those who class them selfs as pro or are pro players who feel the need to be superior to others funny thing is i dont give two monkeys as long as im enjoying myself i dont take playing or trying to play very serious because i dont want to put that much effort into something im not that committed to, again this is just a past time hobby type thing once i can jam with my friends for fun that more than good enough for me. even if i was good enough to play at a gig i still would not want to because im not the show man type person. what i like about the DT25 is the amount of options when paired with the hd500 .. i would have to buy second hand but now put off due to repair issues people have said. so i think i will give it a miss for now.
  7. hahaha :) learn to play better :) i am doing my best :P the reason i have so many amps is because im a noob still finding my feet in the type of gear/sound i want/like, i wish i could play a fraction as good as you guys although i doubt i have enough years left in my life to catch any of you up with the years of practice i have ahead of me :) the reason i added active cooling to the AC30CC2 is they run quite hot which is normal, although to me its just obvs it would help with active cooling to help stop hot spots, i even emailed Vox/Korg asking them if the Mod i done would help with the life span of the intenal electronics\circut board components and if the By pass the standby switch was a safe Mod, which they replied by passing the Standby switch is fine .. but they did not say anything about the active cooling i added. i dont know how many people here owns an AC30CC2 but they do get very hot after being used for a few hours at a high volume (my friends who can play have used it at band practice) after testing the amp with adding active cooling for 4 hours at high volume it has at least hallfed the heat, when you touch the amp cab its just warm rather than hot. i have drilled holes the heat deflecter (aluminum plate) that covers the vents on the right hand side of the amp and with the fans turned on (fans are wired to the standby switch as that is no longer used for standby) you can feel the heat pouring out of the vents, the amp has to have the vent protected from the heat using the aluminum plate that vox fitted or the plastic vent would melt, but what i dont understand is why they Vox/Korg did not drill holes in the aluminum plate in the first place as this lets the heat flow out of the amp and also protects the vent from melting(warping) or better still just used metal vent covers in the first place (talk about cost cutting!) the active cooling also helps keep the circut boards and its components run cooler. sometimes i cant help feeling they design things so they last but not as long as they could. The more i think about the vents on the AC30CC2 or any of the reissue AC30 modern Amps for how much they cost i would of thought they would of at least installed metal vents rather than cheap plastic ones, two of which (on the AC30CC2 Model) seem to be more for show rather than practical use, as the aluminum plate screwed inside the top of the Cab, directly on the under side of the plastic vents, blocks the vents from allowing the heat to vent out of the cab (hence why i drilled around 60 small holes in it) i think i will ask my mate to make some stainless steel ones at the factory where he works to replace the cheap plastic ones Vox/Korg supply with the amp. (matty makes lots of custom stuff you only have to ask him to make it and he will)
  8. Paul Hindmarsh bundle for HD500 and HD500X free at his website much better than the deafault ones http://www.paulhindmarshmusic.com/#!line-6/c1n0o
  9. The more i use My HD500 connected via the XLR'a directly into my MG16XU Mixer then into a Dolby stereo Virtul Surround sound Amp for home use the more i love it just sounds amazing to my and friends ears ... This is why i want to get a pair of Yamaha DXR12's PA speakers for my HD500 and Mixer because it sounds awsome in stereo with effects. i have four valve amps Huges & Kettner Tube20, Peavey VK 50 combo, Peavey VK MK2 100W head and an Vox AC30CC2 i know they are nothing special although they are all valve amps and i am starting to like the idea of my HD500 +mixer and the Yamaha DXR12's over all my amps im not to keen on the HD500's distortion effects but then again its more to with i like clean sound with effects and even more so just lately when using an cheap (Ibanez Talman TCM 50-NT1206) semi acoustic guitar with the setup. how good it is for professional Live show i would not know im just a mear learner/novice .. heres a video with Paul Hindmarsh at andertons doing a demo its old and about 30mins long but may show what can be done https://youtu.be/pAI2rOT-QuY
  10. hah yea i cant play very well at all lol although my friends who can play say im doing ok ... but to be honest if you know your cra! then it is kind of embarrassing when some who can play says that sounded ok .but better than being told look mate put the guitar down your a no hoper lol for me learning is not to become the best but just to enjoy what ever music you can come up with .. i know it would be different for someone who wants to turn pro, but like i say not everyone does. there are a few local people who have never been given a lesson in there lives all self taught probs played 20 years plus although they are most probs limited in styles they play they are brill at what they do and thats there own stuff .. not copying what already been done as such.
  11. you have some real creative stuff on there fella keep it up i'll say it again that track spooky i think is brill some awsome sounds
  12. not everyone can afford an Gibson ... although i dont like your attitude to the lessor of your spices i do like your music (most of it) you got some fooked up sounding stuff on there lol love it though .. but WTF is this about ? ISIS ?
  13. now that looks like a good printable bonus .. i mean good idea ... hey AlexKenivel you got some cool stuff on your sound cloud love it (spooky) woow that track spooky wtf thats just brill im gonna hafta hear that everyday :) this your own music ???? if this is your own music you just got your self a new UK fan lol your track earthquaker with echo sounds abit like an UK group called ozric tentacles i used go and see them live at the uni's in london like brixton academy and alike back in the 80's use to cost £3 a ticket to see them live to day £25-50 depends where they play truly epic band to see live the throb live track is brill .. one of them kinda of reminds me of Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F1-11 in away lol ..
  14. lifes to fast for most/average people to want to spend time needed to learn how to read wright music they have far to many pointless multi tasking things taking up there time to even consider it so just playing what ever you can at your ability as long as your having fun will do ... me included lol :/ not saying thats a good thing lol but ay not everyone wants to be joe satriani .. :) hence the guitar my avatar's holding lol :P my axe close up hook this bad boi upto my HD500 and im away ..
  15. after being a bit bored with my only electric guitar an ibanez S470 and jar'd off with my last guitar purchase (fake epiphone) i thought i would play around on my Ibanez Talman (TCM-50NT120) which is an acoustic-electric and HD500. i am not using any amp modelling and connecting the hd500 Via the left and right xlr outs to my MG16XU mixer for its built in compression, reverb effects and EQ then the mixer to an Home theater center for amp, i am quite smacked how nice the talman sounds and even more so when running multi echo effects. odd thing is i have not picked the talman up for ages and now it feels easier to play than my Ibanez s470 which is a bonus, anyway ... my question is to get the best out of using multi echo effects with the hd500 are there any standard ways to get the best results ? does anyone have any advice on the maximum number of echo effects running together and controlling them ?
  16. if the the fret board had of been flat and not like the north sea on a stormy day i would of kept it as other than that it was fairly well built. i am totally gutted, as i would of liked a nice little epiphone but after this ... it has put me off hunting for one second hand with so many fakes floating around :( curse of the chinese market .. most things seem to come from there that are fake .. and since the chinese have entered the whole quality control of the real items seems rubbish compaired to the days before they dominated it. check out the owner of crimsonguitars shock at the quality of this fake Gibson the chinese have even stolen his brand name guitars and selling them wtf ?? https://youtu.be/saHmS_gOuvg
  17. it is an fake its been confirmed ... the seller has just emailed me back saying sorrry he will give me my cash back ... he knew it was a fake so just so you know they do indeed make Fake Epiphone les pauls .. you just have to know what your looking for ... which i now know. he's trying to say i knew it was a fake which i said no you told me you bought it brand new in 2008 at which point he admitted he got stiched up with it so want to get rid of it ... apparanty ebay is fully of fake epiphones so becarefull .. the biggest give away is were the cut away starts to meet the neck the real epiphones have four frets to the end of the fret board where as the fakes only have 3 there are quiet a few things that you can tell if it is fake like screws not correct type, the pick ups being unbranded although they have started to fake the pickups by stamping them with fake stamp, head and neck join, which epiphone says on there guitars you would never beable to see it. some of the fakes are near perfect these days and can be very hard to tell from the real thing. i just put an stright edge across the neck and the fret board is like a bloody sin wave lol so it will also need a complete fret dress to make it usable :/ .. thank god i am going to get my money back in a couple of hours. at least the seller is honourable enough to give me my cash back (even though it cost me £25 running about)
  18. i just sussed it out ... i am 99.9% sure i have bought a fake epiphone lol ... oh well ... i decided to strip the old guitar and give it a clean up and replace the strings etc, when i removed the pickups alarm bells started ringing, i though HELLO these are not Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro-II, open-coil humbuckers are they? lol they look like cheap OEM type unbranded lol these dont look like pickups i would expect to find in an $1400 guitar ... would they ?? then after much checking of the guitar its self, in the right light i noticed i could see (albeit only just) the join where the head joins the neck .... it seems to me .... it has all the signs of being a fake .. cant even trust old boi's these days lol the chap i bought it from was probs in his 60's (at a guess ) said he's been playing for about 30 years or so ... oh well robbed again :/ .. at least it wasn't violent this time so thats a bonus :) he told me he bought it brand new back in 2008 ... not so sure he really did now lol ... thought £200 sounded to good to be true lol :/ i have emailed him hopefully he will get back to me .. if not i will tell him he has commit fraud and i will report it to the police .. at the end of the day it is fraud, this is a fake product, which im fairly sure it is illegal to sell fake items. other than that i guess im stuck with some firewood :/ to be fair the the build quality is fairly out standing lol ...
  19. one thing that i have noticed or i am not to clear about since doing some research about my new guitar. The certificate has the correct serial number although it does not have the limited run number for example : 467/2000 i have read they only made a limited run of 2000 the Epiphone Slash Signature Les Paul Standard Plus Top and 1500 of the goldtop version how true this is i am not sure i know by the serial number it was made in china at the Qingdao plant on 2008 in the month of January although i dont know what number of the limited run the guitar is as it has not been put on the certificate ? or am i wrong about the limited run ? acording to http://www.guitarscollector.com/slash-guitars.html limited to 2400 value 600-1000 euros
  20. i know this is only an Epiphone Guitar although when your not wealthy and money can be fairly hard to come by (even more so with living costs etc) i normally have no choice but to wait and hunt down the bargains i normally have to buy second hand because i just would not be able to afford to by new. if i am honest with myself i know it will most prob's take me over a year to save the money to buy the yamaha speakers i would love to have, i am out of work due to around a year ago i was attacked and robbed in the eairly hours of the morning in my home by 4 masked men armed with metal bars and knifes, i tried to fight back but that probs why i got stabbed and hit with the metal bars, i ended up with broken ribs, 9 stapples in my head, a massive hematoma in my leg where they were bashing my legs with the metal bars because i kept trying to get back up from the floor ...i am lucky the theif'n bast!*d's didn't kill me .. the worst thing is i dont really sleep very much any more and i dont really go out its effected me mentally more than anything i think .. i thought i better exlpain why im out of work i dont want people to think im a lazy so and so heh ..
  21. I caved in .... and spent what i had already put away for my new speakers :/ so i now have to start saving all over again lol ... oh i make myself laff ... I ended up buying another Guitar ... although i felt i could not pass this up for only £200 :o It's an mint condition 2008 Limited Edtion Epiphone Slash Signature Les Paul Standard PlusTop with Certificate and hard case. (wow thats a mouthful) the spec's look quiet impressive when i consider how much i paid ... well to me at least heh. Epiphone Slash Signature Les Paul Standard Plus Top specs ⦠Designed and produced in close cooperation with Slash ⦠Glued-in mahogany neck with the vintage-correct long neck tenon—typically found on the Les Pauls of the late 1950s ⦠Neck profile patterned after the neck on Slash’s original Les Paul ⦠Two Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro-II, open-coil humbuckers ⦠Solid mahogany body with a highly-figured, flame maple top ⦠Epiphone’s new LockTone stopbar/Tune-o-matic system that secures the bridge and tailpiece to the guitar even without strings, while adding as much as 20 percent more sustain ⦠Slash’s favorite Dark Tobacco Burst finish ⦠Nickel hardware ⦠Machine heads with vintage tulip buttons ⦠Authentic Slash Inspired accessories ⦠Genuine Slash guitar picks ⦠Custom Slash Inspired case ⦠Certificate of authenticity ⦠MSRP $1,464 USD Cant wait to plug it into my HD500 tomorrow :) or might try headphones :) in a min ..heh oh yea the machine heads have been upgraded but i can remember what the chap said they are ? he also gave me the original machine heads. edit the machine heads are grovers VINTAGE USA TYPE ROTOMATICS® (102 SERIES) just checked they cost him over £70 :O looks like i got deal of the year ...
  22. do you mean benign as in Synonyms or an Antonyms way heh
  23. it would just be easier if the line 6 uninstall program removed this at the same time. although thanks to duncann problem has now been resolved and I now know what file to look for next time. I also cleared out all line 6 from the reg
  24. bingo thanks Gear Head (duncann) your the man :)
  25. cheers medievil1 I will give it a try edit: nah makes no difference
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