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  1. now this is starting to really P!ss me off, I have search my HDD even making it show hidden folders so I can manually remove the software but it seems to me your software team have gone to tremendous effort to hide this ?? where has it been installed ????? why has your software not been removed using your uninstaller ?? I find this really annoying to the point if that is how your software team leaves your software install setups, then I don't want to use your software anymore :/ I have had virus's in the past that are easier to remove than this ?? lol
  2. please advise line 6 Admin how do I remove the Line 6 Audio-MIDI DEVICES from control panel in windows 8 AND why is this not removed or even gives you an option to remove it when you uninstall all Line 6 software??? you have left the end user no way of removing this ? may I ask why ? the reason I ask is because I don't need the software on this PC no more using it on another PC and I want to remove all line 6 software without having to reinstall the whole Operating system.
  3. exactly how i use my pod at home, well saying that, i connect the hd500 a few ways to different Amps although funny enough i get good results plugging my HD500 in to my MG16XU Mixer and the Mixer into either My Home Theatre System or an Logitech Z506 surround sound speaker system they both have subs for good bottom end, i was shocked how good it sounded really hifi quality. even connecting the HD500 from its S\PDIF out directly to my home theatre system sounds good i can use the effects built in the theatre amp to enhance the sound further example have it in dolby or remixed to virtual 5.1 add forest,cave,stadium effects etc, and i got the home theatre system from a carboot sale foor £15 ! lol cant go wrong really for home use ..
  4. I have always loved tech type things, im 45 maybe because I come from the 70's when tech was things like pinball machines, penny pushers, one arm bandits and bingo machines lol the digital age broke all the barriers in that respect for me although most of it not perfect tech but fun still the same ..
  5. like the title askes I was just wondering what the average age group works out. Are there more young new musicians or are there More Older musicians that embrace the HD500\X when it come to Amp Modelling and Digital effects ?
  6. if anything this is a funny almost childish thread just to keep reading .. keep up the good work lol ... sorry I don't really mean it lol although if you step back and look at the whole thread from a neutral standing .. Iol .. its just becoming silly/embarrassing :) and why this thread has not been locked or even moved to a different part of the forum is surprising to me :)
  7. hmmm I suppose that's not to bad really, if I think along the lines of the Tax goes to helping the country, suppose that's a good thing. I would want to use these with an Yamaha Mixer (MG16XU) and not just my HD500 how good would these sound out side compared to the Yamaha DXR12's ? I know the Yamaha speakers are twice the price although in the long run would the yamaha's be the way to go? rather than trying to save money for now, would I be better off just to carry on saving ? it is hard for me to work out because I don't have the dxr12's or the Alto TS112As to hear a side by side test to see if the yamaha's are really worth that much more ? oh and the fact I just don't know much about PA equipment (still learning) I do know the Yamaha dxr12's use a mix of speakers as in celestion top and eminence bottom but don't know what the Alto TS112As are using?
  8. :o wow sorry to hear he is leaving although he can not really blame Line 6 for what only sounds like a massive tantrum ? I don't want to sound like im taking the P!ss although has he thought about anger management ? and after hearing how he treats his equipment I would be very surprised if anyone buys it ?
  9. I bet ya loving ya new effects box, I know I would, I love the all those really in-depth tweaks. even more so if I don't understand them because that means (for me at least) im learning new things that can be done with effects (although the HD500 is more than ok for me at the moment) I guess the pure guitar player could/would say "nah, I don't want to spent all that time tweaking" which is fair enough, although I cant help thinking if I was brill on the guitar I would also love to understand totally everything about effects and possibilities to enhance/experiment with sounds which may/could give you a totally different way of playing other than you normally would kind of more creative .. I know that's not for everyone although that's how I will learn to develop my style\way of playing .. I guess I will end up being a sound guy while learning guitar, I don't want to be a guitar hero I just want to enjoy myself with the tech and possibilities the HD500 is very nice bit of kit but I would love to own an FX II, the way I see it If I could afford to buy an FX II and love the idea of effects why would I just limit my self to the HD500 .. I would be all over an FX tomorrow if I could afford one although I would still Keep the HD500 as I would want to link them and experiment .. in a funny way the Line 6 POD HD500\X reminds me a bit like PEAVEY VK 's Quotes, as in they give you all the quality features with out a bloated price that most people can afford .
  10. I have been looking at those speakers, if they had them locally at that price $199 = £126.56 :o I would deffo get a couple, as for low end on PA speakers it is probs best to add a sub at some point .. cheapest I can find them in uk is £229 which is $360.08 each if I could get them at £126.56 I would be buying a pair tomorrow ! :( can not help feeling ripped off in the UK ... jars me off .. :/ no wonder the rich keep getting richer with those profit margins !! lol
  11. hmmm just a heads up, im not sure ? but after logging on the line 6 forum I got Port scanned attacked by this IP address ... I am not 100% sure it was from this site although I would strongly advise people to add that IP address to be blocked by there firewall, it belongs to an USA ISP which I have reported to the company and http://www.abuseipdb.com/check/ ....
  12. it sound like its to do with driver signing in windows 7/8 ?, I think you will find that the line 6 driver is not a signed driver so windows 7/8 may block it. you need to make sure you allow windows to install the unsigned driver. infact what O/S are you using ?? if windows ? what version? for windows 7 try reading here this may help http://en.kioskea.net/faq/3914-windows-7-how-to-install-unsigned-drivers windows 8.1 http://revryl.com/2013/08/06/install-unsigned-drivers/
  13. yea there are a lot of choice, I am the type of person who would rather buy my products in person rather than online, there is an local PA warehouse very close to where I live, the down side is I can only buy what they have in stock which I don't mind as he matches internet prices
  14. thinking about it they wouldn't get used much more than probs 4 maybe 6 times a year although not just with the HD500 I would use them with the Mixer to ... I guess i will have to think about it a bit longer before taking the plunge ... I dont have the cash at the moment anyway, so I will have some time to think if I would rather the PA or keep the Amps . it would be nice to hear the Peavey VK II 100w head flat out this year ... so I will probs keep the VK II 100w Head if I go for the pair of DXR12's .. thanks for advice
  15. its does seem quite a lot, maybe I will have a chat with him to see if he will let me take the HD500 to the warehouse and link it up with with a pair of DXR12's just to test a couple of Amp models out first.. worst he can say is "No" I guess. thing is with summer coming up, I have a friend who owns a bit of land well a lot of land if I am honest, and summer time he has a few open air parties on his land nice old wooden barn to gig in (he had an 60's tribute band from Holland last time bloody brill) just one big get together really and they can go on for a few days camp overs (people who know him come from all over country to his partys/get together) so to have a nice little PA system to play around with could be real fun ..
  16. thanks for link, ha I think the second from last answer kind of backs up what the chap at the warehouse said to me when I bought the Yamaha MG16UX mixer, "if I want a top quality set of Active PA speakers at some point they stock the yamaha DXR Range" he also said they have "never heard any PA speaker come close to them for sound quality and power" then he told me the price. I didn't really give it much thought at the time,i just thought he would say that to just try and get another sale lol but im very tempted if my amps sell it will kind of be a trade so I hope they are as good as he beefs them up to be as I would be trading four amps and a fist full of cash :/ I would be losing out on an : Orange Crush 35RT Peavey VK 50 112 Peavey VK II 100W Head Hughes & kettner Tube20 Plus probs around £380 - £420 in cash worth the trade ?? seems a lot for just 2 speakers lol ...
  17. would anyone know if the POD HD500 will work with a pair of Yamaha DXR12's active PA speakers and could I get an stereo effect just using the two speakers? or would I need to connect the HD500 to my MG16XU mixer then the Mixer to the active PA speakers to get stereo ? I just wondering, would the HD500 sound better going through a set of Active PA speakers rather than an Guitar amp ? The chap at the warehouse might let me take the HD500 down and test it out in the warehouse, but I cant say for sure. these are the speakers im thinking of getting (albeit not for a while) has anyone had any exp with these Active PA speakers ? http://www.yamahaproaudio.com/global/en/products/speakers/dxr/features.jsp the reason I am thinking of getting active PA speakers (well I can probs think of a few but anyway) is today I spent wasting my time swapping in and out different brands of Valves\Tubes in my Valve\Tube amps which didn't really make much difference, I don't know why but im just sure the HD500 would be much more suited for quality of sound when directly connected to some kind of PA system via the two balanced outputs for amp modelling, or am I totally wrong here? my plan is to sell all my amps apart from my AC30CC2 and keep the pod HD500 for amp modelling and effects to a PA Setup or would I be better off keeping my amps ? .. it is nice to have a choice of amps to play around with but that's what the HD500 is for so ... I don't know lol ..
  18. there's nothing better than being proven wrong ... better to have the correct info than believing wrong info, which leads to all types of people Quoting the Wrong info they think is true just because they read it on the good ol www.com ... and this happens all the time ... sometimes mistakes are the only way to learn.
  19. you make me laff :) troll on fella :) like you do best of all just because you rate yourself don't mean other people respect what you say Bit!
  20. simple thing to do is not bother answering if it has no interest to you. btw my comment was not aim at you it was meant in general .. the razor blade comment was because it made me laff.
  21. Welcome GuitarAnthony, I am sure this is not the first forum you may have joined, and it appears to me at least this forum is pretty much the same as others, you will find a lot of helpful people and also a few who will do there best to troll on you if you find anything negative from your Pod purchase. The HD500/X might get you in a head spin to start with until you get used of it many features and best way for you to set it up, my advice would be just stick with it, I have owned mine (second hand purchase HD500) for around 2 months and now starting to really understand what I am doing. I have sort of worked out the basics with the unit and now playing with tweaking settings, there are quite a few things that can be tweaked, but the best bit is there are a lot of long term users on this forum who can help you with getting the best from your HD500X have fun fella. I still want LINE 6 to release an Dual DSP Version for the HD range ...
  22. nothing wrong with him expressing his feelings, no more than you not liking what he has posted and expressing your feelings back on the matter, and I would not be surprised in the least if Gillette get these type of letters .. lol
  23. ah ok, its the DT25 combo I'm thinking of buying .... I have 5 Amps already :/ although I will be having a clear out and keep a couple, maybe three of them, like the AC30, Peavey VK MKII 100 watt head and more than likely the Orange Crush 35RT. How ever i just cant help thinking the DT25 would be a nice addition, I could possibly sell the Crush 35RT, although its such a nice sound for an Analogue Amp I would probs end up keeping that too :/ I have never owned a Line 6 Amp of any sort, so I don't know about any reliability issues they may have/not have. I don't like the look/style of a lot of the Line 6 Amps (that's just my personal opinion, I am not saying it effects quality/sound etc of line 6 Amps) although I do like the look/style of the DT range, and it would be a Combo I would end up buying. so any user info good and bad would be handy.
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