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  1. hmm the dt50 is a different bit of kit though compaired to the Valveking MKII and costs more. although im guessing the VK MKII put with a good cab and speakers would sound pritty good if you consider what other valve amps you can choose in the £299 range. if you only have around a £300 budget to buy a new amp and was looking for 100watt head, i dont think there is a better choice of Amp Head that i can find, even more so at 100watts ? or at least that what it seems like. unless you know of a better 100watt valve amp that costs £299 new with 5 year warranty. i think peavey has that price point in the bag.
  2. The thing im to sure on with the epiphone zakk wylde in the stop is it has passive EMG pickups and i thought the zakk wylde guitars where all fitted with atcive EMG pickups ? it says the guitar is an 2003 version... anyone know if epiphone made an zakk wylde with passive EMG pickups as standard ? meaning there is no place to fit an battery in this version. EDIT well after abit more playing around with the guitar i have decided to keep it, i have already started to adjust so i am going to stick with it .. i really like the style and wieght of this guitar, although its not very well ballanced very top heavy, when standing up if you let go of the neck it feels like it wants to nose dive lol ... still i will stick with it as it has a grate sound when plugged into my VK100MKII and my AC30CC2 not so grate with the HD500 though seems the Active EMG pick ups make the HD500 clip quite bad although it can be controlled if i wined the guitar volume down. anyone know if the HD500 is more suited to passive pickups or should it not make any difference ?? i just remembered my Ibanez Talman (acoustic electric hybrid) has an active pickup and that works grate with the HD500, maybe its the EMG active pickups are more powerful? it uses an EMG 60 and an EMG 81 EDIT :/ it was not the EMG active pick ups causing the HD500 to clip ..... it was my MG16XU mixer clipping because i had the input levels set to high :)
  3. yea in valve terms i think it works out something like 100watts is only 20-30% louder than an 30watt valve amp it's how the amp and speakers pushes the air and we perceive sound or something along them lines .. i think the peavey VK range are under esitmated for the price alot of snobs i know will stick there nose in the air at the thought of any VK amp .. which i find odd .. think they are in the cork sniffer realm ?
  4. i dont want my old ibanez and cash back ... What i wanted to start with was an epiphone les paul but with all the fakes floating about and me being the type of person who will only pay for someting when its in my hands my choice is limited there is not one shop in a 30 mile radius i can find that stock epiphone or les paul guitars and you are very lucky to find one secondhand in a guitar shop where i live, why ? fook knows lol ? anyway the guitar shop had the ibanez that i bought for £650 and a secondhand epiphone zakk wylde for £400 after owning the Ibanz S470 and being very happy with the build quality, i thought well at least i know 100% fact the ibanez is not fake and they build good quality guitars from my last experience and i dont really like the paint job on the zakk wylde so i just jumped in head first and bought the Ibanez. i will phone to explain my newbie issue to find out if i could try the zakk wylde and maybe sort some kind of deal for an exchange and store credit and the zakk wylde if i can get on with that better .. wonder what my cahnces are ?
  5. i bought the Peavey VKII 100wat version of that head, it only costs £300 brand new :o seems like peavey are having a clear out in europe. it can be switched down from 100watt to 25watt and 5watt and even turn off the speaker output if recording from DI for £300 its has to be the best amp for the money ever lol i cant understand how can they sell a 100watt valve amp whith all the features it has so cheap and a good sounding amp to top it all off i was going to get the 20watt version but it just made sence to get the 100watt for how cheap they are being sold here in england.
  6. im a bit gutted now ... and think i have made a bad newbie mistake .. i did owned an ibanez S470 for around a year ... that is untill yesterday :/ ... i didnt really try to play the guitar much untill i come across the HD500 which as got me into playing around with my guitar which is a good thing, anyway i have been wanting to change my style of guitar for sometime and to cut a long story short i ended up trading my Ibanez S470 in for an Ibanez ARZIR20FB Iron Label ARZ Series Electric Guitar in Dark Brown Sunburst. Its a real nice guitar and when i went to the store to collect it i was to embarrassed to play the guitar instore lol, so i sat down and had a little play with the guitar not plugged in lol (oh dea) any i though to myself hmm this feel quite different but i will get used to it. so i done the trade which was my S470 and a whole lump of cash, i was very happy untill i got home .... i started to play around on the guitar and soon found that the neck on my old guitar has jumbo frets and this has medium frets, no matter how hard i try i just can not get on with this guitar lol i love the look and style of the guitar but i just can get on with it :/ ... now i dont know what to do .. am i in my rights to take the guitar back ? its brand new i dont want my money back i just want a guitar i can get along with ... or have i just wasted £650 :( ... its great being a dumb lollipop newbie :( Ibanez ARZIR20FB Neck Dimensions Neck type: ARZ Mahogany set-in neck (smooth heel) Medium frets Scale 635mm/25" Width at Nut 43mm Width at Last Fret 58mm Thickness at 1st 20mm Thickness at 12th 22mm Radius 305mmR using stock .009-.042 strings ibanez S470 Neck Dimensions Neck Type: 3pc Wizard II Maple neck Frets: Jumbo frets Scale: 648mm/25.5" Width at Nut: 43mm Width at Last Fret: 56mm (at 21 F) Thickness at 1st: 19mm Thickness at 12th: 21mm Radius: 400mmR using DAddario XL Pure Nickel .010-.045 strings im surprised as the neck dimensions are similar, also i find the natural postion of my right arm is right at the bridge on this guitar where as on the S470 it was more or less where the Middle Pickup, everything feels to bunched up :( gutted ... ok after around 100 edit's it's not so much the neck now, more the position of my right arm ... i really like this guitar so im trying my hardest to adjust ... just wish i tried the epiphone zakk wylde that was on display (secondhand and £250 cheaper :/ ) to feel the difference ...
  7. once you upgrade to windows 10 your are giving up your window 7/8/8.1 licence in exchange for windows 10 Upgrade so if you reinstall or make an image your licence wont be valid and it will say windows not activated. thats what happend when upgrading from windows 7 to 8 .. you are getting the upgrade version of windows 10 not the full new install version as such reinstalling will require you installing what ever version windows you had installed and fully updating it then downloading the windows 10 upgrade and reinstalling it, also i am 99.9% sure you have kissed your rights good bye to use your old version of windows as you have agreed to swap it for the upgrade.
  8. if its released around August, then yea i most probs will be a proud owner of the new Helix (i will just sell some of the hardware i dont use to help fund it) :) ohh something techy to look forward to for my guitar fix, happy dayz ahead.
  9. i 100% want one although not 100% sure if i will purchase on day 1 of releasing the hardware, it will deppend if i have saved enough money. one problem i have is, i will start saving then like today .... i caved in got bored and traded in my old Ibanez S470 and bought an spanky new Ibanez ARZIR20FB which in fairness i have been fighting off buying it ever since i bought then returned the epiphone slash fake... but for some reason today it was like something took over me... even though i was telling myself dont do it i still found myself in a taxi off to the music shop and returning with a new guitar ... and to be 100% honest i dont know if i like it now lol ohh i do make myself laff :/ although it wont change the fact i will be buying a helix just as soon as i can.
  10. will the US $1499 price tag translate to £965 UK price tag ?
  11. like i have said the helix is good news for us new to line 6 products and after being impressed with and getting into the HD500 at a late stage of its life cycle, i am also impressed with how long line 6 have supported the device if the above is anything to go by then the helix is just what i want +1 line 6 this is around the spec i was talking about a little while back to supersede the current HD500X im impressed with the style and lay out of helix to .. so happy dayz ahead for me at least :P
  12. i agree the HD500/X are still very good but for me being new to all of this and getting into line 6 hardware at a late stage with the the HD500, its just what i as a new buyer wants, the HD500 i may still keep or donate to someone if they lose to much value secondhand, but consider the price of the new unit it may still keep secondhand value of the HD500/X fairly good, so i could end up selling it to help fund a real upgrade.
  13. i would of thought it will support all the variax guitars as this would only add value to the new device .. but thats just a guess. the price will probs be a bit cheaper from some places depends for example my Vox AC30CC2 Amp's RRP was i think around the £1000 mark up (or something like that) but they sold for around £800 or so if i remember rightly .
  14. 2.3 x the power of an HD500X in a dual APU\DSP format will make for some nice tweaking possibilities one for effects and one for Amps and or the possibility to use any left over (if any) cycles from the amp moddelling to use for effects would be grate
  15. heeh yea this will be a nice peace of kit :) ohh wondering what chips they opted to use ? cant wait to its released and read a few reviews, best start saving now (that means my Yamaha speakers will be put on hold) nice looking to :)
  16. Nice now thats what i call an upgrade :)
  17. lol exactly my point windows 8 was fixed ages ago every OS windows, linux, Apple all have bugs in them, it did not take 3 years to get windows 8 running correctly lol its just had/needed updates like any other new release but i do know what you mean about the poor release of windows 8 one of my intel based chipset computers had memory leak problems to start with where as the AMD based system was fine from day 1 after a few updates from windows 8 everything was fine for the intel based system so they had a few issues to start with, but most people moaned anout the new UI and they still do today, i say get over it and move on. 8.1 was really how windows 8 should of been at release or thats what i think/feel, windows 8 to windows 10 is based on Vista i think you will find, so everyone can love vista tech all over again :) maybe its just me? i personaly had no problems with windows 8 or windows 8.1 UI using a mouse, and looking forward to window 10. i also feel they same way as pianoguyy about touch screens for desktop pc's and dont want to have to keep raising my hand to touch the screen leaving finger prints all over place when i can simply use the mouse to do the same task. but for phones and tablet type devices its a spot on idea and more suited to them rather than a PC monitor basicly this is how i see microsoft OS history windows 98 was very unstable windows XP was built for max speed and security was out the window windows Vista was built around security but was not accepted by most people windows 7 was built with better compatibility in mind and security windows 8 was built with better security and multi platform compatibility in mind based on vista tech windows 8.1 is what windows 8 should of been to start with windows 10 has built on the idea's of windows 8 and improved them with better security and improved UI among other new software tech
  18. huh funny enough thats what i have started doing a few days ago, messing around up and down the neck ...ooohh eerr .. umm some how that dont sound to good :\ dont know what sounds worse, my guitar playing or the way i word things sometimes :blink: ... oh yeah i forgot to say i do have an old Oxygen 25 keyboard which uses some free download software called ignite, it has quite a lot of drum styles to play around with, infact not a bad bit of software for free, i think it works with most usb keyboard controllers and is pritty much idiot proof to use.
  19. cheers brazzy i will give it a look fella these are the only chords i know and can play at the moment A, Am, C, D, Dm, E, Em and Fmaj7 and now G7 .. having some fun with that one while using my little finger to mess around with E and B strings heh
  20. i dont have a touch screen either and dont want one for my home PC, it just dont make sense (to me at least) to have a touch screen on my computer desk i have no need or want for one. i use windows 8.1 with a mouse only and have zero issues so i dont understand what the problem is with windows 8 or 8.1
  21. Well it make no difference what people think about windows 8/8.1 because thats the way the Windows OS is going im glad i jumped on the windows 8 upgrade path. It will make moving to windows 10 much easier than those who refuse to use windows 8 or 8.1 because they dont want to learn a new UI. The way i see it is they are just getting left behind in the OS tech. either way when these people decide to upgrade to windows 10, get the pop corn out because there will be a lot of moaning from window 7 upgraders i can see it already lol i say this because windows 10 looks the same as windows 8-8.1 not that much different to use either. once you get used to the UI you will see what i mean when i say windows 7 looks feels dated. (well thats probs more to do with the fact windows 7 is old and dated) my daughter was around 6 years old when windows 8 was released she soon learned her way around windows 8 in no time just saying.
  22. its a funny age to be, i mean to get any of my mates in one place at the same time and want to practice, the friends i have that do play i am nowhere near good enough to practice with, as they have been playing for over 20 years, they play just for fun maybe once a week for around 4-5 hours and i would just ruin the only day they get to jam together lol they have said join in, LOL what ! okie dokie, it would go from sounding good to what the feck is that plonker doing over there ? someone turn off his amp quick !! to befair i have had a little jam with the bass player and drumer which was ok but i cant help feeling im taking up there time where they want to be playing rather than trying to teach if you know what i mean.
  23. i to have had an issue with one of the foot switches on my HD500 one of the foot switches started making this grinding/crunching sound, you could feel it grinding when u pushed down on the metal foot swtich. sometimes i would have to press the swich 2-3 times for it to change/work, my first thought was the metal switch part had warn. so i decided to take the HD500 apart to inspect the switch (its no longer under warranty anyway and i bought it secondhand) it was a real easy fix, it was just the spring inside of the metal mechanism of the switch had become unaligned and was making a rubbing/grinding noise. i just removed then disassembled and reassembled the metal mechanism part of the footswitch and now it works like new. the HD500 is very easy to work on, mind you it was a bit fiddly fitting the metal mechanism part of the foot switch back in the HD500 chassis.
  24. thanks for everyones advice, i find it really interesting reading how people first got into playing and the way they delt with the learning curve, i first picked up a guitar when i was 17 well i say 17 although apart from the school i went to we used to get music lessons, but no one used to listen to the teacher. people would be throwing those thick 78 records out the window and watching them smash on the ground out side, the school was known for being unruly and has been knocked down and replaced by a new school these days, now i think back i would have had no chance learning there anyway the teacher would just be sitting there most the lesson shouting or with his hands over his face ... poor old boi, but he did at least try. when i left school i ened up working on a fairground for around 7 years where a few of my friends i met working there were learning to jam, i used to try and learn back then but i was a bit of an party animal in the younger years.. these days i dont really go out or do anything so learning to play now i kind of feel maybe i have left it a little late in my life to expect myself to be any good, but in the same breath as long a im enjoying what im doing its all good by me. it the blues style i would love to be able to play and if i ever do learn how to play it i would be more than happy with myself. haha yea mary had a little lamb in blues form might have kept me interested a little bit longer, why do they feel you need to learn that type of thing i will never understand ? i mean i just starting to learn guitar not just been born ? so why would they feel the need to teach you that type of thing is just odd at my age.
  25. i have thought about paying for the odd lesson which i guess would probs be the best route, i dont want to play pro but would be good to get out of the routine im kind of stuck in, years ago (again back in the 70's) my grandmother tried giving me piano lessons but i never really understood how to read sheet music, i was only about 7 at the time and was more interested in going over the woods with my old sub machine gun (wooden stick) and playing war with me mates, kind of kick meself now because if i had of shown more interest at the age of 7 i would have much more understanding and would not be typing this now lol :/ oh i just like to add i have looked at some of the online lessons, infact i have i got one lesson free from Orange amplification, when i bought the Crush 35RT amp it was included as an free bonus.. thing is i think i lost interest when one part of the lesson started playing mary had a little lamb or something like that, now i know we all have to start somewhere but that just dont give me the enthusiasm to want to go any further. if i was paying for a live lesson and the teacher started busting out mary had a little lamb .... then i think i would give up wanting to learn. i mean come on im 45 years old and im pritty sure im not into mary had a little lamb .. well these days at least.
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