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  1. im no expert but the bass part of this video I can hear the plectrum hitting the strings almost as loud as the bass and also in one of the guitar parts... surely that's not a sound you want happening ??? sounds terrible to the untrained ear .. or is this classed as "for the connoisseurs ear" ? lol I thought the Axe FX II was supposed to be the dogs Nutz ? although I know that if you put a guitar and any Effects equipment in my hands, I bet I can (umm rephrase that to) WILL make it sound worse lol just saying though.
  2. yea I understand that, I try my best, but im no natural put it that way lol :) luckly though I have some good friends who put up with my lack of talent, heeh I understand it will take me years lol bit at a time, I don't want to become an expert player although just good enuff to have fun and jam with my mates ... reality is don't think there enough years left to do it , im that bad lol still fun playing around, and get to hear what this hardware can do, that is when someone who plugs a guitar into it can play one heeh, although it does truly inspire me to want to learn even more ..
  3. its the tech why I got the pod HD500,not to improve my playing skill heeh, I have to wait for my mates when they come around who don't understand the tech but like it so I try and learn a bit of guitar from them and they learn a little bit about effects and modelling, its a fair trade off lol and the bonus for me is l love the tech so want to start getting into it, which has led me to finding out as much as I can about the chips being used for the DSP\s in these devices, this will give myself a well informed buying choice when wanting to take things further, the HD500 was my first look and play with this tech which I want to learn more about. as like I say I enjoy learning this type of stuff.
  4. its not to do with instruction sets, its probs more likely to with the optimising correctly for the 333hz chip, so the HD500 can have it too, like its been said I find this fair enough. it's here when its here and if we moan to much, they might as well drop support for the hd500 and just work with the 500x. lol they are probs pushing the 400mhz Gen3 ADSP chip to its max capabilities and having a bit of a harder time with the slower HD500 333mhz chip. having the HD500 and still getting Firmware updates 5 years later, whats to moan about really ?
  5. I cant spell ... so it reads fine to me ?
  6. must make it all worth in the end though, just to see the DSP LIMIT msg lol sorry could not resist heeh, everything has limits, including us humans, some higher than others :)
  7. time will tell ... not that I will still be around heeh ..
  8. Quote "If we had a bunch of free time (we don't), it might be interesting to release an alternate "No DSP message" version of POD HD firmware: One wah, one volume, one compressor, one EQ, one stomp, one amp/cab, one mod, one delay, and one reverb, all on a single serial path... with the DSP-intensive effects models removed entirely." lol ! that would really give them something to moan about :) although I know you wouldn't want to restrict the HD500\x .. would of made a grate April fools announcement
  9. oh yea that what I meant 2010 :) lol its been sold for around 5 years give or take, so it must be a product that sells well, or they would of stop building it years ago ?
  10. maybe Yamaha should start pumping more cash in to line 6 help build the company, How line 6 come across to me is they were the under dogs, who proved they had some good worthy products, I guess that line 6 has a few projects going on at anyone time, so maybe the POD team could do with Boost in man power, I mean if a product takes off, and seeing the HD500 was released in 2005 and is still being sold to day (albeit now called the HD500X) it must mean its sold well ? so maybe its time for Yamaha to expand line 6 team. its the silly little things that need ticking in the box that's all.....
  11. Quote "the cards are a little dated, 15 year old sharks @60mhz . the uad and motu are pcie and probably have a better future outlook." yea the UAD-2 OCTO PCIe x1 cards use the 450mhz ADSP-21469 chips by analog devices last time I looked, basicly It has 8x Gen 4 SHARC ADSP's on one PC card, although costs around £1400, I think the dual DSP UAD-2 card used to use 2x 400mhz ADSP 21369 Gen 3 chips (same chip as the HD500X albeit only 1) they may have updated them to the Gen 4 chips now though, but I don't know for sure. I think the dual dsp card is around £500, downside is your restricted to the PC desk as its not exactly a portable floor pedal and standing on it would probs break it :)
  12. Quote " he's stated it a few times that it will. " ah ok, thanks .. to be honest i'm surprised they still support the HD500, how old is the HD500 now ? I mean when was it first released ? when bought it, the chap I got it off said there will be a new update for the firmware coming out soon, which I was quite impressed to hear, like I said, I thought the HD500 was an old machine, well for the digital world at least, good to see Line 6 products have a long life span, must make ya feel the moneys gone that extra mile, if you bought and still own an HD500 from release day lol
  13. I already worked out there would be no different in sound quality, from researching the Chip Line 6 decided to use for the DSP, the HD500X has an extra little bit of power in the terms of how much it can do at any one time. so what this could mean for future updates, I am not saying it will, but just so those who don't really understand what the difference means in the HD500 vs the HD500X some features they choose to add may need that little extra bit of power to run the new feature if one is added, this does not mean the HD500 could not use this feature it would probs mean something along the lines of you hit the dsp limit so cant run certain effect or amp combo due to the dsp not being faster enough to process all the data in time like it is now basicly, where as the HD500X has that extra bit of speed that could/may help. or they could add something that would need a min of 400mhz dsp to use it so then hd500 would nt receive it, again not saying line 6 will do this. I must ask will the HD500 have exactly the same global EQ and settings? basicly im just using the Line 6 HD to learn about effects and modelling, so an second hand POD HD500 fits the bill to start. with very happy with what it can do. what I am hoping for is line 6 at some point will build an dual based DSP unit so they can go more in depth with the effects etc, I would deffo buy an line 6 model, because for price and features ... please please, heres to hoping :)
  14. nice sounding setup :) what chips are they using for the DSP's?
  15. stevevnicks

    manual :(

    still not very professional, I would expect them to roll out together that's not being demanding, its slack on there behalf no matter how much people try to defened it... sorry
  16. stevevnicks

    manual :(

    how small of a team does line 6 have working on the pod HD project 1 ? its not about being tough wtf ? it should be part for the roll out ready .. if they want to appear professional about the product , 4 days past and still not manual update lol .. hmm im starting to think ....
  17. quote "that's the iPod generation for ya." I deffo before the ipod gen lol cant help loving tech though no matter how old I am.
  18. yea that's what I am saying I don't mean just line 6 products, I mean electronic effects\pedals that people say sound dated already today.
  19. I can kind of see this happening, as the tech moves forward at an ever faster rate, just for example, the tech may have moved so far forward that it was classed obsolete hardware tech that's not manufactured anymore. so can only emulate it, unless you have the tech from that time kind of thing. leaving the question could old digital pedals come back into fashion. what we may class as obsolete hardware now might end up being the must have of the future ..
  20. I was thinking about old vintage valve amps from the sixties and the type of effects they used back then, which as far as I can make out the old purist's will pay a lot of money for, anyway this may sound stupid to some but I cant help but wonder, as everything seems to be going digital these days. if say in 30 years time people will saying and discussing in forums, how to get the same sound as an old Line 6 Pod HD500X or similar lol
  21. stevevnicks

    manual :(

    yea makes sense to me.
  22. stevevnicks

    manual :(

    I think he means or hinting it would be nice to be supplied with the advanced guide in to box.
  23. not sure the looper is using any DSP power unless its being used, not 100% sure though.
  24. yea I did think that, at least the line 6 allows the limit to be hit. its kind of good and bad... good for those who understand why it happens and will work to find best way for them around it (could be just add another pedal or some other device) although not so good for those no so computer tech, who think they have purchased the ultimate, with take me out of this galaxy kind of power heeh, well you know what I mean. it would be grate to see an line 6 dual DSP version, it would cost a bit more for line 6 to build, but not as much as you might think, they could make a very nice priced unit if they based it on 2 x (New) Gen 4 SHARC ADSP 21469's based DSP's would make for a very very nice affordable unit. example :hd500x DSP can hit upto 800 Mac's (max) 400MIPS (millions of instructions per second max) if they build a unit with just 1 gen 4 chip it can do 1600 Mac's (max) 800MIPS (millions of instructions per second max) x that by two and you can soon see how much more you could do with a unit based on that gen DSP, best bit is the gen 4 chip cost the same as the current chip the hd500x uses. now that would be something to look forward to from a Line 6 price point.
  25. try reading through this maybe you will find some thing to help or maybe you even already tried. http://www.gilmourish.com/?p=1222 http://www.gilmourish.com/?page_id=6151
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