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  1. Hi, Have read through the DT Edit info on this forum- very useful, gonna check it out on my DT25 but this kinda thing is way out of my comfort zone :) Really cool that someone made the program through. Line 6 should have stepped in and helped refine it to perfection! A few things I'm still not 100% clear on. Any wisdom greatly appreciated: 1) What are the factory amp settings in the DT 25 amp slots I-IV (ie what amp / cab / microphone setting is in each amp slot from factory). I want to know that if I mess about with firmware 2.0 and DT Edit and make a total mess of settings (highly likely) that I can reset the DT25 to factory settings as it is now. Would reverting to firmware 1.0 do this? 2) Does the "cabinet modelled direct out" on the back of the amp change its respective cabinet model every time you select a new amp / cab combo setting on the amp... or is it a global cab setting for that direct out? 3) What is the factory (firmware 1.0) setting of the master channel 'microphone' parameter on DTedit? Is this just something you set globally for the whole amp (including direct out) or is it something that changes with each selection I-IV 4) Last one - I promise! Other threads suggest that you "can't load & save" with DT Edit. If you hook your amp up to PC via midi, make changes via DTEdit, power down amp, disconnect the midi cables, then use DT25 as standalone (not connected to PC via midi), do you then have all your settings saved within the amp that you made when using DTEdit? Or does "can't load & save" mean that you have to connect to DTEdit every time you want to change things from factory firmware? Apologies if some of these questions sound daft....not my comfort zone! Thanks very much in advance for any help.
  2. Anyone have any more info on this problem / found a fix? Any word on when update is likely?
  3. On the Native Instruments Kontrol -S Keyboards, the main browsing rotary is pushable, solid as a rock and very satisfying to use.
  4. Reply from line 6 confirming that they are working on a fix for a future firmware upgrade. As with SJDKD's response, no time scale mentioned, but at least we know its on its way at some point.
  5. Raised a ticket on this exact same issue. Like Kreator, I'm using the new HD model packs so not keen to roll back to previous firmware. I really hope Line 6 can fix this soon, as its a shame having the all singing flagship dream rig failing to manage something as simple as running an add on expression pedal. On a brighter note, I'm absolutely loving the new HD models, especially the vintage pack..
  6. newidentity

    Helix FAQ

    Top of the range grade 1 Scottish Kidney, has been stress tested for many years under laboratory conditions with a full range of ethanol based products. Collection only, buyer provides ice.
  7. newidentity

    Helix FAQ

    Thanks for reply. Will check out bass pack models.
  8. Totally agree. Gotta have the helix be able to switch topology etc on the DT25. Was 100% sold on Helix rack until I realised this wasn't a feature. Would definitely wait til this was implemented before spending.
  9. newidentity

    Helix FAQ

    Helix rack looking amazing. I'll be buying as soon as I've got this kidney removed and listed on ebay. A couple of questions: i) Will it have bass amps in it for mainly guitarists but ocassional bassists like me? ii) Same question for vocals presets? iii) Why oh why isn't the mic input on the front panel for the rack unit? Tons of real estate there, so once rack mounted, it seems cruel to wait til we're in the midst of inspiration requiring a mic, then make us contort our way round to the back of the unit while on tip toes, squinting in low light while looking upside down at the input as we try and get the XLR in, no doubt standing on a guitar cable and dragging a speaker off a shelf in the process etc. You know the drill.... If it aint too late line 6 (which it clearly is) please stick it front panel a la Pod HD Pro:)
  10. There have been pretty cool vids for free firmware updates in the past, so don't see why they can't do it for something that they're asking money for. Power to the people....post a +1 if you think line 6 should get their asses in gear with some model pack vids...
  11. So its at least another 2 weeks for us HD(no X) customers to wait til we get access to the new model packs and firmware. Would love to see Line 6 guitar ninjas Sean Halley and Paul Hindmarsh do a full run down of the new amp models to get us all psyched while we wait. Love their playing, they really helped me decide on a full dream rig. While there are a couple of customer vids appearing on youtube, 99% of line 6 users seem to be metal heads (not dissing, just saying) so some of those tasty Halley / Hindmarsh skills across all styles would give us a true idea of the model packs. In fact... given that these were announced in January...how Line 6 have managed to not have taster videos ready is genuinely baffling to me. Surely a pretty basic promotional tool for their product to let us get an idea for what we're paying for? Pretty much every other product imaginable from the audio world has readily accessible listening clips or vids to hear before buying. So Line 6 - fire up your video cameras and make us happy (that sounded so wrong....I apologise...you know what I meant.)
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