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  1. well its an forum on the internet so I guess it works both ways. people can put what they want, not what you just want to read. The bigger question for me IS what does Line 6 have Hidden away for future Hardware I am happy with how long Line 6 has kept this tech alive although im begging inside for them to release a new DSP based design bit of wizardry. I personally think with the HD500x they have more or less hit the nail on the head in design, now I want them to take that and give it slightly more powerful newer tech dual DSP's ( like the newer version ADSP-21369 The third generation of SHARC® Processors) I think 2 of them would give you 4x the processing power the HD500x has atm. why do I want line 6 to do that ? because I like the build quality and design of the HD500X and I know I would be most likely able to afford to buy it. and if it was around the £500.00 price range :) it would be very a attractive price/performance irresistible purchase for me lol...
  2. at the end of the day even line 6 has to use other branded products or they wouldn't be able to create the product HDxxx that they sell, in one way I can understand Why The OP posted he's moving over to the FX, could be due he's had enough with any issues he maybe coming across and just wanted to express his feelings, a bit like when I buy a new item and im really happy with it, the first thing a lot of people is look for a place to chat with other owners about there spanky new purchase, but if you find something your not happy with other owners may do there best to make you look foolish as they don't want you to pop there bubble .. any feed back good or bad is better than no feed back ... yea I know sometimes its not justified/needed but we are all human. one reason I would move to the FX could be I have exhausted all the in depth options I can use with the Pod HD500 and want to take things further than the tech hardware can do, which I think if I remember rightly the Tigar Sharc APU in the FX is around 10 times more powerful than the HD500 APU and to top it off it has TWO of them, now you will have a lot of options to play around with IF that's your thing. I said before and I will say it again. The Pod HD500\X is most probs about the best you can get in sound quality, build quality and feature set rich options in its price range. for the amount of money Line 6 charge I don't think there is anything quite as good in this price range IMO, although they maybe some newer units that maybe better or equal to the HD500X as lets not beat around the bush the tech is far from new.
  3. I keep thinking about getting an DT25 to pair with my HD500, the thing that's been stopping me is I read its known for blowing transformers how true this is I don't know for sure ? although I was wondering if I got an DT25 and added active air cooling to the transformers would it help prolong there life ? I have modded my AC30 adding Active air coolers (case Fans) next to the Transformers which also helps with the hot air circulation around the cab and internal electronics. the end result is the amp runs around half the internal case temp, which has to be a good thing for electronics at the least. so I was wondering if this could help with the DT25 transformers ? here's what I did with the Vox AC30CC2 the next thing I will add is an home made heat diffuser (small 3" x 3" aluminium plate with holes drilled in it) and place it between the Power tube that's close to the right hand side transformer to reduce the hot spot being radiated from that particular PT on the transformer. its all these small changes that will help with the longevity/reliability of the electronics.
  4. I cant say anything about leaving a forum .. guru3d has its trolls on there and you will notice its the same group of people day in day out, if you don't agree with everything they say or even dare to have your own opinion they would bash the cra! out off ya doing there best to make your posts look foolish, in the end they talked so much one minded ballsh!t, I ended up selling the hardware as it was not as advertised (specs they done a sneaky with, which effected the performance that I tested and proved it effects the performance) have not been back to that site/forum since ... just got bored of the same old cra! day in day out with that site. I find it funny how people will slam people at any give chance ... I just tell myself ahh its just children having there rant like when you buy them the wrong sweets....
  5. A HD500 second hand can still fetch £220 - £260 here in the UK so they seem to hold there value, although I did see an HD500X on gumtree For £180 but its gone now (they probs took it off)
  6. yea that's what I meant :) the funny thing is the Amp my mate normally use sounds really Cra! when they turn it up but the old boi has been using for so long he's used to that crap sound and like it lol he was the only one who said "nah theres something about the other amp that he thinks sounds better" I not could help but say well I think its time you got your ears tested lol ... I think the main problem is with the Vox AC30 you can hear every mistake he makes if not hit cleanly, where as the Marshall Valvestate 100w covers up the mistakes because its flat out trying to keep up with drummer dave and not coping that grate making strange noises that he has become accustom to , but how do you say something like that, to someone who's a far better guitar play than myself heeh .. ya see whats really happening is the other band members have become board with playing the same old stuff with the same sound apart from one of them .. so what I kind of did with the blessing of the other band members, to start with was bring effects, and now a different amps to get a different sound so they hopefully play something different. hence why I now own 5 different amps lol (ffs I could of bought an AXE FX 2 by now with the money I have spent lol) the only problem I am having is the old boi keeps trying to get the quality stuff to sound the same as the cra! quality amp lol ... I feel like banging my head against the wall sometimes heeh
  7. hmmm after messing around with the global graphic EQ and using the studio EQ this seems to be sounding a lot better, I think it was down to my lack of time spending with the settings, but I reckon I have sussed it now. what i will do is setup a bunch of patches for each amp I own. im just trying to get the best I can out of echo and chorus effect if anyone knows any good settings/advice or better still has a patch ;) for chorus and echo effects please point it my way :)
  8. I am saving up for an Axe-FX II XL+ seen one second hand for £1100.00 just have not got that amount of money spare ... its going to take some time to save up, although my Pod HD500 is a grate place for me to start learning in the world of Amp modelling and effects, and for the money the amount of features the HD500\X has what a bargain. but I want to get into something with a bit more powerful APU. congrats on getting an FX btw lucky bugger :) oneday .. oneday.
  9. after testing but not getting much time to tweak the HD500 everyone agreed that the AC30 sound best with no effects the Amp by its self sound amazing by far the best sounding amp I own and 30w !! that has to be the loudest 30watts we have ever heard lol ? I do mean it is really loud .. I think it could be to do with the model of Vox AC30 I have, the version I have is the AC30CC2 (custom classic), I have read that some of them don't take effects very good although I can get something changed in the amp to sort out the issue. so I think its more to do with the amp, I will take it to an Amp tech and see what needs to be change on the effects loop cuircut of the AC30.
  10. I will spend a day tweaking stupid things i have just remembered, like setting the out put of the HD500 from studio to Amp. it just sounded muddy or very dark with any distortion effect .. as if someone has put a bed quilt over the amp ? kind of muffled sounding. to be fair when i got the AC30 i was more into the sound of the amp so when i connected the HD500 and it sound like it did, i tried adjusting a few things but i just wanted to play the amp rather than spending to much time tweaking. now the awe and excitement has worn in getting a hold of this amp, I will spend time tweaking and report back ... ahh i just remembered i think its band practice this afternoon bugger that means we will be taking the amp to the barn to test it, if it is practice this afternoon and drummer dave brings his portable studio i will record and upload a sample, problem is they wont want to spend time messing around with effects to get the sound right, they will just say don't worry about it and use a crappy Marshall Valve state 100watt combo (it sounds ok but... well not grate quality when turned up, just sounds like a cheap amp straining) my peavey VK 50 112 blows the Marshall valvestate out of the water in sound quality and loudness .. come to think about it so does my H&K tube20 and my orange CR35RT ...
  11. like I said I have found the Pod HD500 sounds its best to me, when paired with an analogue Amp with No amp effects or modelling pre built in them about 1 1/2 years ago I had the vox vt40+ it was ok, although the built in effects are no where as good as the HD500. I don't think those type of amps are a good choice for a Pod HD500. the Vox AC30 to be honest sounds best with out any effects connected to it. I guess running the Pod HD500 directly through a mixer and PA would sound pretty damn good.
  12. im not sure if its to do with the AC30CC2 uses an Valve rectifier, where as my other valve amps have a chip rectifier, although I doubt a valve rectifier could cause this ? its probs the Amp is not really suited to some effects, I will have to spend more time playing with the settings, as for the amp modelling I would just use them to change tone or as an add tone type of effect I deffo agree that the HD500 sounds its best when pair with a good/high quality analogue Amp, sounds good when paired with my Orange Crush 35RT Amp and that's a fairly cheap good quality analogue Amp ... well apart from the Cab is Made from Chipboard lol :/ guess the Price reflects the Build But Deffo not the sound Quality of that amp.
  13. stevevnicks

    HD500 sound

    I just bought second hand Vox AC30CC2 amp, which sound grate, how ever if I use my HD500 either in the effects loop of the amp or straight to the guitar input my HD500 make this amp sound terrible ? I am not sure how to describe it but its not a good sound ? is it just that the vox amp is not suited to the HD500 ? I ask because it sounds fine in my hughes & kettner tube20, orange CR35RT, my Peavey VK50 and MY Peavey VK MKII 100 Watt head. maybe the vox AC30 is not suited to effects ?
  14. I fall in the tweakers paradise section lol I would love to own an AXE FXII although I just could not afford one, that's where the HD500 save me, so I am starting to learn about digital effects from using a fair priced bit of kit that fits my wallet. and as always the hardware is only as good as the software that it uses and the experience of the programmer that uses the software. bit like, you might be able to afford a £3000 guitar, but put in the hands of some who cant play then it will sound S___
  15. the pod HD500/x runs a SHARC not the TigarSHARC version, that dsp costs around £300 just for the chip alone, where as the pod hd500/X dsp cost around £15-20 there is a massive deference between the HD500/x SHARC Based dsp and a TigarSHARC based dsp as for the POD HD500 it is what it is, nothing more nothing less. it will always be limited by its DSP the same as an AXE FX II could be, it just means the AXE can do more before it hits its DSP limit, it will probs give you a whole host of new tweaking joys at an whole new depth and level. at a guess I would say the AXE FX II is a, tweakers paradise and probs a guitarists nightmare
  16. I think I had Ear fatigue yesterday never really heard of it before now? playing about using the FX loop on the 35RT with the HD500 after a while it sounded like I could not get any good tones out of it? so I disconnected the HD500 and played just through the Crush 35RT and to me it sounded odd (not the same as it did?), I don't know how to explain it apart from wtf it didn't sound like that Saturday no mater how much I twisted knobs on the amp it sounded crap or I didn't notice much sound difference from the tone control knobs? then my mate tony (bass player) pops over to have a look and say's wow he impressed with the sound quality from the Crush 35RT ? but to me it sound dull lol only way I can put it? so that's probs Ear fatigue ? never really knew or thought about it to be fair. I think maybe because I have to play at quite low volumes (don't want to upset people with my bad guitar playing) might have something to with it as well lol
  17. the problem I have is im stuck in the tweaking loop of doom lol, to be honest im so into learning what each effect can do/does, I would not be able to tell if anything on the sound front has changed lol I've only owned my HD500 for a month or so and im still experimenting with it, and im having a lot of fun doing so heeh, although once I feel I know and understand everything im doing I will probs/hopefully stop playing around with my patch settings etc. I don't understand how the tones could of changed in the way of sound because of a firmware update, unless they had to changed certain audio quality parameters to make the global EQ fit in do its job ? just as guess though
  18. think its a little unfair to hit him with -2 he may be new to all of this and not fully understand how to use his pod, although in the same breath I personally think the variax list will be handy. I was going to get the variax JTV-59 and this kind of tempts me into wanting to get one even more lol :/ , but I decided to buy a spanky new yamaha Mixer and orange 35RT amp first, maybe the JTV-59 will come at a later date, funds allowing me that is. edit oh sozz I just realised he was not hit with -2 from this post heh
  19. just thought I post about my new joy lol. went and bought an Orange Crush 35RT amp today, as my Peavey VK 112 is a bit loud to play in the flat, anyway running the pod through the Crush 35RT's Fx loop Guitar>amp in>amp FX send>HD500 guitar in>HD500 L\mono>Amp FX loop Return and it sounds brill not to sure if its the best way to do it ? although it sound brill. Loving the clean channel on the Orange Crush 35RT Amp it is like, super clean :) worth a look if your in the market for a nice practice amp http://www.guitarworld.com/review-orange-crush-35rt-guitar-amp-video well worth £199 :) and plays nicely with the HD500
  20. I think your video's are brill, wish I could play like you :) ... huh maybe one day (in many years to come heeh), l love the clean sounds. top job fella, been playing with my pod hd500 and Yamaha mixer with effects i'll up load a sample when I can play something although I would feel embarrassed to upload anything I played lol im getting better albeit slowly, but not to your standard ..
  21. just a simple big thank you for still supporting the HD500, I still cant believe I got an 5 year old product that's fully updated to 2015 standard. outstanding, quids in :) BTW the Yamaha MG16XU works fine with phantom power enabled with the HD500 connected Via the XLR's, quality running the pod HD500 through it using the yamaha's effects is brill :) chuft
  22. thank you for your valued answers I will try it out, would of been nice to hear this from an line 6 staff heeh I was little worried as I am still learning and lots to learn heeh.
  23. just checked my emails and Yamaha has got back to the shop owner. "Yamaha have come back to me. Confirmed that the 'Jack' of the combi socket does not have phantom power. Also, they have advised that the Line6 unit should be unaffected if you have phantom power on - though I'd personally use it on the stereo channel on jacks if there's enough gain" can any Line 6 tech Advise Please
  24. hello, I have just got the Yamaha MG16XU Mixer ( http://www.yamahaproaudio.com/global/en/products/mixers/mg_xu/features.jsp ) and was wondering if its safe to connect my Pod HD500 via 2 XLR's the thing is the MIC's my friend has are all Phantom powered, if I press the phantom power enable button it enables phantom power globally across all the XLR inputs, I went back to buy an active D.I. Box for the mixer and that to needs Phantom power, so I asked the chap store (warehouse) and he said good question ? so phoned Yamaha they got back saying they need to get in contact with there Line 6 support and will get back to him. I have not tested with the phantom power enabled although the pod hd500 connected via the XLR's works fine, just have nothing else using the mixers XLR's, just in case it damages the Mixer or the Pod HD500 with the phantom power on. any thoughts on this would be handy :) I have to be careful with this item because two friends and I clubbed together to buy it, im not the sole owner as such.
  25. NucleusX, you hit the nail on the head, its kind of what im doing, although I would like to learn the guitar so I can jam with them (we hire out a local barn although me and drummer dave would like to add some effects (they are old boy's and couple of them done believe in effects but starting to see what they can do with them) so because I am in to gadgets and tech I have started buying the odd peace of hardware to take along to practice. and they have said it would be handy if I learn the sound setup side of things, which im trying to do But I want to learn how to play myself just for fun. I have been looking at the Yamaha MG16XU but again don't know much about whats good and whats not, although for the money I think its probs the best I can get ? oh well I just picked one up from the store :) I will let you know what we think of it .. looks a nice bit of kit
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