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  1. I noticed this as well. A lot of the amp models themselves are really good. Panama sounded like total crap though and I can not tolerate the noise long enough to tweak it. I will tell you I did like the Smash amp a lot. I made a simple patch, starting with a noise gate, dual Smash amps, reverb and phase. I cut the phase to .7 and it really reminds me of a Randy Rhoades type sound. I forget where my drives are at the moment, but they are not totally cranked. A lot of the Vox amp models sound pretty good too. I too tweak existing preset patches, I do have the Glen Delune patches as well to work with.
  2. I did notice editor locked up on the Panama amp model. I couldnt change any values so I just went to another preset. I have had the editor not sync with the pod and not have any patches as well. Windows 7 here too.
  3. I think the raw sound is close but not spot on as well. I spent a little time trying to clean it up and tame the lower eq frequencys but moved on. I was just running into headphones, no real amps just to get an idea of whats what.
  4. bigphish66

    Pod HD 500X

    This is beyond flimsy, its loose and feels like its about to fall off.
  5. bigphish66

    Pod HD 500X

    I just purchased the pod hd500x yesturday. I got it out hooked it up and right off I notice my 4 way nav button is loose. Im messing with the button trying it out and my pod is just jumping around screens from the slightest touch. Brand new out of the box. I plan on returning it tomorrow for a good one. Is this common? Matt.
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