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  1. Has there been any development on this - I think it may be a bug too. Heres what Im trying to do I have a midi toggle command set on a preset so that I can play/stop a backing track on Logic. Works great. I have also tried it with CC and Note on and that works too, but toggle is best because the footswitch lights up when its on and goes off when its off, I can't get that to happen on the other types of command. Note that I have dim and Lit both set to 127 to make that happen. All good until when I select the preset the playback starts immediately which is not what I want. I have tried turning off send PC commands in Global settings but that doesn't make any difference. I also tried using the instant command to send a CC message to turn the playback command to 0 in the vain hope that it would somehow get out before the footswitch command. Reading the comment below it would seem that the reason my toggle switch doesnt work is because both Dim and Lit are set to 127. If I set Dim =0 and Lit=127 I can make it so that the preset doesn't automatically play the backing track. However I now have a rubbish switch that I have to press twice to get it to change state and the light can be lit up whether its playing or not. It would be so much better if preset selection didn't send my foot switch commands, period. Is this a design flaw or am I missing something?
  2. Thanks but were talking about a newbie here. Where do you get the updater from? Surely Line6 has an instruction page somewhere?
  3. Can someone guide me to a place where I can see a complete step by step guide to updating to 2.54 firmware. I see some videos for 2.3 but not 2.54. This is for a friend of mine who has a windows machine and is a complete newbie. I have already updated on my Mac a few weeks ago and it was a complete ordeal trying to figure it out - he's totally new so if someone can help show me the simple, yet elusive step by step guide I'd be eternally grateful
  4. Yes I suppose I could make it part of my template going forward. Thanks but then if I go cordless I’ll have to get used to setting the variax
  5. Well I did wonder that but its a bit unintuitive as the default seems to be Don't Force. As my set list gets moved around and I only have one song with a detuning I might forget to update a patch to 'custom standard' and get the same problem. The only solution, if thats the way it works, is not to set up an alt tuning in Helix but set it on the Variax for the song you need it on ?
  6. I have a similar but slightly different issue. If I set a custom tuning in one patch in the Helix it works fine when I select it, but if I then select another patch it keeps the custom tuning even though Im on standard on the Variax. As my patches are essentially song setups it meant last night I started a song in the wrong key because the song previous to it had been setup a whole tone down. Surely it shouldn't do this?
  7. For anyone whose interested I made a Youtube video of how I set up mainstage and helix to produce a click track
  8. In Global settins>midi/tempo> theres a setting for duplicate PC send. Whats this for?
  9. Actually that edit mode save thing is really handy - seems obvious now!
  10. Thanks but it raises another question I don't understand what snapshot discard and recall does. I have it on recall at the moment and if I make a change without saving it goes back to the previous setting. Which seems to be the same thing discard does. I don't see the point, does anyone have an example of how you might want to use one over the other?
  11. Ok I think I might not have asked the question clearly... If I have set up the Helix to use a particular model and tuning and I am using 1/4 jack will that be the sound I get regardless of what I do with the Variax? I ask this because when I am connected via VDI I don't need to do anything on the guitar - I just select the Variax model on HXEdit input block. Then when I move around it remembers what I selected. So it seems to me that Helix is the master ? If, as you say there is no communication between the Variax and the Helix when using the jack then I presume whats set in the Helix is what will play. Although Im unsure ...?
  12. Can someone explain the difference between performing with a VDI cable or a jack. I have setup my presets with a Variax model for each one. If I want to go wireless at the gig and use the 1/4 jack, will the Variax automatically choose the model/tuning for me? If thats the case Am I right in thinking that if I change the model/tuning on my guitar or switch to mags that will override the helix settings temporarily but not overwrite them? If thats the case Am I right in thinking the only difference between using a VDI and a jack is that you can't program the helix with a jack and a jack requires batteries?
  13. Is there a way of turning off the tap tempo function? I have all my presets setup with a fixed tempo and I don't want to inadvertently change it by a clumsy stomp when using the tuner or whatever.
  14. Seeing as one can edit pretty much anything on the fly with your foot (which I think is a fab feature) I would have thought one should be able to save any changes with your foot as well. Is there a way of doing this? Am I missing something because its not really practical to have to keep remembering to press the save button or click a Mouse after a rehearsal or performance
  15. Steve thanks. I’ve actually got it working exactly as you describe but you don’t need to go to the trouble of setting it up in command centre. I have no idea what all those commands are doing but since it works they are best ignored. So now I can select a patch from the helix and it will open a patch in Mainstage read the tempo and produce a click from the metronome send it back to helix to be routed to my drummer. It works great but it does seem a shame to have to go to this length just to create a click track! I’ll be exploring using loops and samples next to make more use of it tim
  16. Not sure if this what you after. Theres a thing called midi message monitor on MS. This is a screen shot of what happens when you select one of the presets on HX
  17. Arkieboy, thanks. I understood a little of what you are saying. I didn't know about the 0-127 or 1-128 midi thing. But Im pleased say I found that you can adjust this in MainStage if you go to MS preferences>midi and change to 0-127. Now everything lines up. In global settings on the HX I had midi pc receive on but midi pc send off. I went through each patch and used command centre to set up a pc command to correspond to the patch on MainStage From what you are saying it sounds like if I turn midi pc send back on I don't need to do that as it will just correspond to MS by magic....so here goes. Bummer. That didn't do anything. So my questions are: What exactly does PC midi send do? Do I need to program each preset on the HX to match MainStage ? And whilst we're at it, what does Duplicate PC send do? oh and one more question I currently have MS and HX set to channel 2 - does that matter? Or should I it set to 1-16 or something else. (I only have the HX connected MS nothing else) Many many thanks
  18. So heres what I think is happening. When you send a program command = 0, Mainstage reads it as 1, when Helix sends 1, MS sees it as 2. Then to complicate further if you delete say preset 4 or move it theres a sort of ghost left, so now when you want the fourth preset to tally to MS you have to add 2 rather than 1. So this is going to get really confusing unless you never move a preset ever. Is there some way of resetting the Helix program changes globally?
  19. Thanks for answering. I don’t have another device able to send pc commands but I agree it’s hatd to know if it’s a MS or Helix problem. But I have now managed to link the preset buttons to the patch list in MS. After much fiddling I discovered if you send program change = 2 it will go to patch number 1 in other words you have to add one for some reason. Also if you delete a preset or move it then you have to add 2 because there’s no way to get MS to understand it’s no longer there!? There doesn’t seem to be a way to reset MS somehow
  20. Hi Guys Im having problems using Helix to control MainStage. I have set up Helix to have a preset for each song in my set, I want MainStage to have a playback and metronome click for each preset. I have successfully got Helix and MS synced up so when I change presets it changes patches on MS using an instant command in command centre. I also set up 2 switches on my Helix for each patch, one to turn on the metronome, the other to turn on a playback in MS. That works fine. However when I change presets using the Helix it also immediately fires either the metronome or the playback neither of which I want to happen. Ive tried all sort of combinations in MS but can't seem to stop it happening. Im no expert in midi so maybe my commands are wrong - Im using CC toggle commands for the playback and metronome but have no idea what CC# means so have tried different numbers which does nothing. Then I read on this forum that when Helix sends PC commands it also send all the other commands as well so Im wondering if this is the issue. Any help on this would be appreciated
  21. Hi


    I noticed you have used an HD500x to control MainStage. Im having difficulty connecting - is it possible to connect just via USB or do I need to use a midi cable and midi/usb interface to my computer? Ive only tried the former so far and frankly I don't think I'll bother if I have to use a midi cable as well


    Many thanks



    1. amsdenj


      As I recall, yes it is necessary to use a separate MIDI cable with HD500. You can however use a MIDI to USB converter cable that works nicely.


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