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  1. Ah ... AFAIK the Quantums do have their own tubish sound. So Amp-Sim -> Quantum may not be optimal. But for clean-amp (clean return) + normal-speaker, the split is an option. @Line6: What I would love (Feature Request or maybe there is an option I don't know): FS3 is TAP-TEMPO/TUNER or [Something else]. I managed to disable the Tempo-LED (not sure if that option is new or I haven't seen it before) but I need to press "long" on the switch to enable tuner. I don't use Tap-Tempo - so I just want the option for FS3 like "Tuner-only" - step it, tune it, done. No need to hold it longer. That would be great for me!!!! or @all: is there a workaround maybe via Command Center? Thanks Stefan
  2. Thanks! And now with 8 blocks you could even do [Amp] -> [Send Monitor] -> [CabSim] to have the amp sound on monitor 8-)
  3. Well done Line6! I use my HX Stomp since one year as a bass player. I'm not an FX-guy or stomping-guy on stage ... but love the routing options. And therefore these 8-block-update in 3.x is a killer!!! Thanks very much. My HX Stomp with 2.x was getting quite warm. And with 3.01 ... it seems to keep more cool. I was somehow "scared" when possibly taking the Stomp on a hot open-air situation. But now it seems to have more "reserve" or maybe warmth relates more to DSP usage... Question to all: Do you think / feel your HX stomp keeps "cooler" with the update? Line6: Have you done any improvements in the software to use less power? Also interesting in terms of power usage... But as I said: Great update, love this small unit - and so happy you are improving it further. Will promote the HX Stomp even more to any "stringed" friends ;-)
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