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  1. Many of us would prefer our larger screen Windows PCs/Laptops to create and edit tones, rather than using the relatively smaller screened and limited functionality and low battery-riddled Android/iOS phones and tablets. Anyone who has tried to sit and create the perfect tones for hours and had their eyes hurt, fingers cramped and batteries run out would know what I'm talking about. Professional/Semi-Pro musicians using Amplifi and Firehawk NEED a Windows app. The more casual, "bedroom" musicians will also benefit, I'm sure. I finally managed to use it on my Laptop through Remix OS 2.0 and it's so much more fun and easy making tones now.
  2. It seems to be working great on the new Remix OS 2.0 according to this thread. Remix OS will probably run on any random laptop/pc you have lying around, and it can boot from a flash drive, so you can possibly use it with any laptop/PC anytime you want. :) Don't wait around for Line 6 to make a Windows Amplifi app, they don't seem even slightly interested, despite such a huge amount of demand for it (both here and on their "suggestions" website). If they eventually make one, great, but for now, if you want to use the remote through your laptop/pc, use RemixOS or Androidx86.
  3. That's amazing news! :D Downloading it right now. I still wish Line 6 made an universal Windows 10 app for the remote though. Many of us are more than just bedroom musicians, and we need to get the ability to control our processors from laptops.
  4. Yeah, no worries. It took a couple of days for my account to get approved too.
  5. http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Port-the-Android-iOS-Remote-app-to-Windows-10/753703-23508 Please vote guys. :)
  6. So, anyone who has been following the development of Windows 10 (which is mere weeks away from release) would know that Microsoft has developed special tools for an effortless way for developers to "port" Android/iOS apps to Windows 10 devices. I know there were no plans earlier to release Amplifi Remote for Windows, either for mobile or desktop. But now, with Windows 10 making it so easy to just use the existing code (from the above link - "Candy Crush Saga as it exists today on Windows Phone has been converted from iOS code using Microsoft’s tools without many modifications."), should the Windows Phone and PC users among us have some hope for a release? Hey, you guys did it for Apple Watch. :) Unless I've understood wrong, since apps are almost "universal" in Win10, a mobile app AND a PC software can be made by basically re-using your existing code. I'm just trying to repeatedly point out that this will take little effort, and will have HUGE advantages, both for your users and your company. ;)
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