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  1. I put a Ravish Sitar in the effects loop. Only pedal I couldn't part with.
  2. I think that's the right advice. But buying stuff and getting excited is awesome!
  3. Think you're right about the vocals. I'm so used to the Firehawk now I don't really need to tweak much. Unfortunately it means I've more time to practice which exposes my limitations. If I got an LT it's back to the drawing board and I wouldn't have to waste precious tweaking time practising.
  4. The Firehawk doesn't get the credit it deserves. I love the darn thing. That Headrush pedal has car crash written all over it.
  5. I'm very fond of my Firehawk but my head has been turned by the Helix Lt. The only thing that is stopping me from taking the plunge is how attached I've become to using my phone to control it. My logical brain is telling me that I should stick with the Firehawk but my irrational tone sniffer is telling me I should definitely waste my money. I'd be very interested to hear how you cope with the loss of Bluetooth Paradise.
  6. Yes and it looks like you may have typed bj clan 1 rather than bj clean 1 which gives it a different meaning entirely. 😉
  7. Try holding the Bluetooth button on the firehawk down for a few seconds and it will start blinking fast. That's when it can accept the connection. Then go into your wifi settings on the iPhone and select firehawk to see if it will connect. If this doesn't work try turning your iPhone off and on. That works for me sometimes when I can't get connected.
  8. It's the little things in life that are quite marvellous. Clicking on tempo and being able to type in an exact rate is a wonderful thing.
  9. I place it before stomp and after wah
  10. 48% position. Heel -24 Toe 24 Mix 100
  11. Use the synth bender and set it to 48%
  12. The blues cube has arrived. I'll have to wait until Saturday to put it through its paces. The look of it sent a shiver up my spine. I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow.
  13. The blues cube has arrived. I'll have to wait until Saturday to put it through its paces. The look of it sent a shiver up my spine. I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow.
  14. Cheers Rafgys, very helpful. I think I'm pulling the trigger on the Blues Cube today.
  15. Fate intervened. I thought I had found a great deal on a Firehawk Mustang IV but in the early hours of the morning following me placing the order I woke up in a cold sweat. The reason it was cheap was it was not version 2, it was the original. I've cancelled the order and think it happened for a reason. My heart is actually set on a Roland Blues Cube Artist. It has an effects loop. Has anyone any experience of the Firehawk and the Blues Cube? Will they play nice?
  16. That's the mustang iv ordered. Not long now....
  17. I'll certainly report back. The amps value for money seems pretty impressive.
  18. Thanks mcbeddall extremely useful as always. I like the idea of being able to plug straight into it should disaster strike. I've looked at every possible partner for the firehawk and although it's probably not the best option I'm not quite ready to give up on amps. That guy Shane from in the blues on YouTube seems to really rate the mustang.
  19. Hopefully you get back on track lynchworm. Mcbeddall out of interest, did you find the fender amp simulators better on the amp or on the firehawk? Did you always plug in to effects return or were there any occasions you would have went into the input?
  20. McBeddall, I remember reading on one post that you had a Fender Mustang in the past and you were quite pleased with the results. I've been listening to amps all weekend on Youtube and after flirting momentarily with the Roland Blues Cube Artist, I'm now officially gagging for a Fender Mustang IV ver2. I just need to be sure that it is going to get along with my Firehawk. Am I on safe ground if I take the plunge? Just say the word and I hit the button!
  21. Unfortunately for some reason you still can't manually enter an exact tempo on iOS.
  22. Silverhead, not getting at you pal. You're good enough to do your best to keep us updated and you answered my post in a flash. Just a bit grumpy tonight because they are all going crazy with their new stuff over on planet Helix. I take your point about a new Firehawk product. It means we haven't been killed off!
  23. Silverhead, a response with spirit and enough to distract me for a few minutes. So the answer to my question as to whether there are any plans to provide Firehawkers with a few treats in the future is a resounding 'no...but be reassured that there are new products we are focused on if you want to shell out for them'
  24. We all predicted it but it's still disappointing that the Helix has become the centre of the earth, the Firmware updates are coming thick and fast and its little brother ignored. The latest one adds new effects and a Matchless amp. I love my Firehawk but would it would be too much to ask for at least one Line 6 employee to be taken off the Helix bandwagon to see if there is anything that can be done for us lot? A new amp would be nice but I'd even settle for a longer looper. I'm just looking a small scrap from Helix's table which is as bountiful as a Henry VIII engagement party. Or is my poor wee Firehawk as pimped as it will ever be? Is the real truth that Line 6 don't even look at the Firehawk ideascale monitor anymore? Discuss
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