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  1. I sold my RC2 on ebay on the strength of the updated firmware. Big mistake.
  2. No that's not a looper. It's a 20 second knee trembler.
  3. After seeing what has become of the helix ETA thread, I'm officially cured of Helix envy.
  4. We'll let that stay forever a mystery...
  5. It's the most phone I've had with my clothes off. Open it up, get stuck in. The sounds are marvellous and you can gripe with us about lag issues which is also cathartic. I think line 6 will sort these lag problems. Join us!
  6. The more people that tell me that I shouldn't be jealous of my richer neighbours the better. I bought the firehawk on the basis of its simplicity of use and I don't want my head turned. I just wouldn't like to think that the helix is a quantum leap in terms of sound. The other extra capabilities have no interest for me.
  7. Is anyone else keeping an eye on the Helix forum and feeling sad? It seems like they're having more fun over there and the Helix isn't even out yet. Are we about to be put in an old people's home?
  8. Mcbeddal I vote your last quip to be best post 2015. Take a bow. I enjoyed it immensely.
  9. Wise words. Makes sense. I will approach the tones as you suggest from this day forward. I'm probably lazy by nature and want these tones perfect as they are but I'll have to start tweaking. I love my Firehawk and it's only natural that I criticize that which I love.
  10. Thanks mcbeddall. Without coming across as a slightly unhinged conspiracy theorist, does that mean the tone creator could rate their own creation and in the absence of anyone else honestly rating it, they can convince us that their tone is immaculate, even though my ears tell me otherwise? I try my best to judge the tones as I find them but I know those alluring stars will always distort my view slightly. If I take a 5 star tone for a spin and it sounds terrible, rather than dismiss it completely, I find myself hypnotised by those stars and hopelessly drawn back to it ad infinitum. Does anyone else feel to be utterly at the mercy of the stars?
  11. Cheers guys. I'm a simple man with simple tastes so guitar to firehawk to trio to amp it is.
  12. This may be an amateurish question but who rates the tones (0-5 stars)?. I've found some supposed 4-5 star Firehawk tones to be terrible yet some lowly rated amplifi tones to be marvellous. What am I missing?
  13. Has anyone worked out the answer to this important question? My trio just arrived
  14. My trio arrived today. Has anyone worked out the best setup with the firehawk?
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