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  1. Yeah nothing to worry about. Happened to me once and it just sorted itself out. I suspect you're already back surfing the cloud
  2. Jdebiase, it's not really that arduous. The example I gave about the tone vinny's dirty strat actually did still appear when I typed in zap as the search word. Must be because even though zap doesn't appear in the name it is saved in the deeper details. So even though the tone you seek may have an unrelated name it will still appear in your search. I just try every single tone that appears as a result of a specific search and there is usually a very close tone or at least one I can use as a platform
  3. Some of the tones are generally terrible but you should use them as a starting point to tweak. The tone that fits a song sometimes may be called something else entirely. For example I wanted a tone for Eric Johnsons zap and the closest tone was called vinny's dirty strat or something. Keep hunting. The tones are there. Thanks vinny by the way.
  4. In your library where there are no tones you should select the cloud tab which then allows you to search through the various online tones
  5. Yeah I like the sound of the 4 cable method myself. If going in through the CD input still sounds bad I'll be in the market for something.
  6. I dusted off my old Marshall 30 watt and I noticed a CD input. I take it I could try going in through that which will presumably bypass the preamp? I can't try it properly right now as I'd wake the house but I'm excited about my experiment for the morning. Can't wait. Anybody have any tales of going through a CD input on an amp?
  7. Sorry when you select details tab you will see you can change the title of the patch
  8. When you have the stored patch engaged just select details tab on the edit screen of the Firehawk app and then save to Firehawk
  9. Cheers. Seems like a useful device. Does the switch that they say cuts out vocal and lead guitar from aux in music actually work?
  10. Apologies I always manage to quote a post and then reply separately. I'm really interested in this little Soundbox mini ppiluk. How long have you been using it? I always use headphones for practice (wife, children, ungodly hours) but if I try and show friends all I have is an old marshall amp with no effects loop and it sounds terrible. I feel cut off from the world with headphones on all the time. How loud is it at full volume?
  11. ppiluk you're right. Ultimately we want to spend as much time getting better at actually playing. I don't want to waste valuable time tweaking. Get a decent sound(don't chase the philosopher's tone) and get on with playing. I've been playing for 20 years and I still see the fretboard as a strange land, impossible to navigate. Most people will forgive your tone but hitting the wrong note can hurt people.
  12. Creating a new patch totally blind on the app is a lot of fun. Sometimes they work more or less, sometimes they are terrible. I've never owned a 500x but I'm pretty sure I would have thrown it off the wall because of the amount of work just to create one patch. I'm not a great tweaker. Firehawk and me were made for eachother. The 500x would have mocked me and made me feel inadequate.
  13. I've grown to love mine. The Bluetooth capabilities using a phone or tablet is what really makes this thing sing. I play a metronome app even through the Firehawk. Even if I had the money the Bluetooth thing would stop me buying a helix. It's soooooo convenient. And it sounds pretty good.
  14. Have you guys tried the jc120 tone with the Chinese writing by shou2000 on a middle single coil pickup?? It's a thing of beauty.
  15. Had a go tonight and the problem has miraculously cured itself. I wonder was it by me trying the only technique I know to fix anything electrical....turning it off and on.
  16. I'd almost forgot about it. I haven't got near the Firehawk in a week but I will tomorrow and I'll check if the issue is still there. I'm reassured that I'm not alone. We'll have to open a ticket to sort. Have you had any joy resolving it?
  17. Is there any other Firehawk going automatically to the tuner immediately after the saving of a preset to the pedal from the app? That's what mine is doing.
  18. Yeah I think you have found a practical way to assign the fx tweak of the wha to the 2nd pedal. If you have a second pedal connected it automatically assigns the fx tweak to it, if you put it in that mode. I don't quite see how you can assign wha/volume to the 2nd pedal. How do you think that can be done as volume and wha is split between the 2 pedals if no fx tweak is assigned?
  19. Harpman58 you are right. Imagine if nobody ever died and we were all left to roam around the planet ad infinitum. The world would be a mess. The cloud is heading in that direction. Sick tones are being forced to exist until the end of time and they need put out of their misery. Line 6, please end the needless suffering of 'terminaltone version57' and his brothers as soon as possible because who knows where this will all end.
  20. Jonx, my understanding is that there would be certain limitations. If you have a 2nd expression hooked up, the Firehawk detects it and automatically assigns a function to it. If you look at the manual it states that in volume/wah mode your second pedal would control volume and the onboard expression pedal would control the wah. I haven't tried myself but the manual doesn't suggest that these functions can be swapped. You can merely turn the wah off on the onboard expression pedal. In tweak mode, your second pedal would control the fx tweak/parameter and the onboard pedal can switch between volume and wah. If you are not going to use the onboard pedal it doesn't appear that you can control the wah unless I'm missing something.
  21. I ended up playing Red House for an hour. The Woodstock version. I have a red house tone which is dropped down a half step using the bender effect. When I turned off the wee ART v3 after that time it definitely felt like the fire went out somehow. As an aside, why would any of us want to 'break out of the pentatonic rut' when Hendrix makes music like this from almost one position.
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