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  1. Jazzmandan

    Control Software Update

    Works as promised. Can't believe there is not more recognition by the forum for this added feature. Since day one folks were quick to complain but when it gets fixed no one says thanks? This is huge for me since my go to sound incorporates delays and it is so important to dial in the correct tempo. So a Big Thanks to the developers for this new feature. Next, how about controlling the Firehawk FX via the PC???
  2. Jazzmandan

    Control Software Update

    Today I downloaded an updated version of the Ipad controlling software. Only change "allows for manual entry of tempo".. Been waiting for this for a long time. Surprised that there was not a loud hurray from the forum members. So Let me be the first... HURRAY!!!
  3. Jazzmandan

    FH FX Remote Tap Temp

    Yes please, this would be a time saver as it takes me a couple trys to set the tempo even close to what I want.
  4. Jazzmandan

    Firehawk FX - Using a PC

    does not exist. it has been on wish list since day 1. Otherwise, enjoy the FH.
  5. Jazzmandan

    Firmware 1.20

    Love the pic....
  6. Jazzmandan

    questions about firehawk, pre-buying thougts...

    Not sure about Item 2. Yes, you can loop any effects and patch, but when you play over that loop you have to use the same patch. You can't change to have the loop as a simple clean sound and then play over it with a dirty sound. At least that is what I have found.
  7. Jazzmandan

    Pairing Multiple devices to Firehawk

    Yes to Item 1. I found this out the hard way. I was using my IPad to view some private web videos (what can I say, I like that stuff). All of a sudden I heard moaning and groaning coming from my music room. I'll be damned... the Ipad was sending the audio from the video to my music studio and it was playing in stereo and loud!!! Quickly turned off the Firehawk and the audio stopped. I was not running the Firehawk app, but did have the Firehawk on. So be careful.
  8. Jazzmandan

    Firmware 1.20

    For what its worth : 1) My upgrade via the PC to firmware 1.200 was smooth . 2) Line 6 promised upgrade in Sept and delivered 3) My go to presets sound as great as always - I'm happy
  9. Not explained at all in manual?? My understanding is the Line out signal incorporates speaker emulation in the amp sounds, whereas if you use the Amp Out to your amp you would not need this. That is the way it was in my old POD. But you can let your ears tell you what you like best.
  10. Jazzmandan

    Are people happy with the Firehawk?

    I love the Firehawk FX sounds and most of the workflow. But I don't take it live. I use it for practices and studio. No quick changes need by me, so I have not seen the problems with delays or sound bursts. I do look forward to the next firmware upgrade which is coming?? this month. I hate to see all this bad press since someday I will want to sell this thing and I don't want it to have a bad rep.
  11. Jazzmandan

    Firmware and app update?

    Flawless firmware and app update here. Sorry to hear you are having problems. I honestly just pushed all the buttons in the order presented and all is good. By the way, I did the update via the USB cable to my FH. Only took ~ 5 - 10 minutes.
  12. Jazzmandan

    Firehawk firmware v1.1 feature

    Firmware and app update -flawless. thank you folks.
  13. Jazzmandan

    Firehawk firmware v1.1 feature

    "... Thanks for taking the time to explain. Much appreciated." I am thoroughly enjoying the FH. The tones are great and ample and I don't have a need for the fast seamless switching so I am a happy camper. The dropping BT from my IPOD is a bit of an issue and that fix will suit me well. And dare I say it..... I look forward to a looper, Jazzmandan
  14. Jazzmandan

    Any word on designing effects for Firehawk on PC?

    Unfortunately, many of us want it all!! PC control is on the wish list - go vote it up.
  15. Jazzmandan

    Renaming Presets?

    Super, that was a big help.