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  1. Hello, Recording Question: I've got the Helix connected to my MacBook, via USB and have it assigned as the input and output device in - System Preferences/Sound. I've got my studio monitors connected directly to the XLR outputs of the Helix. I'm recording video using iMovie and am getting a stereo signal, while recording, through the monitors, but when I playback the video, it's in mono. 2011 Macbook Pro, OSX 10.9.5, 2.2 Ghz i7, 16GB RAM. iMovie version10.0.5 Any help appreciated! UPDATE: I did try using the FF800 as the playback device with iMovie and was still getting mono signal when playing back. I tried using Garage Band with the Helix as the input source and a RME Fireface 800 as the output source and I'm getting stereo playback. Must be something inherent with iMovie?
  2. billdutcher

    SRV Patch?

    Anyone come up with a good SRV patch that A/B's between Fender and Marshall amps, along with Vox Wha, Tubescreamer, Univibe and Leslie? Thanks!
  3. I have an idea in Ideascale for more acoustic guitar presets, effects, cabs and maybe even IRs. Please vote it up! http://line6.ideasca.../791672-23508 Tried your link, didn't find anything.
  4. Thanks DarellM5 The Sunrise is specifically designed to be a low-output pickup...works best with their buffer box that boosts the output signal. I guess I could get a similar result by placing a gain block as the first thing in the signal chain. I'll mess around with the impedance settings too. Seems to me that the higher settings would give me "full frequency response, higher gain and overall tighter feel" I'm looking for.
  5. Hi, I'm using Boss FV-50L and FV-50H expression pedals but am having issues with the sweep range. The Boss pedals have a knob on the side to narrow or widen the sweep but even at the widest setting, the sweep range is very short. In other words, in the toe position I have 0% f/x and when I start to rock it back to the heel position, I get 100% f/x in about 1/4 of the pedal travel distance. What other expression pedals are compatible with the Helix?
  6. Can anyone elaborate on the Guitar Input Impedance setting on the Global Settings page? Under Global Settings, Ins/Outs, Guitar Impedance, I've got it set to Auto. Does anyone know what this setting detects and how? I'm running a Sunrise Magnetic pickup and a LR Baggs iBeam transducer, both running into a LR Baggs iMix internal preamp, in my acoustic guitar. I'm using a stereo Y-cable, running the Sunrise into the guitar input and the iBeam into the Aux input of the Helix. I know the Sunrise pickup has an output of 2.0K - 2.2K Ohm output. I'm not sure what the output is when running through the iMix preamp...searched online, can't find any specs on the iMix. Thanks! Bill
  7. billdutcher


    I'm having an issue when muting to tune. I still hear the signal coming through (not as loud as when unmuted). Running magnetic pickup into guitar input and a Piezo into the Aux. input. Thanks
  8. Has anyone here written a template for an acoustic electric, magnetic/piezo set up? I use a Sunrise magnetic in the sound hole and a LR Baggs iBeam transducer on the bridge plate. I run the Sunrise into the guitar input and the iBeam into the Aux input. Thanks
  9. I can't seem to find the link to download the editor/librarian program for the Helix. All's I'm able to find is the latest firmware, 1.03.0, upgraded. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  10. Hello All, Any suggestions as to where to place the harmonizer block in the signal chain as to get the best results, so it won't sound garbled? Thanks! Bill
  11. Turns out it was the mixer (Behringer Xeynx 1832). I ran it direct into a pair of JBLPRX612M's and it's dead silent. Then ran into my QSC Touchmix 8 mixer, dead silent. Thx
  12. I have Phantom power off and I'm still getting white noise/hiss. Running 1.03.0 Firmware. Running XLR's to a mixer, into studio monitors. The gain on the mixer is not set high. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  13. I'm planning on using an acoustic guitar, set up with the magnetic pick up (Sunrise) in the sound hole, and a transducer (LRBaggs iBeam) inside on the bridge plate. I'm just wondering if there's any type of modeling for acoustic guitar pick ups that can be assigned to the auxiliary input signal. That way I can run electric guitar based effects on the regular guitar input, with the magnetic pick up, and blend in acoustic sounds from the auxiliary input .
  14. What type of input source, pick up signal, will be auxiliary input except and process? In particular, will except the input signal and impedance of an acoustic guitar soundboard transducer like the LR Baggs iBeam?
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