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  1. Lucky13j

    HX Effects Edit Software Status

    You win! You are clearly an inportant man. I've never used Fractal, don't hide from anyone and frankly don't care what you think. I'm playing at Townhouse in Manitou Springs with my HX effects Friday night if you or anyone wants to hear it in action
  2. Lucky13j

    HX Effects Edit Software Status

    Oh please hurry! We are all dying to know what YOU think about it. And please make it as fascinating as your original post!
  3. Lucky13j

    HX Effects Customtone downloads

    Hey Merlin, Thanks for uploading a tone for the HX! I liked your settings just fine! They sounded great through my Marshall DSL40 with a tweak for 4cm. I can't wait until the HX Edit catches up. I think there will be tons more tone and setting sharing and I'm looking forward to see what others come up with.
  4. Lucky13j

    The "Show your HX Effects pedalboard" thread

    WOW!! That HX isn't going anywhere!!
  5. Lucky13j

    HX Effects Edit Software Status

    yep! i have used it for a couple of months with great results!! would it have been nice to have the editor?!? sure! is it still a quality piece of gear without it !?! HELL YES!!
  6. Lucky13j

    Free Helix Back Panel Inputs/Outputs Label sticker.

    Very Cool!! Thank you! Any chance you could make one for the HX Effects?