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  1. This was going to be my suggestion. It's fairly simple to assign the controller to adjust the amp gain.
  2. ajcrowder

    Multiple guitars

    I like to create seperate patches for each guitar. They are all very similar in build but tailored to the particular sound of that guitar. Also let's me mix and match amps and try different effects with each :D
  3. This is what I've been enjoying, along with the visuals of everything. I don't mind using the knobs and controls on the board to make little tweaks during a rehearsal or anything else, but the editor makes it all just a little bit easier.
  4. Love it so far! One thing I had missed from the HD editor was the visual of different pedals and amps. Now it's all there!
  5. Ok, I will check that! Thanks for the advice, I won't know the result until after Sunday, but I'm willing to try anything :)
  6. Thanks phil_m, I did double check that the XLR was at line level, even tried mic level and heard the big drop. The Helix master vol was at full blast. The week before I had tried tweaking presets and boosting the db's in the "Out" path but it just caused clipping.
  7. Hey guys, Had an interesting interaction last night with a Helix and HD500X. I have been using the Helix for the past 5-6 weeks with our other electric player using the POD. Levels have been great, no real issue, just that our sound guy has to push the gain on the Helix from the board a little bit to match the POD. Well last night we switched. I went back to the trusty POD and our other player used the Helix. Our sound guy said he had the Helix boosted almost 20db (if I recall) and had the POD dropped 10-15db to get the levels to match. Is there a trick to getting more power out of the Helix without it clipping? We have been running both Helix and POD through the XLR mono out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. This was my experience. I love pretty much all of the factory guitars but having some extra tunings is helpful. FWIW, it was more helpful for me to setup alternate tunings on the Variax that could be used universally. Granted, I couldn't change the label on the dial, but it is nice to be able to throw a 1st fret capo with relative ease onto any of the models.
  9. I'm definitely one to study and tweak, less so read! I work at a church of around 4,000 and we still had amp volume issues before. After going to radial boxes running to amps offstage I finally tried an HD500X. After a couple weeks of running it to an amp I tried going direct and haven't looked back. I've since purchased a Helix and JTV69S and both electric players run direct now through the two boards. Nothing will be as easy as plugging into an amp and fiddling with some knobs but you are absolutely right about having such a wide sonic palate to draw from with the modeling stuff. More often than not, the people listening can't tell the difference anyway. In fact, most guitar players can't either!
  10. I know when I purchased the Korean JTV69S there were only a few options in stock. Thankfully the model I wanted was there! I would imagine it's less of a 'demand' being so great as the supply being lower. That said, great guitar!
  11. That's the same thing I struggle with! I get the sounds just like I want and then switch patches and poof! Barely hear a thing. It would be nice to have some sort of output meter to better level things out instead of my poor ears
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