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  1. While I was reading this thread. Does anyone know for sure whether the Channel Volume Parameter in the Amp Model does the same as the Microphone Level Parameter in the Cabinet Model? Why do I turn this issue here? With utmost respect to a unity level approach in Helix I'm still always trying to reflect analog realities. So, I remember that some speakers - especially Greenbacks - do perform better, when they are operated close to their limit. That's why many Guitarists used to run their Greenbacks very loud thus challenging FOH and studio guys. The only way to cope with this, was - if not sending the Guitarman home - to turn down the Microphone level, especially when you really built Signal chains in which Compression, Modulation, Delay and Reverb came after Cabinet and Microphone. Now, if the Channel Volume Parameter really has NO influence on the Cabinet tone, on the Mike Model behaviour etc. it might be useful for a unity level approach, but if it has, you should better use the Microphone Level Parameter in the Cabinet Model. [EDIT] I created several test presets in which I compared higher/lower Channel Volumes (Amp Model) versus lower/higher Microphone Levels (Cabinet Model) at a few different Amp, Cabinet, Microphone Models and Parameters. I didn't find audable differences, but I'm not sure.
  2. ... "Dimension" Chorus Model (Modulation), based on Roland Dimension D Chorus Thanks for your response. If you like the Model, check out this tone, which I loaded to customtone: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/2269429/ I hope so too, that Line 6 will include the Dimension Model to the Helix, as it is also one of my favorites.
  3. Thanks very much zooey for answering while I was just editing my question. I still wonder, whether the sequence of Updater vs Drivers vs Editor vs FlashMemory matters?
  4. I'm currently rebuilding my PodX3L Sounds in Helix. In my PodX3L I frequently used the Dimension Chorus Model (Modulation) which is based on a Roland Dimension D Chorus. I wonder if somebody knows what I can use as a replacement model in Helix.
  5. It was probably mentioned several times but I don't find it in release notes. When Migrating from older Versions (Updater, Drivers, Editor, Firmware etc.) to the newest Status, (in my case from Drivers V1.78, FlashMemory 2.01.0. Helix Editor 2.01, Line 6 Updater 1.09) which sequence of updates do I have to perform? a. ALL updates in the sequence of their issue b. just the latest Versions each (but then still in which sequence updater, Drivers, Editor, FlashMemory) c. another sequence? Thanks
  6. Silverhead, thanks for your reply. I'm not shure, whether I really got you right. When I switch off Helix and switch it on next time, it is another "power cycle" and the loop is gone. Correct? I'm creating patches by song and their setup is of course different. Only few songs contain the looper block. I understand, that as soon as I switch to another patch (Song), which does not have the looper block, the loop is gone. So, when I go back to the previous patch (Song) with the looper block, the loop ist NOT retained. Right? So I could not even record my loop during a soundcheck and then later, when it comes to the relevant song, start the loop.
  7. It appears to me that I can record and play a loop as long as I'm in the tone patch only. After switching to another tone patch or after switching off my Helix, the phrase is gone. Is there a possibility to store a loop-phrase assigned to a patch, so that I could record a loop at home and call (play) it on stage while playing a second phrase live?
  8. I'm uploading some of my tones via Gearbox 3.72 running with PODX3Live Customtone automatically assigns wrong parameters e.g. - It assigns Humbucker Pickup and I can't change it (it should be Single Coil) - It assigns X3 instead of X3 LIve (minor issue) - It doesn't let me upload dual tones, is there a way to do this? After all - I can't delete the tone (I just get to a dark page when I klick on the red DELETE button. Did others have similar issues? Is there any type of support around Customtone?
  9. HonestOpinion, DunedinDragon, Dshow Thanks very much for clarification!
  10. ok thanks, everything done and ok! It took about 30 Minutes, so no big deal. Now, just to summarize a few issues, in case other users are going through the same story. 1. Registration: For those experienced Line 6 Users who are considering Helix: Helix is NOT administered through Line 6 Monkey. It is completely outside (at least at the moment), So you also don't register your name, device and Serial No before downloading and updating. Therefore, in case you decide to return Helix you don't have to unregister. 2. Updating (referring to my questions in case future Helix buyers have the same questions) a) Firmware = Flash Memory b.) Helix-Application = H-Editor = H-Editor Application - it's all the same c) Install just the newest version of Application and Firmware, it would cover previous versions d) Yes, the sequence is as described in the Release Notes, but Clarification: The Release note says "If you’re running Helix FW 1.12, your current Helix application version should be 1.12". But what if your current FW is before that? Answer: Just do the same: i) Install the newest Helix Application (=Editor). It will automatically install the newest Helix updater. ii) The updater lets you download/install the newest firmware or - if already downloaded - you can start the update from your local drive. iii) Then reset Globals and Presets as described in the Release Note iv) Then restore User Presets/Bundles etc. That's it e) Resetting Globals and restoring presets will restore factory presets only. User Presets/Bundles/Setlists must be restored manually. That's why the instructions tells you to backup your User presets before you start the update.
  11. I’m a bid confused about updates/Releasenotes and missing this one sentence which could clarify everything e.g. “This update covers/replaces all previous updates ...†or “You have to install all update patches incrementally ...â€. So I’m sorry to have to ask in order to avoid running into errors. I have - received a Helix (not rack) with Firmware 1.04.3 - installed Drivers 1.78-(Windows 7-64) - installed Helix Application 1.04.3 and backed up Bundles/Setlists (IRs are empty) Now: The Download area and release notes refer to a) "Firmware" and "Flash Memory": I assume that is the same, right? b.) H-Application, H-Editor, H-Editor Application, That's all the same, right? c) Various Versions of Firmware, Flash-Memory, Helix Application, H-Editor, H-Editor Application: Can I just install the newest Versions 2.01 or do I have to install all previous versions incrementally? d) Do I have to follow a sequence regarding Firmware, Flash-Memory, Application, Editor, Updater? If yes, which sequence starting from 1.04.3? e) “Reset Globals and Restoring Presets othewise Helix 2.01 would not work properlyâ€: Do I still have to do this when coming from my current status 1.04.3 Many thanks for clarification?
  12. Thanks Silverhead especially re 2) I'll try it
  13.   Thanks Phil_m There were just 2 out of many features which are very essential for me for live playing 1. In most cases I want to blend over between Rhythm and Lead Tones - not switch 2. In some cases I cannot avoid switching but in these cases Volume setting is essential e.g. to avoid switching to a wrong and loud tone while I want to switch to a tone with a lower volume. If I can assign the starting volume so that a Patch would always start with the tone and the volume in which I save it, that would be fine.
  14. Today my Helix arrived and I have a few days to test and decide whether or not I'll keep it. I still use my POD X3L (+ Expression Pedal 2 for all Volume functions) and I'm trying to confirm some functions which I need and which I was always using with the X3L. I consider myself a quite advanced and experienced PODX3 user. 1. EXP2 with a 2nd Line-6 Expression Pedal plugged in used as Volume Pedal (not talking about exp2 functionality if no 2nd Pedal is plugged in) With PODX3L, when I switch to another tone, Exp2 always takes the CURRENT Pedal Status (e.g. if MinVol is at 70% and Exp2 is in Back Position it would go to 70%). Exp1 was different, in the first moment it is always at 100% and I have to adjust it. The Helix now seems to treat the EXP2 (Volume Pedal) like the Previous EXP1. It does NOT take the current Pedal Status but always goes to 100% (full volume) in the first moment. This would be a killer because I couldn't switch between 2 tones during a song without major problems with the Volume. Is that true or did I forget something? 2. Dual Tone Mode With POD X3L I'm always using the Dual Tone Mode. e.g. Tone 1 is a Rhythm Tone in EXP2 Back Position (Volume Pedal MinVol=100 MaxVol=0), Tone 2 is a Lead Tone in EXP2 Front Position (Volume Pedal MinVol=0, MaxVol=100). Thus I can blend over from Rhythm to Leadsound and don't have to switch. Moreover I can effectively use 256 tones in 128 Tone Slots. How should I do this with Helix? The Words "Single" and "Dual" are used totally different now in the manual (now used for Cabinet assignments) 3. If a Dual Tone Mode is still there with Helix what is it called now, how could I switch between Tone 1 and Tone 2, how could I turn the Dual Tone Mod on/off and how would I make the two Tone Names visible in the display. Firmware 1.04.3.
  15. EDIT: Ups! I recognized that my post might have caused misunderstandings (I didn't mean to say the guys who answered here are not experts, sorry!), I changed the last sentence. Thanks for your responses. However I'm kind a confused now If there is no Computer-Software out for the Helix, similar to the Gearbox for PODXT and X3, that would change the situation. Regarding the Computer Software I need 3 major functionality areas 1. Editiing Tones and Tone-Sets (this was not comfortable in the X3 device User-Interface, therefore I edited/created all tones in the computer and stored them to the device using the "put/get" "selected/all" function). If the Helix Device User Interface for Editing is more comfortable now, that's nice, but not essential. I still might want to work on the computer, but I'll see. My essential requirements are 2. Shuffling/copying tones/tone-sets to arrange my setlsts (I have one/two tone-sets per song, several hundred songs, and frequently changing setlists) 3. Storing tones/tone-sets and complete bundles/setlists on my computer drive as well as restoring it to the device (Helix) from the computer Is there no computer Software (Win) functionality currently out for this with Helix? I remember, when PODX3 came to market, it took Line6 almost one year to issue a revised Gearbox Software, which worked properly with the X3. If a similar situation occurs again now, that's what PeterHamm seems to say, than It might be better for me to wait and see what happens. I would very much appreciate if someone could clarify Thanks much!
  16. I would appreciate a hint regarding registration I want to use the Helix with my computer (to change and store tones/bundles/setlists). To use the Helix with the computer, I probably have to register the Helix e.g. through my Line6 account. The most important issue for me will be, whether or not I do get along with the software. I want to test it, but the shop told me, they would not accept a return, if the device is registered. So just in case, if I do NOT get along with the software. Question 1: With my old PODX3L it was the Gearbox, what is the name of the according Software with Helix? Question 2: Can I and how can I reverse the registration or unregister? Question 3: Can I and how can I reverse a firmware if I need to update it before testing? Please no guesses! Only if you know it. Thanks much!
  17. Reading a lot in the L6 forums since quite some years, I did not write here so far. In this case I'd like to explore a little bid on improvements and developments. I'm considering myself as a "Power User" in the way that I was very much going into details of sound creation, learning what the models and what the sw-controllers do. Creating lots of sounds using a big range of amp, cabinet, effect etc models. (appr 1000 single and dual sounds - mainly by song) I don't doubt the quality of the development steps e.g. from POD X3 to HD and now to Helix, but I still look at it from what comes out in the studio and in the live PA. Comparing X3 to later units I always found ways to make the X3 sound close to the originals and really good enough in my mind. At the end of the day I'm still on X3 so far. Why? - Maybe newcomers, who start with HD/Helix or those who did not intensively use previous model ranges will say "never mind" BUT I think, - as a power user of x3 I would expect a high end successer unit to deliver downwards compatibility as Priority 1, while 1a is, NOT to deliver less/worse, 1b is to deliver more/better than the predessessor. The HD/Helix model range has dramatically decreased and even if some sounded awkward, there are many discontinued models which were great. I'm not ready to through away 10 years of my work on sounds just because L6 introduced a new technology which soon will be old. .. and if I have to, I'd be open to switch to competitors - although I'm now used to L6 concepts. I wanted to switch to HD but didn't, now I would like to switch to the Helix Generation, but I can't redo all the work from scratch, finding new ways to make my sounds. If the L6 guys would find a way to import X3 models (and sounds) into the Helix at the same (not improved) quality, I'd be fine and go from there. But for now, I got stuck!
  18. I'm using PODs since 10 years, started with XT now STILL using my X3L with Gearbox, because later PODs are NOT downwards compatible. I play about 500 songs (cover and own) and for each song I configured at least 1 or 2 Tones (slots). With X3L - having 2 Tones in one slot - I'm using the (2nd) Expression Pedal to switch/blend between two Tones. Regarding the Models I'm using a lot of them. Besides the usual Plexi, JCM800, Fender, Boogie and other common Models etc. I'm using the Matchless D30, Angel P-Ball, Bomber X-TC, JCM-900, Silver Jubilee, Line-6 Spinal Puppet, Insane and other less common models. All-in-all a lot of work done to configure my Tones. I had learned that with the HD Series I can NOT use my previous Tones. Additionally the model pack strategy is different. So I'm about to switch to Kemper or AXE-II. But now I saw a Report about the HD Technology based Firehawk FX - and found all my previous Models included. However the Firehawk FX doesn't meet my requirements regarding plugs and connections etc. Now my Question: Are there any plans for the HD 500X to offer a model pack with ALL previous X3 models - ideally with a Tone/Bundle migration utility from X3/Gearbox, which would convince me to wait.
  19. Thanks mitul for your helpful hint. Thanks to your hint about the contacts in the push buttons, I found an easier way, taking some contact spray and sprayed it just underneath the push buttons (device switched off!!!). Then pushed the buttons 10-15 times so that the fluid got into the switch. Then turned on the x3l and it works properly. I even didn't have to open the device and it was done in 2 minutes.
  20. Anyone having the same problem with the x3 Live? x3 live footswitches randomly just don't switch. It started with the stomp and mod switch no reacting, then the bank-up bank-down switches, now also the A,B,C,D switches. Getting worse over the time. I thought about buying a used x3 live so I have a spare one in case it runs completely out of order, but if this is a frequent problem with the x3live, this wouldn't make sense. Upgrating to HD500 is no option because it is not downwards compatible. Since my strategy is to have 1-4 sounds per song for my repertoire of about 500 songs - my sound database got big over the years- , the HD 500 would force me to nearly start from scratch.
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