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  1. Now can a press of a foot pedal send a midi message to my computer via usb? Then if so then I can use it to act as a foot controller with Helix native right? That is a huge selling point to me.
  2. I think we can all assume that certain things will be there in the next update and bug fixes maybe more important to me than anything since my edit software cannot see the LT in my main computer on win 8. I am going to be extra cautious and see what is working or not before I upgrade to any version. That being said I would hope they are hard at work with numerous requests for polyphonic pitch and I am sure they will be providing us the additional channel on the REVV. REQUEST If they can create a better tracking polyphonic pitch effect then I would want to also use that inside of some filters like EH has with their attack Decay pedal which also has fuzz. If we have that capability already then please point out which one we have. That is the kind of swell effect that I was hoping we would have access to when I read they had upgraded the swell effect a long time ago.
  3. You can get a low cost mixer to mix and send the out puts of amps back into your returns as well and if you have a good mixer with midi like the behringers x air 18 you can use the sends on that mixer and feed the outs from many other devices into the extra channels on on the x18 air to add even more amps or FX units and build out a truly monster system like you would see in use by those who use these units https://www.rjmmusic.com/effect-gizmo/ which you can also get if you want to feed even more amps and multi fx units then switch among them all. Or you could sell the extra gear you have to get a decent FRFR system and have money to spare.
  4. I would run into each of these amps from the sends on the helix and then feed the tone back into the returns of helix either to process with IR's or if the cab tone comes from the output of the amp I would disable the IR's in the helix for that line of processing but I would feed the out put of my helix into a seperate power amp / cab or powered cabinet that is FRFR or to FOH. Some will suggest you feed the helix out into the power amp in on the Katana. If moving air is important and it always is I would use the HK live and use it with a 4 cable method and use midi to connect all these midi units. There is a device you can buy that will allow you add midi to the katana http://www.primovasound.com/index.html. I personally am leaning towards the headrush powered cab units for my FRFR solution or the new tech 21 deuce deluxe http://www.tech21nyc.com/products/amplifiers/powerengine-dd/ now if I had the $$$ I would probably opt for 2 of the new 212 power cab plus that line 6 just came out with.
  5. Yo have used your free presets on my helix they were awesome and a lot better than the presets that came with it initially.
  6. I just updated my new LT and the preset bigmonosynth which was one of my faves in 2.3 is now not working
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