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  1. First, based on what brue58ski said, it's tuned to the G on the first string. From the open 5th string A to the G on the high E string is almost two octaves. Second, I think what you're missing is the fingering. Assuming I could crank the tuning that high, sure, playing the open string would be fine. But what if I want to, say, bar at the 7th fret? The four full-length strings are correctly 7 half steps above their open tuning; the 5th string is also 7 half steps above its open tuning, when the correct behavior would be for it to be 2 half steps above its open tuning.
  2. If you look at how a 5 string banjo's neck is set up (or how I described it in my post), you will see that isn't really possible...
  3. Cool, the G band model 2 looks like just what I'm looking for. Although... actually, I guess that means it's not really in the retuning range? If I need a G at the 5th fret, then I can tune the string to D, but to get it equivalent to the high G then I would need to tune the A string to the D up an octave and a "half." I haven't played much in workbench, but the tuning is limited to an octave in either direction, right?
  4. I would like to be able to play the banjo model on the JTV like a 5-string banjo...which at a first glance presents a bit of a problem, since the 5th string starts at the 5th fret. (I think otherwise it should be within the virtual tuning range.) Anybody have suggestions for how to rig up what amounts to a 2 string capo?
  5. I haven't noticed anything in particular. I have an 89F through an HD500 but just playing through M-Audio AV40s, and I've done a few times of switching back and forth between the mags and the Lester bridge model at least and my palm mutes sound pretty much the same on either pickup. But I've read elsewhere on this forum that piezos may vary slightly, so it's possible that you have some that are a little more sensitive in certain frequency ranges?
  6. Charlie_Watt is right. I managed to get lucky and find a 59, a 69, and an 89 in stock at my local Guitar Center (well, over the course of a few months, not all at the same time) and found the 89 felt the best to me. The only software difference between the three is that the 59 only has a 3-way switch so you have to do a little extra monkeying to get to all five sounds per guitar knob location, but otherwise the difference between the guitars is going to be in their physical feel and the unmodeled sound.
  7. daedae

    Impulse Response

    Alternately, if you're using a VST IR loader anyway, some people on sevenstring are also using Ignite TPA-1 power amp VST, and just using the preamp models with no cab simulation.
  8. I recently had them do that to me with a keyboard -- bad power supply the first day I brought it home, so I took it back once, and then with a new power supply it had about a half dozen dead keys so I had to take it back a second time. (Side note: avoid Williams Allegro keyboards.) Random upshot: I happened to deal with a manager directly and I guess I was obviously a little annoyed but nice enough about it that he gave me some free stuff to make up for having to keep coming back.
  9. I had the same problem in Monkey for a while on my desktop as well (the second machine I had set it up on), although it was when updating Workbench HD for my JTV instead of HD500 Edit. It went away after I ran Line6 License Manager on the desktop...but I had also done several other things, so I don't know if License Manager was the trick, or if it was just a coincidence.
  10. I kind of can't believe this thread is still going...but at the same time, I guess it's still going because we all keep coming back to see how much more ridiculous it can get.
  11. Cool, the microtuning bit there at the end of n.7 is something I would have never thought of.
  12. I'm pretty sure the answer to this is "no," but I'll ask in case my search-fu is failing. Does anybody know of a tweaking guide for bodies, pickups and positions, etc. the way meambobbo wrote one for the POD HD500?
  13. For what it's worth: I have an HP laptop with Win8 (HP Envy dv6 or something like that) that had absolutely no problems running HD500 Edit or recording using the HD500 as an ASIO device. Then my wife claimed that laptop and I switched to using a Dell desktop, again with Win8, and it would blue screen fairly regularly (it got to where I would intentionally stop recording part way through a song and plan on punching in, because it kept crashing). I noticed that a new set of Line6 drivers had come out since I installed them so I updated and the problem went away. (Prior to those, I also had a Toshiba from 2009 that had no particular problems running HD500 Edit.) I would first check and see if there's a newer set of drivers (or if not, maybe just reinstall the current ones). I'm not sure what to check after that. I know that I usually disable my wireless adapter when I'm recording anyway, so you might see if there are any other devices that you can easily disable and see if maybe something is causing conflicts with the Line6 driver.
  14. My 89F just arrived yesterday and the action is a bit too low on some of the strings! (Slight buzz on the B if played at the fourth fret, and the high E above the 12th) Time to learn how to adjust the saddles on a floating bridge...
  15. It's interesting that I came across this thread today because I was just thinking about the same thing recently -- wondering if anybody had tried to reverse engineer the firmware. As a developer (but not with any real experience in the embedded systems world), I would find it interesting, but of course all of the issues with the math of physical modeling that have been pointed out would be a major limiting factor. And so I guess that's the real issue for a version with Line6's support: while it's true that it could expand the technology base and show some customer goodwill, the amount of time and money it would take to develop and test a usable API and make it sufficiently resilient against bricking would probably be better spent with them just internally creating models. (They probably have an API for internal use, but "internal, domain expert API" is likely to be significantly different from "external, general user API.")
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