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  1. I would love to see one of these brought to market. The $1,000 price point is tough, though. I might go in at that price, but I am not sure it would get widespread market acceptance at such a high price point. At $500 to $600, I think it would be a hit. For more than Variax Standard or a Helix LT? That's a tough sell.
  2. @TheDudeTrey, Thanks! I had not recognized those ones that you listed, although I am pretty new to the Helix (just got mine last week), so maybe I would have figgured it out eventually. In any event, you certinaly saved me some time and effort. I appreciate it!
  3. Amps: Fender Tweed Princeton Fender Tweed 5e5 Pro Fender Tweed Bandmaster Fender High Power Tweed Twin Fender Low Power Tweed Twin Fender Tweed Bassman Fender Silverface Bassman head Silvertone 1484 Marshall Jubilee Marshall Major "Big Pig" Delays: Binson Echorec (including the multi head features of the original) Space Echo Terra Echo Oilcan Delay 2290 Digital Delay Reverbs: Wet Soft Focus Reverse Choral Symphonic Hall (Lexicon) Modulation: T-Wah / Auto-Wah Fixed / Cocked Wah Distortion / OD: MXR Dist+ Treble Booster Mk I Tonebender Lovepedal Tchula Hermida Tiki Drive Skreddy Screwdriver Mad Professor Sweet Honey Deluxe JHS Superbolt Boss SD-1 Boss OD-3
  4. I too am getting this error when trying to to update the Flash Memory via Line 6 Monkey. Help! Any suggestions?
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