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  1. Outstanding - many thanks! Looking forward to the test drive...
  2. Same question as WM 73. Thanks for the advice in advance
  3. Rapster


    Great point PeterHamm - I'm using the H9 with 4 cables through 2 full loops. Piece of cake. It also frees up processor space to allow the Helix to leverage IRs, etc. If anyone nails down a good shimmer please share!
  4. I'm loving the Helix both in 2 and 4 cable mode. It's far easier to use and far more practical than my FX II, however I still need some rich ambient sounds so I've added an H9 in 2 send and returns for full stereo when desires. A trusty old ADA midi controller is changing presets for now. I also use 3 various gain pedals for tone. With the exception of only one (48 volts) I don't think I need the others. The gains on the Helix have surpassed the FX II by a mile in my opinion. Now to go play...
  5. Going from the board and rack to just the board. The FX II had more refined on the software capabilities, but the ease of use and equal quality of the Helix simply wins out for gigging. I watched Fractal mature and hopeful of many more great things to come from Line 6. I feel like my old PodPro just grew up!
  6. Hi all - I'm a Fractal FX II user for ~ 3 years, and really appreciate the spirit of the community here. Here goes my first post: Regretfully I'm having the same problem originally listed above with my Helix, which I haven't experienced otherwise. The issue is with my stock PRS C24 in all pickup positions as well as my White Falcon, also w stock filtertrons. It sounds like digital artfacts. I've spent several hours trying to fix this so all suggestions are appreciated.
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