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  1. Hmmm. I use a DigiTech Trio+ which isn't just a looper pedal but has a looper function. I just go from guitar to Trio to Amp and it works fine. If I want the bass and drum beats that are available with that unit to not go through the amp I can run it separately through desk monitors. I'm not sure why a looper wouldn't work that way.
  2. So if I download the upgrade, it automatically just changes all the factory presets? I'm fine with that, just asking.
  3. I looked long and hard at the Katana and really wanted to like it but every time I played one I just didn't get it. Now, I play at home for me so maybe that makes a difference but I thought the Spider was more capable of sounding like I wanted it to. And I love it. And I haven't upgraded to the new version yet. A lot of people love those Katanas and maybe they make more sense as a live amp. They always sounded thin or at least missing that thick bass presence but that may be a good thing for playing live and sitting in a mix. For home use the Spider is far better to me.
  4. The only way wireless makes sense to me is I hang my guitars on the wall so I guess it would be easier. Just walk in and grab a guitar and play with no wire hassle. The wires on the floor would always just be there. Certainly not a need. I don't "need" any of this stuff. Just fun.
  5. Finally got a chance to get it set up and play some. Even got to open it up a little bit. Very happy with what I've heard so far and I haven't even taken time to do any tweaking. Mostly sampled some presets and then played to the metronome for a while. I love that I can just start the metronome and work on scales or a song or lick I'm learning. Great stuff. And the sound is huge. Simple deluxe preset turned up loud fills the room and has plenty of bass response. Exactly what I was looking for.
  6. I've seen this complaint a few times and I get that everyone has their own way of doing things and their own requirements for what the do but why would I need pedals for an amp that is completely full of effects? I personally would like to have the loop so I could run my DigiTech Trio+ through it. That way I could use the G10 wireless right into the amp. The way it is now, I'd have to get the G10 complete system and have the base unit on the floor in front of the Trio. So I'd love to have a loop but it makes total sense Line 6 wouldn't include one. They have an amp full of effects and multiple floorboards that can be used to call them up.
  7. I got the combo. Had a tube amp that sounded great but was tired of repairing it. Started with Line 6 stuff years ago and came back to it because I was looking for something fun. I needed some new inspiration to want to play more and the new Spiders seem to fit. I only play at home so I just like the idea that one day I can come home and feel like playing through an old tweed amp and another day I might want to play a full stack. Should be able to get to it Friday. Not much time between now and then though.
  8. Guitar should be a walk in the park then! Old guy here too. Just got the 240 but haven't had it out of the box yet. Looking forward to some fun though.
  9. I ended up just getting the 240. I don't buy things often and with the sale they were close enough in price. Since I don't have to fit into a mix I like a lot of bass or at least a big, thick sound so I just went for the big boy. I don't think I'll regret getting the big one but I may have always wondered if I had gone with the 120.
  10. Would you say there is much of a difference for just playing at home? They are on sale and the prices are close enough so I was thinking I might like the fuller sound and the potential coolness of stero affects. I’m really just looking for something fun and inspiring to play. Messed with the 120 briefly in a noisy store and it does sound pretty good. Haven’t found a 240 to try so just looking for opinions.
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