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  1. I recently bought and just recieved a pre-owned HELIX floor which is running firmware ver 2.2.1. Can I update directly to v2.8, or is there a required intermediate step ?
  2. Thanks again, I don't really think I do. I'm going directly fron the unit to ProTools interface via XLR cord. That's it. The main thing is not losing all the work I've put into crafting patches. From what I can see online it appears the LT is not as robustly built and has less ports ?
  3. Cool, thanks. Given my stated studio end use is the LT every bit as good ?
  4. Not long ago I got rid of a floor-version Helix but retained my Helix patches/ backups in case I decided to revisit the Helix. Am now considering the Helix LT, my question then is- can I load my aforementioned Helix patches into a Helix LT ?
  5. It’s out! I applied a dab of super glue on the stub of the ( broken) cable. I carefully stuck it in, connecting to it's on broken tip by way of the nub. I let it dry for 5min, now re-connected by superglue to the original shaft- it pulled right out!
  6. The tip of a guitar cable has left itself behind in the guitar input port, as a result I can't use it until I remove the tip of this cable( you can see it in the pic below). Has anyone removed the back of their HELIX, anything special to know about removing the back panel to get at the jack ? Or would you try something else ? Thanks, appreciate any help.
  7. The tip of a guitar cable has left itself behind in the guitar input port, as a result I can't use it until I remove the tip of this cable( you can see it in the pic below). Is it possible to use the AUX imput for guitar ? Anything special I have to do to make it work or are both inputs essentially the same ? Has anyone removed the back of their HELIX, anything special to know about removing the back panel to get at the jack ? Thanks, appreciate any help.
  8. Thank you. I can't say enough how helpful this video was in navigating Line 6's update process- a clear and easy to follow guide from beginning to end. Well done
  9. Thanks, my question has been answered, appreciate the replies, will post vid
  10. Am planning a series of solo acoustic shows, have crafted a number of acoustic patches which sound terrific w/ my guitar, will be using the HELIX w/ the BOSE L1. What do I have to set up w/ the HELIX to make this work ? Those who've done this please be as specific as possible, explain as you would to someone brain damaged.
  11. Whoa, thanks for this, almost decied to reimport both, glad I didn't! Update- I just re-imported Setlist, somehow my old pactches sound better/ bigger/ fuller than they ever did[ prior to the 2.21 update]- is that possible ??
  12. I just updated my HELIX to 2.21, as suggested I saved both my Setlist and Bundle to my desktop. Have completed the updating I now want to re-install my old settings in a USER list, do I re-import my Setlist only, or Setlist and Bundle ?
  13. I couldn't figure out how to post the vid only from the Vintage Guitar page so this is a link to my FB page, check out post #1 top, Mods if this is an infraction please remove forthwith. I used a' 68 Plexi' patch and a '63 Fender Stratocaster, straight into the mixing console, live through studio monitors, the effect sought that of a pushed Marshall 100wt plexi. For this application I think the Helix worked well. https://www.facebook.com/jon.butcher.311
  14. Yup, the Twin seems to me the way to go too. Someone above mentioned humbuckers being essential to the recipe, I agree. And you know what's a pretty nice semi-hollow for the dough ? The ubiquitous Epiphone 335 DOT[ street price $300-$500], with very few upgrades [ if any] this guitar is a killer buy in the world of serviceable semi-hollow guitars. A good neck, nicely finished fretboard and frets, serviceable pickups and hardware, good looking finishing- and all for $300 or so ??
  15. No doubt about it, 90% of it. But, which of the Helix amps/ cabs would you use, all else being equal ?
  16. electricfactory

    BB King

    Wondering if anyone has stumbled onto a patch/ amp-cab combo that emulates BB King's tone in this vid; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RbFrW-hfBE
  17. So I've re-imported my Setlist into a User space, any downside to doing this ? And why save a Bundle, do I ever need to re-import a Bundle, do you save Bundles when you perform a 'save', or just Setlists ?
  18. Phil_m, Okay have successfully updated firmware nd downloaded the Editor. Before I did these things I backed up both my Setlist and my Bundle. I'm now ready to up-load my saved Setlist and Bundle. Question- will I retain the newer Line 6 presets, in addition to my saved old presets ? Or should I drag the new presets that I want to play with onto my desktop, re-install my old Setlist/ Bundle and then drag the saved newer presets back into the Set ? Finally, will I retain the new Line 6 amp models [ 2204]by re-installing my old Bundle/ Setlist ?
  19. Please forgive me for being dense, but this is not apparant to me. I have downloaded the Editor. I know this because the open Editor Window says, ' FIRMWARE VERSION IS OUT OF DATE 2.0 OR LATER IS REQUIRED'. Where EXACTLY can the Updater be found ? Please be as specific as your patience will allow..
  20. I have successfully downloaded the 2.01 Editor but I'll be damned if I can figure out exactly how/ where to update the firmware.. I know it's a stupid question, please point me in the right direction
  21. Amended my first reply. Maybe I'll wait a little longer too. I'm also a MAC guy running El Capitan, having finally tweaked my unit to where I want it [ and dutifully backed up and saved every step of the way], I'm paranoid about losing some of my fav patches, or having the unit crash on updating, or..
  22. Think I fixed it, try it now..
  23. Here's a bit of movie underscore recorded for an Indie film using the HELIX, scheduled for IFC release in Sept. This mix probably has more guitar than the final may have but it's illustrative of what I'm so far able to coax ourt of it. Items used; * vintage Fender Oly white Strat * HELIX direct into console via XLR connectors to ProTools * [2] two MESA 2x12 cab IR's [ thank you roscoe5 ] MesRec212_2ioaD_6L6 and MesRec212_2ioaD_20_EL84. DUNES https://soundcloud.com/jonbutcher/the-dunes
  24. Great work roscoe5, what's next ??
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