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  1. When I buy another 69 for backup I'm gonna roll back to 1.9 unless they come up with a model pack type thing where they re-model the same strat and 335 that they used for 1.9. I can't believe they used the same guitars to model for HD. Completely different characteristics.
  2. Same here. Strat and semi lost all the midrange character I've liked since even before the JTV. Even the 500 had this character. Gone now. Staying on 1.9.
  3. I don't think they modeled poor copies of the strat and 335 for HD. I just think they modeled unusually dark mid-thick instruments for 1.9 which match my taste for tones perfectly which is why I wish they'd do model packs for HD that make these older models available.
  4. As I always say-The HD strat and 335 are not guitars I would buy in the real world. The 1.9 strat and 335 are guitars I would buy in the real world.
  5. Let us know if that helps. I suspect that the lester and semi pups are pretty similar though. Scooped paf's.
  6. A lot of players like the scooped sound they chose for some HD models but not me. I don't mind it for a les paul metal situation but I don't ever use a 335 for that (or strat for that matter).
  7. Same here. I like 335's with really thick mids but the one they chose to model for HD has a lot more high end which would be more suitable for cutting through a hard rock mix than what I use a 335 for. The pre HD 335 was perfect for me plus I've been playing it since the first variaxes ere released. BTW- I feel the same way about the strat neck which is a very important sound for me.
  8. I suspect that HD modeling sounds exactly like the guitars they modeled. HD is a big improvement in realism IMO. It's just that I don't like the strat and 335 they modeled for HD and I'm sure I'd love the original instruments they modeled in 1.9 all the way back to the 500.
  9. For the record, this is the first variax update since I bought a 500 that drastically changed the tone of the models I use in a way that I would have a problem doing a gig without preparation.
  10. I agree completely. In my case, axe-fx virtual amplifiers. HD strat and 335 lost the magical interaction I was getting with plexis and dumbles respectively. I know that with enough eqing I could get usable sounds but the mojo is gone.
  11. Yup, much more scooped sounding on the bridge. Staying on 1.9 for now.
  12. I've never suggested they use outdated technology. I simply asked for the same strat and 335 to be remodeled using HD. The new strat and 335 have made my presets unusable. They sound like completely different instruments (and not ones I would buy. It's not HD I have a problem with. It's the choice of instruments. I think that the realism and dynamic response of hd are a huge improvement. I just like the TONE of the earlier strat and 335 they modeled a lot more and I've been playing them since the first variax 500 come out.
  13. I am using it but I'm also letting L6 know my thoughts about HD. i am a working professional after all. BTW- I really like most of the HD models and the general realism and dynamic response of HD.
  14. Again, I'm talking about using the original source guitars which I like much better than the strat and 335 they used for 'hD.
  15. I suspect that if they modeled the exact same guitars that were used in 1.9 with HD technology, they would sound even better.
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