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  1. FRFR is the way to go. I started with Helix + Marshall JVM 205c via 4 cable method. I set that up to switch amp channels and combine effects etc but felt I was just scratching the surface with the Helix. Sooooo I plugged in in to my PA (QSC K12 x2, QSC K8x2 , all via my mixer) and put about 3 months of reading this forum and tweaking to get to a base sound that is to die for. Now I just build on that. Like Dunedin dragon, I build a patch for each song. I do this for two reasons - our band plays a diverse range of gigs and styles, and its so much fun. Its great to emulate someone's sound, and then over time make it your own. The other great thing about the snapshots function is you can be sure to accomodate nuances in your fellow bandmates sounds as well. For example, in Jumpin' Jack Flash, I noticed I was cutting through nicely in the verse, but come the chorus, the other guitarists amp tone was drowning me out. I wanted those nice high e-string melodies to cut through, so I set up a snapshot for the chorus and raised my presence and treble (all at same volume), and suddenly there is that beautiful open E magic ringing through the mix with no volume war. Its subtle stuff, and completely game changing. One switch and I've performed a function no analogue switching function could possibly accomplish. Ditch the AMP, and never look back.
  2. pb-272

    L2m vs QSC K10

    I use k8s as monitors and k12s FOH via the board. After 2 months of tweaking I am very happy with the clarity and consistency. Hi and low cuts via my IRs at say 6500 and 80 seem to do the trick.
  3. Have a crack at the Fremen packs heavy tones....I'm loving the dual Engl and rectifier through custom IRs, seriously good heavy sound - crank up the gain, volume, and delay using a snapshot with a Wah, and you've got a patch that replicates more than ten grand of gear.....
  4. Just purchased the pack. You can see just how much work has gone into these patches just by taking a good look at the amp settings. Fremen has really tweaked things to get them absolutely right. The emphasis is on tone. You'll need to do a fair bit of work to incorporate Fremen's models into snapshots, add effects/ wahs etc. Some of the models are so jam packed with good stuff that when you add alternative snapshot settings you overload the system and get digital artefacts and other odd stuff switching between snapshots. I added a wah to the Rectoball patch and an alternate setting for the Simple Delay for a lead snapshot - when switching back to snap 1 all sorts of digital mayhem could be heard. I spent a couple of hours tweaking the patch to get it to work ok. In any case, the tones are amazing and well worth the bucks. Ps. I also noticed an 'electrical' -sounding spark type sound when using the acoustic sims.....weird.... I checked the power supply immediately.....only occurred with acoustic sims....
  5. What amps are you using for Zombie?
  6. Had the same reaction from my band at rehearsal the other night. 24 songs, 24 patches, all programmed to sound similar to the original, all using snapshots. They were in awe of the flexibility and tone. We had a 'moment' when we finished Zombie by the Cranberries. The intro clean/chorus, the heavy rhythm, and lead sounds all in one patch with 3 switches left everyone gob-smacked. Then I push one switch and have a Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter sound! Another switch and I'm ACDC.....so good, so good..... First Gig tonight with the Helix ...time for the real deal!
  7. Using the Helix rack without the control would be like eating a steak without a knife and fork, still enjoyable but somewhat frustrating. I would not hesitate, some of Helix' best functions come via the control - scribble strips, touch sensitive switches etc. Just do it.
  8. I took the plunge during the week and bought the whole Big Box. Its unreal. Ive settled on a "stock sound" that places a Minotaur in front of a Teemah going into a Matchstick Jumped Amp. My lead sound comes courtesy of the Plexi Jumped. I use 2 IRs that I switch between - the 1960a Greenback 412 and the Matchless 212 from redwirez. Throw in a wah a looper and some modulation, delay and auto filter. I have access to a clean(ish) sound in the same patch by turning the overdrives off. This sound is the basis for 85% of my setlist. I have a separate ultra clean patch, and some nuances in certain songs where I need specific combinations of effects/amps. Eg. for Creep I need a genuine metal sound, for Zombie I need a deeper sounding IR etc. Incredible how easy driving this thing is...
  9. Stick with it....its taken me 3 weeks of serious tweaking to get my QSC K12s and K8s dialled in. Biggest improvement came from using Redwirez IRs with the QSCs. I'm using an Allan & Heath mixer as well which seems to complement the setup. When I first plugged in and A/B'd my amp the QSCs sounded dark, lacking life, and a bit muffled. Not anymore - just spend the hours. When I first bought my Mesa DR it took about 6 months to dial in the sound I wanted! So a few weeks is nothing really.
  10. I'm not as convinced about them. I bought them all, and they were helpful in learning about patch construction. I want to know the Helix inside out and be able to construct my own patches and dial in the exact sound I want. Once I was able to learn from Glenn I was off and running, however I don't use any of his patches now and in fact deleted them last night. So I treated them as a tutorial.
  11. I just pick the setting I'm used to playing live which is an sm57 1 inch away from centre. I understand what you mean about overwhelming options so I keep it as simple as possible. I like the sm57, i like it close and centre, and I like the cab....so i just go with that combo. If i get bored one day I might test other mics etc.
  12. Well I've owned the rack for a week. Ive had 2 rehearsals, one solo session in studio, and about 30 hours of tweaking, fiddling, testing, A/B-ing and research. It takes quite some time to dial this baby in, and I'm finally getting the results I'm after. If there was just one key learning I wanted to share with newbies like me......the one big thing I did that made the single biggest tone improvement......its getting third party IR speaker/cab/mic combos. Period. I'd spent hours with my Boss A/B selector comparing the Helix tone with my JVM, my GT100, my Mesa DR, and I began just accepting this device wouldn't sound as good as the tube amps and was on par with the GT100 until I found the answer... The Ownhammers are good. The Red Wires even better. I wanted a simple Marshall rock sound that worked well with my QSC K12s and mixer. I didn't want muffled, I didn't want ice pick...I wanted 'just right'. Thank you Red Wire Marshall 412 1960 Greenback..... On the cleans I wanted sparkly and alive...thank you Red Wire Fender Twin Jensen.....I am now in Helix heaven. I'm now seriously tempted to buy the whole Red Wire collection. I intend to switch between different IRs song to song and even within songs, its just so appealing. This device makes the impossible possible. Love it. I'm using the Matchstick amp for rhythm and Plexi jump for lead btw.
  13. Hi all, well after reading your collective conversation on here, watching the videos etc I decided to place an order on the floor unit here in Australia. I knew the dealer had a rack unit, so I thought i'd pop in to try in out yesterday. After 5 minutes on the thing I cancelled my order......and walked out with the rack. I'd previously convinced myself that the floor unit was going to be more practical - how wrong was I!. The dealer had already mounted the rack in a rack unit, a travel bag and all on a modified Amp stand. It sits neatly next to me at waist level with a simple foot pedal and expression pedal in front of me. Tweaking on the fly is a breeze. Last night I had a late one setting up two basic sets - 1. My JVM channels on my 205c. Now I have JVM clean, crunch. Gain, and Lead all integrating the Amp functions I need with Helix fx. It was a breeze, no tone suck, easy midi controls and the Big surprise.........HARDLY ANY LATENCY! I'd read with horror the stories on here regarding latency. My unit is running v 1.10 out of the box and whilst there is a small lag - its nothing! not a problem. the second set I programmed was a series of Matchless channels and Plexi Channels. I need these for rehearsal tonight. First impressions: the most usable intuitive device Ive ever owned. Tones are excellent through my mixer into QSC k12s, and through my JVM, and easily tweakable. v happy.
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