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  1. Hi, I have quite new a nice machine I also record in Reaper. I use HD500X via USB. I have had similar issues. I did everything I found on forums (windows optyzmiastion), along with reinstall of windows. Still suffered from random crashes. I get me so pissed that I even started to think to stop recording music. Finally I started to work by myslef and used self powered USB HUB, it helped a bit but problem was still there. After all I decided to try another USB interface (focusrite) all my problems are gone...everything works like a charm. What comes to me after all of this (nearly two years...) that POD is good for gigging and practicing, but it is not stuff for recording - when time will come for new equpiment I know that L6 is not part of the deal. BEST REGARDS Seasonal
  2. Hi, I've got myself a HD500X recently. I want to record music via USB. I had bit of an issues with signal level at the beginning but I've sorterd it out. Think that bugs is the playback level. When I record a track and I would like to decrease its volume before I will come up with another one - so I can hear what am I doing (especially when more of them is present into multitrack. Is there a global knob or setting of the playback level from recording sofware? Thanks for help!
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