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  1. I really like the new patches. are they available on your patches link? Also why do you imp 3.5M instead of Auto or 1M? What's the difference?

    Flanger settings

    Has anybody been able to replicate the sound of an Electric Mistress flanger pedal in the POD HD? I'm looking for a good substitute to get the Wall/Final Cut Pink Floyd ear guitar sound. I'm trying dial in the AC Flanger but it has more of a jet sound to it. The Mistress is a great sounding pedal so I'm surprised it wasn't modeled in the POD.
  3. Napynap, your patches in the video sound great. Could you post them to custom tone? That's exactly what I was looking for. Great playing too.
  4. For those of you run your guitar directly into the PA/board do you pan your presets hard "L/R" or "Center" in the POD's mixer? Is there an optimal way to pan the guitar signal while running direct?
  5. Thanks Jandrio!! Great tone live. That really helps to hear what others are using when running direct to PA.
  6. For those of you play directly through a PA, would you be willing to share some of your presets? I am trying to get some good rhythm and leads tones that will sit well in the overall mix while going direct. I feel that my main patches are too "thin sounding" and would like to compare to what others are using.
  7. Keep waiting I'm sure we'll see a discount hit the site shortly.
  8. I don't think you can...which makes no sense to me. I believe you have to access the Global EQ through the unit. Hold down the VIEW button for a second and then scroll until you see Global EQ.
  9. If you're trying to get an Eric Johnson tone and you're running through a powered speaker or PA system, I think I found the answer. Check it out and let me know if this works for you - I played this through our main PA with a strat and it sounded a lot like his Venus Isle tone. I might dial back the gain a bit to get the Manhattan tone. Alternatively I would add some gain and treble for the Cliffs of Dover tone.
  10. I would love to hear any good Eric Johnson tones. His tone is very hard to get right.
  11. Very nice Treadplate sound! Can you please post to Customtone.
  12. Has anybody discovered a clever way of changing the harmonizer key for a given preset on the fly? When I'm playing live and the patch I'm using has the harmonizer set to Em but we're playing a song in F minor, how can I change the Harmonizer setting without going into the edit menu? It would suck to have to create like 8 identical patches with a different harmony key for each patch just to accomplish this. Anybody find a better way?
  13. I was just listening to Alex's tone on "Limelight" and his tone there has the mid's boosted big time. His guitar tone was always great at cutting through Geddy's synth and bass parts.
  14. Can you share your patches so we can take a listen. Sometimes, but not always it can come down to an EQ issue.
  15. This post was extremely helpful. I have been trying to figure out how the Sag and Bias fit together to shape the sound. I can't wait to get home and start tweaking.
  16. I agree, no spot on Eric Johnson tones on Custom Tone. Some have come close but nobody has nailed it. I still keep trying to come close. I even used the tutorial video below as a guide but I still couldn't lock it in.
  17. Thanks for the "Cliffs" attempt. Honestly I think you're in the ballpark but tonally not all there. I think the secret is in the use of the "ecoplex" type of delay and the use of the post mic reverb (maybe a plate reverb?) Those two elements are very difficult to dial in and get right. See the video below for a step by step tutorial that left me tweaking for hours with no avail:-) I personally have yet to do any better. Perhaps the precise "cliffs" tone is out of reach for the POD HD series.
  18. I would be eternally grateful if you could match one of the most sought after tones ever...Eric Johnson's lead sound for Cliffs of Dover. The unaccompanied lead starts at :59 Good luck and thanks a million.
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