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  1. So did you ever hear the difference?
  2. any time you fret there is a slight chance you will pull the note sharp.
  3. I am a piano tuner and a guitar player. One thing I'v come to from my work as a tuner is understanding the equal temperament. There is a compromise when tuning instruments. The guitar is mostly fourths. Except when tuning g and b. Then it's a third. In the equal temperament thirds are not pure. What that means is there is a wave or vibration when playing g and b together at the same time. If you play e and a it sounds pure and both notes have no wave when played together. g and b should vibrate at around 7 to 8 beats per second. This wave sound always drove me nuts till I started tuning pianos and understood the equal temperament. The reason I'm sharing this with you is because it may bring some understanding as to the difference in tuners. Maybe they have adjusted the temperament in the tuner for guitar vs any instrument.
  4. I use my pod with a TS100 Carvin tubed power amp, and two 12" line6 speakers. They were from an old Flextone IILX. I use full amp models and cabs on studio mode because you get more tone variation with it set up that way. It does take some tweeking but the pay off is much greater. I love what you said about using your ears as the final judge and not "what it's supposed to be". People are so stupid. These are not tubed preamps, it's digital so why worry about what's supposed to be. I don't even try to use a particular model when trying to mimic a guitarist tone. I just use the amp model that sounds the best. P.S. are you tweeking the Master % SAG % and Bias%/XBias % if not you are missing so much more tone enhancement. Throw both bias % on 100 for more of a fender tone sound.
  5. Yup I have the same problem. Amp and Cab parameters are not being stored when uploading tones to the customtone page. When I upload I usually download it to check if everything sounds the same. Well I've noticed for a while it doesn't. I finally figured out what's going on. The amp and cab parameters aren't being transferred from the original tone. They all go back to 50% with the exception of the master which will sometimes be 100%. Is there some internal setting that I need to change on my PODHD desktop to allow the settings to transfer? Line6 hasn't got back with me yet either. Sometimes they suck. I mean at least a "we don't know, we're working on it" would be nice.
  6. Use a tube comp and the front of your patches. Set it to 10-25% Threshold 12-20% level. Also Try this without any distortion pedal. Drive the tube comp to get the extra boost out of the amp's natural distortion. I always use a noise gate in front of the tube comp as well. Is says tube "comp" but it will not sound like a compressor.
  7. Also SAG on 0% is instant transparency. On 100% gives it ...well...SAG, or what I call flex.
  8. The secret to great PODHD tone is in the Amp/Cab parameters and selection of mics. If you leave them as there are they do suck. Bias has a big impact on how each amp works. For a fender tone set it on 100% a Marshall tone set it on 0%. I also always use 1. pedal a noise gate at 40=50% Threshold and 0% decay. 2.pedal tube compr 10-25% Threshold 12-20% level
  9. Check out my Andy Timmons Chrunch
  10. Crank the amp parameter master to 100% SAG 50% Hum 50% Bias 0% Bias X 100% use a noise gate first/ decay 0 threshold 50% Next a tube compressor/ threshold 30% drive 25%. Distortion tube driver drive @ 50% output 100% then I put fx after the amp cause I like the cleanness the signal has. The tube compressor really brings out the fire in all the amps.
  11. Just found out that the amp and cab parameters are not being transferred in up and down load. It may take a few days cause I don't have much time right now, but I will try to get to your tone and find out what I had parameters set to. For now here's what you can tweak for yourself. Master at 100% allows the amp to be fully distorted. So if it is set to 50% it will lessen the over all amount of distortion the amp on its own will have. I really like to use the each amps own drive/distortion before adding a pedal. If I want the clean sound I store the amp clean on a separate patch. Many times I'll have sort of an A/B box thing going on. Same amp one patch clean the other fully driven. SAG does what it sounds like. It sags the signal, or it flexes. I put it on 100% most of the time with Fender amps. I also pull it back to 0% for clean tones like pink Floyd. On 0% every little nuance is instantly transferred to the speakers. Running it to 100% allows the flex, or SAG to happen. Springy spongy sound. I use this many times to get the brown sound for Van Halen tone. HUM just adds the hum sound. I don't use it very often. I usually leave it on 50% or less for all my tones. Bias I love this one. If I am trying to get the fender tone I put it on 100%. To me it breaks up less, just like 6L6's compared to EL34's. So to get that tone you guessed it, I put it on 0%. Now for the older plexie I guess you could put it on 100%. Try it. Bias X I haven't figured out yet. So for now I turn it to 100% or 0% which ever sounds the best. Cab's I set the the Low cut to 0% so it gets a real beefy tone. You are getting all the bass that the amp and cab produce. Res level I'v been setting to 100%. It makes the cab louder which makes the cabs tone show up. Thump I set at 50% because it does the same thing, It brings out some of the cab characteristics. Decay I set on 0% unless I want a flangey sound. In reality this is probably 0.01 to 0.50 millisecond delay. So if the amp tone you're looking for is a clean sound set the master back towards 50% i.e (50% or less), set the sag towards 0% Bias towards i.e (50% or more) or on 100% Bias X on 100%. If you are looking for heavy distortion set the master on 100% sag at 0% bias towards 0% (50% or less) Bias X towards 0% (50% or less)
  12. If the over all volume is low you can go to the mixer and push the left and right fader to 100%.
  13. So change the settings to the original settings I determined. Did you notice a difference? I do and its huge. Sag at 0% makes the tone transfer instantly. At 100% there is a bit of...well....SAG. The tone seems to flex a bit. The Bias set to 100% makes the tubes sound more like 6L6's. At 0% more like EL34's. Bias X I can't place my finger on but it makes a dif as well. Cab Parameters are crucial as well. setting low to 0% will make the cab so beefy. res at 100% is a bit louder. Thump makes it do just that. I always set the decay at 0%. But if wanting a supper strat tone I will change it to 100%. Almost has a flange sound to it.
  14. someone please down load this tone ( Another tone in the wall) and let me know how the amp parameters show up. It should be master 50% sag 100% hum 50% both bias 100%.
  15. Try this. Please close your eyes and open your ears. If you are trying to use the amp model and pedal model I think it might be 2050 before you get there.
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